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Summer Issue Two

Editor: Cheryl Frech

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Summer Newsletter #2 - July 20th, 1992  (early because of vast size
					 of newsletter)

Summer Newsletter Editor: 	  Cheryl Frech 
Coordinator of Far Structures: 	  Cheryl Frech
Coordinator of Blurbs:		  Aaron Fuegi 
Coordinator of Monster Profiles:  Sean Upchurch 

Note for the editor.  The information contained in these newsletters
covers a wide gambit from novice to advanced.  If you are the type who
wants to learn things on their own some of the information in the
newletters could be considered spoilers.  For really obvious spoilers I
will label them so you can advert your eyes.

Section 1 - Job Posts / Want Ads 

Wanted Group Members: Monsters who work well in a group.  The Fire
Riders of Kafa Zush Ma are always looking for new monsters who wish to
work together.  The Fire Riders are a multi-religous organization who
are (currently) working the central/nothern jagged mor/kunbar region.

The Blurb job has been filled by Aaron Fuegi, who has an extensive list
of blurbs.  At the end of this newsletter is an index of what he has.
If you have blurbs which are not on the list please pass them onto
Aaron.  If you want an updated list of blurbs from Aaron please send
him mail and he will send them to you.  Because of the size of the
blurbs they will not be sent out periodically but will be available on
a request basis.

The profile job has been filled by Sean Upchurch.  A template for
monster information will be in an upcoming newsletter.  If you have any
ideas on the format please send them to Sean or myself.


Section 2 - Tips

If you are hurting and are about to stay at an inn, paying to stay gets
you back a lot more health.  An inn stay 5 gets you about 75 health

Paying bigtime at an Inn (I3) can get you information.  For example
several inns will give you the coordinates of a far post in the
Kunbar.  These far posts have so far then pointed to both a far inn and
a far forge.


Section 3a - Questions/Inquiries

Who is going to GENCON?  I have had a request to put a list of
attendees in a newsletter, so if you are going and what it to be known
let me know.

Are there and where are any Kabuki Temples in the Kunbar?  Especially
up in the northern region near the Illuminated Torch.  Send email to (She'll summarize) or to the newsletter.

Does anyone know what group uses the totems of "King Stag, Terapus and

Demi-Gods: A monster has heard of demi-gods of Vampires (from ancient
silver spike blurb), Gargoyles (from iron spike blurb) and Spiders
(from ???).  Are there any others?  Has anyone found a way to worship
or follow one of these gods???

Has anyone resurrected (or have information) a ghost?  What were the
stats at the time of death?  What were the stats upon rebirth?  How
many turns between the two?  Did your god give you anything upon
rebirth (haversuit/weapon)?  Any other information?

Has anyone changed groups out there?  How does one do it?  What
penalties are there for changing?

Is it frequent to search things that are empty?  And can a cave or
Hillock have enought booty to warrant a search anyway?  For example
leveraging a boulder and searching a small cave netted nothing.

	The answer depends on what you are searching so I will try and
	address several of the different things you can search.
	Potential spoilers below.

	LARGE BOULDER - I don't know.  Monsters have found things under
	them such are silver greaves, but I don't know if they
	replenish the treasure under them over time.  Anyone out there
	know the answer to this?

	SMALL CAVES - Usually.  Small caves have some good treasure
	such as armor (silver greaves) or weapons (silver daggers) and
	have creatures you won't meet outside a cave.  Once treasure is
	found the cave is empty.  Over time (a few turns?) the cave
	replenishes itself and more treasure can be found.

	LARGE CAVES - Yes.  I have gone in a large cave back to back
	and found stuff (baubles, armor).  Also large caves have
	creatures you will have trouble finding elsewhere.  Does anyone
	know if a cave can be emptied.

	ANCIENT GRAVEYARD - Yes.  I find the creatures in a looting a
	graveyard are not as tought to kill as some other things that
	are explored.  If you go in and kill whatever guards it (one of
	four different creatures) you get a chance to find treasure.
	Only once or twice in 20 loots have I come up empty.  Things I
	have found include baubles, oculars, helms, silver studded
	club and so on.  I have on a couple of occasions gotten
	something from the first and second casket.

	In case you don't know if you are using clam shells to dig you
	will dig using one up and then fight a creature.  If you defeat
	the creature you get the chance to find treasure.  If you are
	chased away by the creature you can not reenter the graveyard
	that turn.  After checking for treasure in the first grave you
	will then use a second clam shell to dig a second grave.  No
	creatures will bother you and you have a chance to find more
	treasure.  Then you look at a tombstone and leave.

	You can enter an ancient graveyard more then once a turn if you
	have the resources (action points and digging implement).  Note
	you had to be successful the first time to enter a second.  And
	the second time you will be fighting four creatures (not
	necessarily the same type) to get a chance to look for treasure
	and you have to kill all four to get the treasure.

