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Electronic Campfire

Electronic Campfire Issue Six

Editor: Greg McDougall

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This is the first issue to contain a visible list of email recipients. Unless I feel the concensus is against this in the future I will leave them in.

Right onto the usual stuff...

WWW (Monsters)

Rasmus Jensen's MI Companion

Aaron Fuegi's WWW Page for Monster Island

The MI Homepage

The Monster Island Cafe

Anthony Austin's Homepage

Shark's page

WWW (Groups)

The Island Rangers

The White Knights of Kabuki

Blood Alliance

WWW (General)

The Monster Island Rest Shop

The ABM Monster Island Web Pages (note their order submission system - KJC take note)

Gamenet (A site that aims to be a resource to PBM GM's and Gamers)

Greg Lindahl's PBM Resources

'The' On-Line PBM Games Resource



CompuServe Forum: PBMGAMES

Aol: Use keyword "Monster Island"

And now, onto the contributions...

From: (mark wingad)

Date: Tue, 08 Oct 1996 17:29:09

TO Large cave explores

I think large caves are a waste of time. HMGII Entered a Large Cave 5 times and got dam silver armor crap. Nothing was a challenge to beat and he gained rubish.

Also avoid Sunken Graveyards again crap. Young monsters though if lucky may find a silver tipped spear but these are rare from caves any way. Shame carnt find a Great Cave. Anyone know of a Great Cave near the jolly ogre. Or a Stone Crypt. He could do with visting these before he goes to Zargnoth.



From: (mark wingad)

Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 21:17:56

HI Thelma twofang (greg)

Take note you only cast spells against creatures you wont easily beat.

Although I think defensive would of been cast as well as offensive.

Also Shifting Wraiths that come at you in 3s as in the Great Cave youll run from them as your out numbered. If you want to fight one vist a Sunken Graveyard. Try with & without a silver weapon, But be healthy...



From: (mark wingad)

Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 17:44:16

To unlucky cave explorer

So youve had bad luck in Large caves then?

Well on my last adventure into one 4 times this turn:

1st time in Dam large iron shield

2nd time in Silver jagged dagger

3rd time in dam Silver Helm

4th time in red Bauble

Well I didnt like what i got either as none of it is usefull to me :( The only good thing is I NOW have the blurb to CROSS into ZARGNOTH :) I will be do so shortly...

expect to see what happens here soon...

HMG II (Shadow Cult)



From: Die ERSTE <100023.2111@CompuServe.COM>

Date: 28 Oct 96 12:16:30 EST

Hi Greg! Here is the latest Spell list. Please write MIX in the subject line.

Kabuki Temples

1: identify scroll (x2), seal/open temple door (x3), detect fellow followers (x3), detect rival followers (x4), battle dexterity (x3), blinding light (x2), sleep (x2), hide fellow followers

2: read scroll, hide fellow followers, torchlight, sleep, blinding light

3: hide fellow followers (x2), sleep, repair small iron item (x2), torchlight, light armor, read scroll, fire shield (x2), repair small silver item, dig, enchant weapon

Shroud Temples

1: identify scroll (x2), seal/open temple door (x2), detect fellow followers, detect rival followers (x2), lightning (x2), battle dexterity

2: detect fellow followers, sleep, hide fellow followers (x2), torchlight (x2), light armor (x2), identify scroll, read scroll

3: read scroll, repair small iron item, dig, fire shield

4: repair large iron item, battle slowness, fear

5: armour, fireball

Fuvah Temples

1: identify scroll (x9), read scroll (x6), light armor (x6), fear (x8), seal/open temple door (x6), hide fellow followers (x2), torchlight (x5), detect fellow followers (x3)

2: torchlight (x5), detect fellow followers (x7), detect rival followers (x9), repair small iron item (x2), repair large iron item (x4), read scroll, light armor (x4), repair small silver item (x4), fear (x2), deep shadows (x2), seal/open temple door (x3), hide fellow followers, dig (x2), battle dexterity (x2), fire shield (x2), battle slowness, enchant weapon, sleep (x2)

3: fire shield (x3), battle slowness (x2), fireball, deep shadows, repair small silver item (x2), dig (x4), detect rival followers, enchant weapon, repair small iron item (x2), light armor, repair large iron item (x2), seal/open temple door

4: repair small silver item (x2), fire shield (x2), enchant weapon (x2), repair small iron item (x2), hide fellow followers, dig, armor, battle slowness (x2), battle dexterity, deep shadows, repair large iron item

5: deep shadows, armor, enchant weapon


Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 15:29:53 -0500

Does anyone know what the spell is (if there is one) that enables you to take treasures from an enemy Temple's treasure room?

