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Summer Issue Ten

Editor: Cheryl Frech

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Newsletter #10, January 26th, 1993

Newsletter Editor:        		Cheryl Frech 

 Far Structures - 			Cheryl Frech 
 Captureable Creatures -		Cheryl Frech 
 Blurbs -				Aaron Fuegi
 Monster Profiles -			Sean Upchurch
 Unofficial Weapons/Armor chart- 	Ilya Taytslin
 Battle Cries -	 			Christopher F. Jones
 FAQ (FAQ=Frequently Asked Questions)	Christopher F. Jones
 Seen through a Spyglass		Jerry Hagedorn
 Monster Mapper				Jim Wuerch
 Groups					Brian Derks

Note from the editor.  The information contained in these
newsletters covers a wide gambit from novice to advanced.  If you
are the type who wants to learn things on their own some of the
information in the newletters could be considered spoilers.

This Issue
Section  1 - Job Posts / Want Ads 
Section  2 - Monster Mapper
Section  3 - Questions/Inquiries
Section  4 - Facts
Section  5 - Rumors (Believe it or Not)
Section  6 - Theories
Section  7 - New Blurbs (see end of Catch all for index to existing
Section  8 - Player Deletions/Additions
Section  9 - Catch All
Section 10 - Capture List


I have been informed there may be those out there who only get 
mail up to 27K in size.  If you are one of these folks let me
know and I will try and split the newsletter into chunks you can
accept.   (Internet Gateway only lets subscribers get mail up to
	   27K in size) 



Jonesey informs us: I will have email access until 12 Jan, and then
i will be going to spain for a semester (until 15 May).  i am going
to try very hard to get internet access over there, but could you
put in the newsletter that i will not have email until further
Thanks  jonesey  		

[ When jonesey gets back I will put it in a newsletter ]



Section 1 - Job Posts / Want Ads 

* ANNOUNCEMENT - Jim Wuerch the author of the monster mapper (MM)
  has joined this newsletter.  See Section 2 for more details.

* ANNOUNCEMENT - Newly formed group with 7 kabuki followers in
  the region of the Kunbar around The Dark Eagle's Nest Far Inn. 
  Our group name is 'The Six Hundred' and we are all Kabuki
  Followers.  We encourage all interested Kabiki followers to join.
  Contact Erik Seilnacht

* WANTED: Sarah Skovronsky is looking for coordinates of Temples
  of all religions.  Kabukis, Shroudovians, Fuvites--please send
  me information!                      

* WANTED: What I am trying to do is to determine exactly how much
  it takes, when not purchased, to increase in skill with weapons.
  I wish to determine whether it is different for different races,
  and exactly how much each combat attack is worth (and whether
  that differs among weapons and/or races).  It has also been
  suggested that strikes or practice with lower grade weapons,
  rather than ones current skill, may be less effective.  We shall

  What I would like is a listing of how many strikes (with what
  weapon) and how much weapons practice, you used to get each 
  level with each weapon.  If you bought a skill, but than achieved
  another one, please indicate that, so I know the starting point.
  If you know at what point you crossed the 1/3 and 2/3 boundaries,
  that would be helpful.  For senior players, I am told that you
  get exact cost to next level.  That should make it easy to tell
  how much strikes are worth, etc. so please respond.  (I realize
  that the resulting list will probably be more useful to newer 
  players, but ask your indulgence anyway.)

  Thank you, Joel M. Halpern


Section 2 - Monster Mapper (current issue 2.35a which has minor
	    	 	    changes from 2.35)

* This section will in future issues contain information about the
  monster mapper.  Tips, answered questions, updates and such.

* QUESTIONS - concerning the monster mapper can be directed to Jim
  Wuerch (author of the MM) a new member to this newsletter.  He
  has volunteered to answer questions, provide MM tips and MM FAQ.
		      Jim Wuerch

  Jim's access is through Compu$erve so he pays for all mail in and
  out.  He doesn't mind but but would like to minimize the amount
  of mail he sends/receives.  So from his email I have pulled out a
  few guidelines for mail you may wish to send Jim.

  - DO NOT send mapping data.

  - Please do not send any large files (limit to 7500 or less).

  - DO send questions and suggestions

  - Sender should put the return address in the text because the
    server does a real good job of mangling the senders address.

* Upcoming: a super-duper importer for map data.  Will allow
  importing maps on different co-ordinate systems and maps with
  different feature numbers.

* The current version of the MMapper is 2.35a.  If you have 2.35
  there is no real change between 2.35 and 2.35a.  I'm collecting
  ideas for what's most important to users for the next release, as
  I have lots of things to choose from.  I'm also looking for Mac
  and Amiga (or any other system for that matter) programmers who
  would like to create a mapping program that could exchange data
  with the MMapper. 

* He also provided the following information in his communication
  to me:

  Anyone wishing to get a shareware version of the program can
  simply use the special codes ABM listed in the MI Journal 1/2.  I
  also run a BBS (Bif's Monster Resort) that has forums for MI, the
  MMapper, and special conferences for groups that need a place to
  post messages for only their group members. The number for the
  BBS is (301)946-7462. 