	HILLOCKS.  Knolltirs live in hillocks.  A hillock has 20+
	Knolltirs in it.  Entering one you will fight a Knolltir.  If
	you defeat it you will get its treasure.  Usually a jagged
	bodkin, a few oculars, some lotus leaves and gaba stones are
	usual fare.  If you don't defeat it you leave.  After killing
	one you leave the hillock.  You can now enter a hillock more
	then once in a turn.  So if you are tough enough and have
	torches and action points you can go in as many times a turn as
	you have resources.  Hillocks can be cleared out!!!! When a
	monster does this they get about four really really good
	items.  If you find a cleared out hillock I wouldn't waste time
	doing much exploration.  We don't know yet if cleared out
	hillocks restock themselves over time.

	KOMA DENS were covered in newsletter #1.

Question.  Has anyone ever found any use for looking at a tombstone at
the end of a loot and vandelize of a graveyard?

Loggerhead Update: last newsletter someone asked if it was worth going
after loggerheads, I said yes.  Well after my second attempt at a
loggerhead I am not sure anymore.  The first attempt was with a smite
pike and I was fourth level with it.  The second was with a spiked club
and I was also fourth with it.  Both times I did about 7-12 points of
damage per round of fighting.  I know it takes about 60 points of
damage to kill a loggerhead.  Am I doing something wrong????  Is there
a better weapon to fight one with????  Am I unlucky and get tough/well
armored loggerheads????

Far Inn Update: I sent a list of far inns out and have received a
correction to the information.  At the Odd Terepus the w1 should be
bashing while w3 should be edged.  Second the southern half and the 
northern half of coordinates for the far inns are questioned.  

	The following Far Inns are each thought to be 36 squares north
	of where you have them; Broken Shield, Drokorn's Sted, Claw &
	Tooth, Cracked Skull, Spear & Club, Happy Junglemon, Grimley's,
	Twisted Tablor, Lion's Fill, Dragon's Tale.

	In addition, the Crooked Nose is thought to be 58 squares north
	of where you have it, and the Happy Junglemon 1 square west of
	the one on your list. 

I know that my coordinates for the Broken Shield, Illuminated Torch and
Drokorns Stead are correct in relation to each other because I have
been to each.  However for those of you who have been to more then one
far inn if you could check the distance between the two with what
distance I have in the coordinates and send me the data I would
appreciate it since it would help me track down or validate the correct
coordinates.  Until I know if these are correct I will hold sending the
far post information (raw data available on request).

[ one last note, JRM arrived where he thought the Broken Shield was and
  found nothing.  He said he was going to the IT since it was only seven
  squares east and 2 north of where he thought the IT was.  I have the
  IT 7 east and 38 north of the BS.  If you take the 36 difference
  mentioned about add 2 it puts the IT 7e, 38 n of the BS which may
  indicate my coords are correct.  But until proof one way or the other
  please be aware the coords could be wrong. ]


Section 3b -In Response to Newsletter #1

Vegetation Growth: I've heard about a God of Nature who is the direct
	rival of Fuvah.  This could be the first follower of that god.


Section 4 - Facts

Felica is also about to have a baby.  Baby facts should be showing up
in future newsletters.

START SPOILERS ** Spoiler ** Spoiler ** Spoiler ** Spoiler ** Spoiler ** 
Mounts.  After paying for eight riding lessons at the Illuminated Torch
my Aspiss was finally given the word that additional riding lessons
would be less effective.  So far I have only noted the following
benefits from having a mount.  First they will steer you around
quicksand.  Second a Demon Condor tried to carry me away but my legs
had a firm hold on my plodder (mount) and the Demon Condor failed.

START SPOILERS ** Spoiler ** Spoiler ** Spoiler ** Spoiler ** Spoiler ** 
There is another line of far inns in the Kunbar region.  They appear to
be similar in nature to the Jagged Mor far inns except for the
following two things.  Jagged Bodkins are worth less (4 oculars) and
there is additional knowledge you can obtain if you have obtained the
prerequisite knowledges.  Such as advanced plant plucking, lock
picking, advanced stealth training.
END SPOILER ** Spoiler ** Spoiler ** Spoiler ** Spoiler ** Spoiler ** 

Ghosts lose spirit points by traveling in a square with a monster who
has on silver.


Section 5 - Rumors

Tainted Hallows are first found in the Kunbar region.  It is said you
need special protection and a superior light source to enter.  The
rumor: vampires dwell within tainted hallows.  If you can entice (how I
don't know) one outside and kowtow you might get the chance to follow
the vampire god.


Section 6 - Catch All

When a monster first arrives at a far inn with a mount in tow you are
suppose to receive word as to whether you have a good mount or a poor
mount.  If you do not get any indication from the Jossmen at the far
inn you just arrived at (for the first time with mount) you have
encountered a bug in Jack's code.  Jack would like you to let him know
if this happen to you and what the Jossmen said to you when you arrived
so he can better track this bug down.  [ Jack will also tell you (if
this has happened to you) if you have a good mount ]
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These newsletters were taken from Aaron Fuegi's Monster Island Page.
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