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Electronic Campfire

Electronic Campfire Issue Seven

Editor: Greg McDougall

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This issue, some tasty Zargnoth gossip, plus the usual WWW roundup and tales from the Island.

WWW (Monsters)

Howling Mad Gav's travels in Zargnoth

Rasmus Jensen's MI Companion

Aaron Fuegi's WWW Page for Monster Island

The MI Homepage

The Monster Island Cafe

Anthony Austin's Homepage

Shark's page

WWW (Groups)

The Island Rangers

The White Knights of Kabuki

Blood Alliance>

WWW (General)

Message in a Bottle (UK Game Newsletter)

The Monster Island Rest Shop

The ABM Monster Island Web Pages (note their order submission system - KJC take note)

Gamenet (A site that aims to be a resource to PBM GM's and Gamers)

Greg Lindahl's PBM Resources

'The' On-Line PBM Games Resource



CompuServe Forum: PBMGAMES

Aol: Use keyword "Monster Island"

Right, now onto the messages...

From: Harald Hoecht <>

Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 10:11:35 +0100 (MET)

hy guy

I only wanted to say hello and I know I wanted that you add a message for me but I can't remember now. I also wanted to congratulate you to the campfire and I wanted to know if you know of some stuff I don't know.

For example :

How to get a swinging ball?

^^the swinging ball is a combination of a ball with strange properties, something to hang it from, and something to stick it all together...Greg^^

what is the use of purpumkin,swine fat, and the like?


Where do I get most likely silver plated armor, great religious swords? Also where to get king spiked armor ?

^^LV as much as possible - you might get lucky!! - Greg^^

thanx for now


From: (mark wingad)

Date: Mon, 09 Sep 1996 19:59:02

HI All

Well Zargnoth is fun:)

HMGII met a Shotgun serpent. Well it died in lack of style...

1 round of combat its dead. I got a item which would of been useful if there were any females around!

Having trained a little birdy (ie beat the shit out of it till it did as I ask) to find Pretzel. After several messages He is some distance to the north of me:( I have found a path though. Which I have chosen to follow well okay so Im not following it, Im just going in the general direction it does:) Hope to find something intresting so far nothing I can raid has been found:( I keep detecting new creatures and will vist them if i get chance. Very fed up as no other monsters about:(Pretzel is to far away. If I get lucky maybe he`ll come vist me:)

Howling Mad GavII

in Zargnoth depressed and alone...taking depresion out by beating the shit out of all creatures he can find:)



Ps will send reports each turn if something new found....


Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 04:36:00 -0500

My monster, Fearless Fred, has recently taken to digging pits, so I thought I'd send in a list of how many AP's it has taken to dig the holes that he has dug so far (wow!). Has anyone else got any info on digging?

Terrain Hands Dug Digging Implement Action Points
Sand & Palms 10 Iron Shovel 7.5
Low Hills 21 Iron Shovel 47.25
Low Hills 22 Iron Shovel 49.5
Low Hills 21 Iron Shovel 47.25
Sticks 22 Iron Shovel 33

I tell him to dig 24 hands deep, but Fred has always, so far, found a small hole 2 or 3 hands deep and so has never actually dug the full 24 hands.

Has ayone ever found anything interesting when they have examined a tombstone after looting an Ancient Graveyard? If not, what is the point of examining them?

On the `Large Caves are Crap' subject, here is what I have found on my Large Cave explorations:

5 Silver-tipped Darts / 1 Silver Jagged Dagger / 1 Jagged Bodkin / 1 Curved Machete / 1 Zoingo Copper Coin / 5 Silver-tipped Darts + Silver Gauntlets.

Yes, on one occasion, Fred emerged from the Cave clutching 1 Zoingo Copper Coin, worth 1 Ocular! Not very good for 60 Action Points and 3 Torches!

^^Thanks, anyone care to add to this?...Greg^^

From: "David Sadler" <>

Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 14:44:52 +0000


Just a quick note re:EC #5, I don't know where KJC got the info that the oldest monster in the UK is 145 turns (or whatever it was) from. I know someone who's monster is 170, and he knows of a couple of people who are over the 200 turns mark!

Does anyone know for certain how crobbler skins work when crossing the crystal hills? Keith from ABM states that 'crobbler skin = parachute = less damage', does this mean that the more you have the less damage you will take or do you need a blurb to make a parachute? Not that this will affect me for a 100 turns or so, I'm asking on behalf of an email

bereft friend.