Section 3 - Questions/Inquiries

* Question: Does anyone know of a bulletin board where I can get the 
  shareware version of the Monster Island map program?  Sounds like
  it might be handy.  Thanks
			Jeffrey Webber
  [ See Section 2]

* Question: Does anyone know anything about demigods?  Some names
  have been mentioned in Blurbs, but where are their shrines?  The
  mystery continues.  Please send info to

* Questions:

  1.  I just had my first successful trip into a Tomb of Mumi.
  I went in armed with a Crude Spear and had to fight 2
  Mummys to get in.  Does one always fight 2 Mummys or does
  the number vary?  Also, is it worthwhile to enter the same
  Tomb of Mumi more than once in a turn?

	[ The number and type of Mummys vary.  I don't know what is
          usual but I have seen, 1 mummy, 2 mummys, blood mummy, 1
	  mummy and blood mummy.  As for worthwhile I have not
	  entered more then once. ]

  2.  The Weapon Notes blurb says that a monster will
  automatically switch weapons if the creature blurb says that
  another type of weapon is more effective against it.  Does
  this work for Mummys also where the blurb says what weapons
  won't work, not what weapons will work?

	[ My understanding of switching weapons is:
	  1. If you know ahead of time that a certain type of
	     weapon is more effective then you will switch if you
  	     have a weapon of that type and it will do more damage
	     then the one you are wielding.

	  2. Your question I don't know how to answer. ]

  3.  The Fort blurb talks about quarters for a permanent
  resident.  Any ideas what Jack intends with this?  It seems
  highly unlikely that any player controlled monster would
  choose to tie himself down permanently to one location.
  Therefore, it would seem that perhaps some nonplayer
  controlled monster is intended to inhabit forts as a
  permanent resident.  Some sort of advanced weapons or lore
  master perhaps?

  4.  Has anyone every compared the statistics bonuses that
  monsters have gotten from following a god to see
  whether the bonuses go down or up or remain about the same
  depending on perhaps how many turns the monsters has had
  processed or what the monsters statistics where prior to
  following the god?

  Thanks alot.  Eric Bothwell aka Biff Gnarly

* Question:  Has anyone ever tried putting gaba stones in a temple
  treasure room?  				Ilya Taytslin/Rauf.
	[ Oculars and Bit Coins are accepted, baubled are not.  I
          am trying this turn to put in gaba stones and will report
	  what happens. ]

	[ NO you can not put gaba stones in the treasure room ]


Section 4 - Facts

* New Fuvah temple 4s and 1 e of the Speckled Pheasant

* New Fuvah temple 11s and 4 e of the Twisted Tablar Inn.

[ If anyone else has news of new temples or temple ruin sites they 
 don't want to lay claim on pass them to the newsletter for
 publication. - Editor ]

* Several members of the DOL (Disciples of the Light) have received
  their third set of spells.  Most only received 2 or 3 spells.


Section 5 - Rumors (Believe it or Not)

* i know it doesn't look much like the holidays with the coco palms
  in full bloom, but santa claws is wandering around some sticks
  terrain in northern kunbar.  he's not so hard at long range
  (presents are only missile class 2), but when he gets in close,
  he'll grab you!  blood mummies ain't got nothin' on old saint
  nick.  when he jumps off the top turnbuckle, you better have that
  silver-tipped spear ready, or you'll be crushed![-32 Health] 

  #201 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
        This wily creature looks like a tame little deer, but watch
  out!  This baby can fly, swooping down to rake you with his
  cloven hooves and spear you with his antlers.  And when his nose
  starts to glow, run for your life!  Use a nasty bashing weapon
  against this guy, because it's hard for him to switch directions
  while flying and you can crack him a good one.  If you kill one
  you will get a red nose, a good source of light for those dark

  [NOTE: #201 is not an official creature, just a submission for
   the sake of humor.  Of interest because I originally thought
   the creature was real when Jack was asked about it he said it
   wasn't but there was an item out there which would let you see
   in those dark places, the exact type/name of such item wasn't
   given. ]


Section 6 - Theories


Section 7 - New Blurbs

**Remember if you get a blurb which is not on the index list, send
  it to Aaron and the newsletter. **

Item #354:  BLACK BALL
Black Balls were forged long ago by Jo'golian, the legendary
Kwando Magesmith.  They're a curious treasure.  About an 1/8 of a
hand in diameter, each is perfectly spherical and very heavy. 
When two are placed together, they sort of stick to each other
and are difficult to pull apart.  You can carry 6.


Section 8 - Player Deletions/Additions

For those who keep a mailing list this new section has changes from the
existing list.

LEAVING (please delete from lists)

ARRIVING (please add to lists):

CAN NOT DELIVER (removed from list)

27K LIMITED (not new just limited):


Section 9 - Catch All


Section 10 - Lists - Featuring: Races, Gods and Groups.

Each newsletter will feature a different list.  Available lists
Blurbs, Capturable Creatures and Races/Gods/Groups.

!!STUFF deleted - ADF!!

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