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Electronic Campfire

Electronic Campfire Issue Eight

Editor: Greg McDougall

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Greetings Travelers,

Contributions were down this issue - I'll put it down to the Christmas over-indulgence...

WWW (Monsters)
Howling Mad Gav's travels in Zargnoth

Rasmus Jensen's MI Companion

Aaron Fuegi's WWW Page for Monster Island

The MI Homepage

The Monster Island Cafe

Tony Austin's Homepage

Shark's page

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The Island Rangers

The White Knights of Kabuki

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Message in a Bottle (UK Game Newsletter)

The Monster Island Rest Shop

The ABM Monster Island Web Pages (note their order submission system - KJC take note)

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Greg Lindahl's PBM Resources

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CompuServe Forum: PBMGAMES
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Right, now onto the messages...

Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 10:57:34 +0000
To: Greg McDougall <>
From: (Paul Radford)

My monster, Lynx "Hater of Large Caves" has now found another pet hate. This time it is Hillocks, the home of those scrawny Knolltir critters. A little background first. Lynx has organised a temple rebuilding between the SSS and EV. So far though, i've still not arrived at the temple site to contribute to the rebuiding. SSS and EV members are on site and have begun the process. The reason for my delay? A hillock. I've been stuck at a single hillock which appears to extend about 20km underground. So far Lynx has killed 32 Knolltir's and the thing still isn't empty. From what i have heard, they usually contain 20-28 Knolltir. Is this a record, or will it be when i finally kill them all? Does anyone have any commets?

So continue the amazing adventures of Lynx.

Lynx, SSS Disciple.

Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 15:56:12 +0100
From: (Martin Rasmussen Lie)

Hi Greg,

Thanx for the last issue of the Campfire (#7)

I'm not quite sure about how to do this, but as I haven't got any other information, I trust it's okay that I send my submissions to you, right? And then ask you to put them in the Electronic Campfire...

Anyway, here's my submission:

To Greg (hey! that's you)

I think it would be great if you could add the subscribers' e-mails at the top of the newsletter. Just every now and then, not every issue!

Also, I think you should publish all the hints and tips you know of. Especially about how to get to Zargnoth (I don't think HMGII would be sorry if he got some Monsters to bash on either), but also things that you are directly asked for (like the Swinging Ball question). If you're afraid of spoiling other Monsters' feeling of 'exploring the unknown', you could always warn them (*SPOILER WARNING*). BTW, it's a nice newsletter, this here...:)

xxx Pureblade

PS I know how it's like to be an ED :) Good luck!

To Harald Hoecht (H"cht?)

A Swinging Ball is made out of Black Ball (#354), Bow String (#65) and Waxed Ooze (#105). Bow Strings are made from Phylo vines and Waxed Oozes are made from 1 Oozelet and 2 Mudge Wax. Black Balls are found in different dark places. From here I don't know what to do, but I guess Questing's the thing to do. Go figure, and tell me when you've got the Swinging Ball (#250)!

xxx Pureblade

To Fearless Fred and other archaeologists,

I've nosed around a bit and dug up the following table (based on the previous internet newsletter "e-monster", my own experiences and your table). To those of you wondering: Yes it IS possible to use quarters of an Action Pt while digging with an Iron shovel:

Terrain Hands Dug Digging Implement Action Points
Sand & Palms 10 Iron Shovel 7.5
Low Hills 21 Iron Shovel 47.25
Low Hills 22 Iron Shovel 49.5
Low Hills 21 Iron Shovel 47.25
Sticks 22 Iron Shovel 33
Low Hills 1 Tuvian Shovel 3
Low Hills 1 Iron Shovel 2.25
High Hills 1 Tuvian Shovel 3
Jungle 1 Tuvian Shovel 4
Jungle 1 Iron Shovel 3
Sand & Palms 1 Tuvian Shovel 1
Sand & Palms 1 Iron Shovel 0.75
Sticks 1 Bare Hands 8
Sticks 1 Large Clam Shell 4
Sticks 1 Tuvian Shovel 2
Sticks 1 Iron Shovel 1.5

The numbers in the table is the Action Pts it takes to dig one (1) hand in the given terrain with the given implement.

If anyone can confirm this table or have contradictory information, please yell out :).

xxx Pureblade

To all,

If you're feeling guilty about not having sent in a submission yet, here's your chance!!! I'm sort of trying to keep track of what Treasures can be gained in what Structures. Also I'm trying to make a handbook that features the places a Monster will want to check out. Included is how to explore one, what will happen inside etc. Here's an example:



Get a digging implement (Large Clam Shell, Tuvian Shovel or Iron Shovel).

[If you're using Large Clam Shells, two of them will be used up in the process.] Travel to an Ancient Graveyard. Loot 'n Vandalize it. PS! You cannot use Large Clam Shells if the Graveyard's located in a Swamp square.

You start to dig. You will encounter (usually just) one Creature that you must defeat. You will then find some Treasure. You'll start to dig in another place and get the chance to find more Treasure. More often than not, you won't find any Treasure when digging the second time. Then you'll look at a tombstone and leave. No use has ever been found for examining the tombstone.

If you Loot 'n Vandalize the Graveyard more than once a turn, you'll meet more Creatures the second time. Most likely three or four. You cannot enter a second time if your first time failed (i.e you fled because of too low Health). I've got little info on entering three or more times.

Generally, the more times you enter, the more Creatures you will encounter and the more tough they'll be. You will seldomly encounter more than five Creatures in one LV. If you enter more than one time, it seems like the chance to find no Treasure increases.

  • Tomb Leech (162) (common)
  • Cemetary Creeper (163) (common)
  • Carrion Crow (164) (common)
  • Zombie (131) (uncommon)
  • Six-headed Adder (193) (very rare!!!)


  • [Nothing]
  • Oculars (7-14)
  • Iron Helm
  • Iron Shield
  • Silver Bauble
  • Silver Gauntlets
  • Silver Greaves
  • Silver Studded Club
  • White Bauble
  • Zoingo Gold Coin


This is what I need:
- A list of what you've received after having explored a dark place. Fearless Fred's list of Large Cave Treasures last issue was a good one!
- Hints and other information concerning the dark place.

xxx Pureblade (

To Howard Kent,

Take a look at my last message (above). I'm sure you could say a lot :).

I'd be grateful if you tell about Stone Crypts, Tainted Hollows and Bodden Camps as these are the ones I have least info on. One of 'em per issue perhaps?

And BTW, new Structures in Zargnoth too :).

xxx Pureblade

Thanks Martin - you single handedly saved the issue. Shame on the rest of you!!

So - I'll expect much better for next month - and Thelma should have some stories too.

Stay Lucky,

Greg McDougall
a.k.a. Thelma Twofang, Level 6 Disciple of Shroud

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