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Electronic Campfire

Electronic Campfire Issue Nine

Editor: Greg McDougall

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Greetings Adventurers,

Response for this issue is much improved so I get on with it!!

Note the new URL for ABM and the new site Tightbeam (still very much under construction though).

WWW (Monsters)

Howling Mad Gav's travels in Zargnoth

Rasmus Jensen's MI Companion

Aaron Fuegi's WWW Page for Monster Island

The MI Homepage

The Monster Island Cafe
^^ This is closing down soon and will be sorely missed. Any offers of help contact Mike - Greg ^^

Tony Austin's Homepage

Shark's page

WWW (UK Groups)

The Island Rangers

The White Knights of Kabuki

Blood Alliance

Shadow Cult

WWW (General)

The Monster Island Rest Shop

The ABM Monster Island Web Pages (note their order submission system - KJC take note)

Gamenet (A site that aims to be a resource to PBM GM's and Gamers)

Greg Lindahl's PBM Resources

'The' On-Line PBM Games Resource

Tightbeam PBM Resources


CompuServe Forum: PBMGAMES
Aol: Use keyword "Monster Island"

Sorry to see the chat board closing down - hopefully someone will pick it up...

Onto the messages.

From: William Clinton Kida <>
Date: 13th January 1997

Hi. I made a monster island mapper, for windows 95. My site was dedicated to monster island for about 1 year. I'm closing down the site for monster island, and trashing the idea of the mapper, due to lack of demand.


William Clinton Kida

From: Dave Sadler <>
Date: 17th January 1997

Hi Greg,

The last issue of EC looked a bit sparse so I thought I'd do my bit for the cause. :-)

I know at one stage someone (can't remember who) was compiling a list of treasure gained from caves etc; I don't know much about caves but Umberto has FINALLY cleared out the hillock I've been harrassing for the last 7 turns. It would have been quicker but I wasn't too sure how tough Knolltir were, so to start with I was only doing 1 or 2 U33 per turn. I now know that I can happily do 5 or 6 a turn as long as I smoke some Umber Grass (nice of them to name it after me wasn't it?) before camping. Of course with White Lotus I'd be well away but unfortunately I'm not very hot at voodoo.

I reckon someone else must have had a go at it, I only killed 16 knolltir. I was expecting there to be somewhere between 20 and 30 of the bar stewards. From the hillock I got a shortsword, an iron shield and a sunka death mask (I think that was what it was called anyway...) I was hoping for a longsword, but there you go. Sammael did a small cave (leave him alone, he's only little!) and got - ta da - a kaddawhip. Whoopee doo.

before I go, a warning for those thinking of crossing the crystal hills. Make sure you have LOTS of health first! My mate Helfar the Dark has just crossed over, in doing so he lost 196 health!! He had a crobbler skin but it didn't seem to make any difference, so I expect you actually need to get the blurb and make a parachute rather than just carrying them.

Happy Hunting

U. R.

Date: 18th January 1997
From: James Marshall < Sorry James's I've lost your email address - send again please! >

Hello Greg,

I was wondering if you could help me out with a small problem I've encountered. I can't get hold of the blurb for the Swinging Ball, I have Waxed Ooze, Bow String and Black Ball and have been in the Tainted Hollow (though didn't get anywhere because of a lack of a Ball). I have quested a number of times, both in the same square as the Tainted Hollow and in other squares but have got nothing. Please can you tell me what you did to gain the blurb.

Can you subscribe to the electronic campfire? If so I would like to.

-- The Mighty Shroud shall guide us,

James Marshall

(Strathal Wurgess & Lara Kuuze -- Hand of Shroud)

Date: 29th January 1997
From: Die ERSTE (Andreas Mitterlechner) <>

Hi Greg!

Here is the latest spell list

Kabuki Temple 1: identify scroll (x2), seal/open temple door (x3), detect fellow followers (x3), detect rival followers (x4), battle dexterity (x3), blinding light (x2), sleep (x2), hide fellow followers

2: read scroll, hide fellow followers, torchlight, sleep, blinding light

3: hide fellow followers (x2), sleep, repair small iron item (x2), torchlight, light armor, read scroll, fire shield (x2), repair small silver item, dig, enchant weapon

Shroud Temple 1: identify scroll (x2), seal/open temple door (x3), detect fellow followers (x2), detect rival followers (x3) lightning (x3), battle dexterity (x2)

2: detect fellow followers, sleep (x2), hide fellow followers (x3), torchlight (x3), light armor (x2), identify scroll (x2), read scroll (x2)

3: read scroll, repair small iron item, dig (x2), fire shield (x3), repair small silver item (x2), light armor, enchant weapon, repair large iron item,

4: repair large iron item, battle slowness, fear

5: armour, fireball

Fuvah Temple 1: identify scroll (x10), read scroll (x6), light armor (x7), fear (x8), seal/open temple door (x7), hide fellow followers (x2), torchlight (x5), detect fellow followers (x4), deep shadows

2: torchlight (x6), detect fellow followers (x7), detect rival followers (x10), repair small iron item (x2), repair large iron item (x4), read scroll (x2), light armor (x4), repair small silver item (x5), fear (x3), deep shadows (x2), seal/open temple door (x3), hide fellow followers, dig (x2), battle dexterity (x2), fire shield (x2), battle slowness, enchant weapon, sleep (x2),

3: fire shield (x4), battle slowness (x2), fireball, deep shadows, repair small silver item (x2), dig (x5), detect rival followers, enchant weapon (x2), repair small iron item (x2), light armor, repair large iron item (x2), seal/open temple door, hide fellow followers

4: repair small silver item (x2), fire shield (x2), enchant weapon (x2), repair small iron item (x2), hide fellow followers, dig, armor (x2), battle slowness (x3), battle dexterity (x2), deep shadows, repair large iron item

5: deep shadows, armor, enchant weapon

keep up the good work


^^ Although I couldn't get it to MIX in time for this issue, Thelma hit her 7th temple and got quite a haul...

Shroud Temple 7
#17 Purge Poisons
#90 Produce Food
#92 Produce Water
#2 & #802 Ensnare Creature
#862 Heavy Armor

Not bad eh? - Greg ^^

Date: 2nd February 1997
From: Dave Sadler <>

Hi Greg,

Are there any Shroudie groups out there looking for a new member? I was looking at joining 'Eternal Void' but it doesn't look like I'll be able to be meet up with my EV contact for some time, and I'd really like to get grouped asap (I've been offered a fight, and his stats are better than mine! :-) ). My monster, Umberto Roissy, is a turn 50 acolyte of Shroud (who's getting very annoyed at not being given the 'sacrifice' blurb!), currently in the vicinity of the Broken Shield and heading South.

I also play a turn 20 Shroud acolyte, Sammael Roissy, who's heading towards the Grack, Grouse and Grail, I'd quite like to get him in a group as well......

I'm not ashamed to say my main interest is in getting the stats increase associated with joining a group; but I'd be glad to do my fair share of any temple building etc that's going on, and I have quite a bit of mapping info I can bring with me....

Any interested parties can email '' or snailmail 'David Sadler, 23 Ermin Walk, Paynesdown Road, Thatcham, Newbury, RG19 3SD.'

Many Thanks

U. R.

Another month and another newsletter out, don't forget that all the back issues are archived at

Stay Lucky,

Greg McDougall

a.k.a. Thelma Twofang, Lvl. 7 Disciple Of Shroud

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