Keep up the good work,

Umberto "thought he was nearly a disciple, but really isn't" Roissy

From: (Howard Kent)

Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 17:49:10 GMT

Is there anything specific you'd like me to talk about? Considering who I am and all that (Excuse me while my head swells). What I mean is I've done everything possible west of the Crystal Hills. Loggerheads, Bodden, Knolltir: All killed and cleared. Stone Crypts, just last month. Tainted Hollow, first and only Monster in UK to clear it (As far as I know). Or perhaps you'd like me to talk about my Group?


^^Howard, you should have no trouble sending a contribution!!!...Greg^^

Finally a request from CasbahCarl - please take five and fill it in...

Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 10:01:24 -0500


Forwarded for your newsletter:


Forwarded message:

From: 71067.33@CompuServe.COM (John Shannonhouse)



To: (PBM Forum Digest)

Date: 96-11-13 08:24:06 EST

The following survey is being sent out to Starweb players, but I thought it would also be of interest to other gamers. If you want to respond, please fill out and return to the address listed. If you do not play Starweb, don't include your rating. The reason for asking for rating is to determine how successful certain playing styles are in the game in an objective manner.

The Gamer Personality Survey


In a tongue in cheek discussion of playing style I accused John Shannonhouse of being a middle child due to his playing style. This intrigued him (cuzz I was correct) and in an interesting exchange of email he came up with the following Starweb Questionnaire. We are testing the theory that Birth order and certain playing styles or attitudes are linked. Would you please fill out the following form and forward it to:

Elliot Hudes

or to my snail mail address at:

2912 Remea Court, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada,L5L 2H5.

I encourage you to forward the questionnaire to allies and enemies you have played with both by email or snail mail. When we receive enough responses we will analyze the data and let you know the results but BEWARE - the insights into your psyche could be quite profound.

Thanks, Now remember to answer the questions honestly.


The Theory being tested is .......

The oldest tends to be the Leader -- competitive or power player.

The middle tends to be a negotiator.

The youngest tends to be a follower or careful player.

We are testing this theory with the following questionaire.


____Composite Starweb rating

____Number of children in your family (you plus all brothers and sisters)

____Order of Your Birth (3rd born, etc.)

Playing style (number in order of preference within groupong, 1 is most prefered). Many of these will be close calls while some of them will be unthinkable.


___Loner -- Prefer to act as an independent.

___Careful -- Prefer to wait to make commitments to other players.

___Friendly -- Prefer to ally with those already known as friends.

___Outgoing -- Make alliances with whoever is met in the web as quickly as possible.


___Spoiler -- It is fun to ruin the plans of the other players.

___Follower -- Let the others make the plans, I make sure they work.

___Negotiator -- Try to work out things so everyone comes out ahead.

___Leader -- Make final decisions for the alliance.


___Back stabber -- The beauty of a properly executed backstab is a major thrill.

___Psyciatrist -- Enjoy playing mind games with the other players.

___Diplomat -- The letter of the negotiated contract prevails.

___Bean Counter -- Always prefer trades to come out even or in my favor.

___Pragmatist -- Agreements are followed unless the situation changes.

___Honorable to a Fault -- Even when it hurts me or the alliance.

___Free spirit -- Spirit of agreement is most important. Specific actions are unimportant.


___Just a game -- If the position is untenable, will quit and try another.

___Gamer -- Play to have fun and make friends.

___Long haul -- Will never quit, but stay in to annoy the opponent as long as possible.

___Competitive -- Cannot stand to be beaten.


___Power player -- Winning is the most important thing.

___Rating Player -- Highest possible rating most important, not the win

___Warmonger -- Crushing the opponents, what does not destroy me makes me stronger.

___Strategy and Tactics -- Working out the plan and seeing it come to fruition.


___Will never ally with an opponent from a previous game.

___Will never ally with a known backstabber.

___Will ally based on the current game, not on past problems.

___Will actively seek out previous opponents as allies in new games.


___New players are the easiest to take out, and so should be your first targets.

___New players should be treated the same as everyone else.

___New players should be encouraged and receive assistance from experienced players.

Another issue bites the dust...contributions were down this month - get with the Christmas spirit. I'll look forward to some alcohol induce tails in time for next month's issue.

Stay Lucky,

Greg McDougall

aka Thelma Twofang, 6th Level Disciple Of Shroud

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