^^Unless I'm wrong the only way to get at the treasure if you're not supposed to is to Loot'n'Vandalize!! - Greg^^

^^Next, the first report from Zargnoth...^^

From: (mark wingad)

Date: Mon, 09 Sep 1996 19:30:44

HI all

Well gav in zargnoth:)

he met a King Emu which was then killed, it wasnt to bad although a lot in a row wouldnt be nice. useing detect creatures ive located some diffrent creatures again so ill vist them shortly:)

Also changed computer to an Amiga1200, but i kept hard drive from old machine but i had a few problems geting new OS to work, some stuff lost like emails and MI bits gggrrr:( so if a message sent dosnt appear youll know why, NOT my Fault!!

also got inkjet printer so next issue of message in a bottle will appear better...



"Once Bitten Twice Shy"

I Message in a Bottle Ed play by mail
game newsletter I

^^Something from me again...^^

Thelma visits a Tainted Hollow (Oooooh)...

As I approach the Tainted Hollow, unsure of what to expect, I wipe my machete on my haversuit. The vines and creepers here are some of the worst I have seen - worse than any jungle I've come across. I venture deeper, the light fading - it seems almost as though the towering trees move to block the sun. This is nothing like Shroud's darkness, which embraces it's loyal Disciples (Shroud embraces all living things - without life there can be no death). No, this darkness repels all things living. I press on, lighting a torch.

Sounds from all around heighten my sense of foreboding, I decide to pause while I am still able and take a meal. As I press on the trees seem to sway, but the air is still. A coconut falls, seemingly from nowhere, and at an alarming speed, narrowly missing me. My torch fails and I light another.

As I hack my way further in I begin to doubt my sense of direction - the lack of sunlight makes navigational almost impossible. I reach into my haversuit a retrieve my swinging ball, it's mystical properties leading me onward into the thickening vegetation.

I light my third torch - do all of this Island's accursed places consume light? I pity Kabukians, their faith would be surely tested here - no god of light holds power in this place.

A sudden gust of fetid air blows a palm into my path, I sidestep it but it moves! A Possessed Palm blocks my way! It's branches flail towards me and cocunuts rain down (their ends almost sharpened). I call to Shroud and he delivers his protection. Luckily, it is no match for my Great Dark Sword, and it crashes to oblivion (34 inflicted, 21 taken).

I rest for a moment and eat another meal. I light my final torch and press on, my swinging ball showing the way. Even the lesser trees block my way and I receive a nasty gash to the head (3 taken). As I sweep the branch aside an accursed Killer Koala Bear falls upon me. I send it to it's death, but not before it has raked it's claws across my face (8 inflicted, 8 taken).

My final torch flickers and dies, and I call on Shroud to bring light to this place. His power flows through me, banishing the shadows. A palm near by stirs, another Possessed Palm! Anticipating the battering to come, I call on Shroud once more, his power flickers over my armour and I feel it stiffen. I slash at the palm's accursed eyes and it dies, but not before landing some good blows - I hate coconuts! (30 inflicted, 31 taken)

Staggering a little, I trip over a root (4 taken), I am beginning to wish I had never entered this hollow. Oh for a dose of elixir, or some peace and quite to enjoy my pipe. A look at my swinging balls shows the vines have been pushing me off course, I correct myself and head on. The vines seem finally to be thinning out and I can glimpse a clearing ahead. Sensing my approach, a third palm moves to block my way. This time I am ready, with a call to Shroud for protection I bring swift death to the accursed tree with impressive blows to it's roots and eyes (50 inflicted, 12 taken).

I eat another meal and renew my torchlight spell. I break into the clearing and suddenly wish I hadn't! Standing in it's center is the father of all palms, a Red Wood Palm. Decaying bodies litter it's roots, and I mutter a prayer to Shroud as it turns it's attention to me.

This is the battle I have been waiting for, surely the fiercest opponent I have yet faced. I call on Shroud to strengthen my armour and bless his Great Dark Sword. I glow with his power - Thelma Twofang, Shroud's own. I rush into battle, mocking the palm, my sword swinging at it's roots. It bellows in pain, the sound almost deafening me. It's giant branches crash down, throwing me to one side. Shroud's wisdom floods into my battered brain - I will return here again, but victory will not be mine today (129 inflicted, 60 taken).

I escape from the hollow, branches ripping my haversuit as a flee. I will return.

Well, that's it for another issue. Hello to all the people who join us this time - I hope you liked it!!

Stay Lucky,


a.k.a. Thelma Twofang

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