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Electronic Campfire

Electronic Campfire Issue Five

Editor: Greg McDougall

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No delay, straight into it...

WWW (Monsters)

Rasmus Jensen's MI Companion

Aaron Fuegi's WWW Page for Monster Island

The MI Homepage

The Monster Island Cafe *CHANGED*

Anthony Austin's Homepage

Shark's page

WWW (Groups)

The Island Rangers

The White Knights of Kabuki

Blood Alliance *NEW*

WWW (General)

The ABM Monster Island Web Pages (note their order submission system - KJC take note)

Gamenet (A site that aims to be a resource to PBM GM's and Gamers)

Greg Lindahl's PBM Resources

'The' On-Line PBM Games Resource



CompuServe Forum: PBMGAMES

Aol: ???

Came across this recently at the Aaron's web site, it's the highlights of a recent MI chat (14/9/96) on AOL.

  • Tombs of Mumundas NOT activated
  • 2 monsters in England crossed over the wall - tough going
  • - max of ~145 turns in English game
  • Keith testing Priest level now
  • Casting spells: "I believe you do improve w/ failed spells." - the more, the better?
  • Saddlebags SOON!
  • 3 new Races: Trolls, etc
  • 10 new items in master list of items so far
  • No Flood. Changed their minds.
  • Trains in new region will run over you if you try to hijack or steal ride
  • Can't return from Zargnoth for now.
  • New terrain's: rivers, scrubland, plains,desert
  • All structures from this side should be over there, + new ones.
  • Crobbler skin = parachute. Parachute = less damage
  • Train Demon Condor? will need special whistle
  • Quests? may be able to deliver messages a/o items for Jossmen for fee.
  • Other coinage needed!!! Kwandos may only accept Kwando coins.
  • Stats [not Monsterliness] max out @300! [But Muscle may be exception, Keith sounded a little confused here]
  • But he agreed with me that some extra would be good in case of death or Ungrouping.
  • Monsterliness calculated by overall turn success: Z 300 - no Monst gain. LV Stone crypt - yes. but then said inventory didn't affect it. backed off when I and others disagreed.
  • Black Voodoo coming
  • Black lotus too rare for use at present.
  • Demigods? Who knows what or when?

^^Some of it is rather cryptic - especially the bit about stats. maxing out, Thelma is already at 440 Muscle. Anyone out there at this chat - can you elaborate on what was said? - Greg^^

Onto the contributions - first off, something from me.

Thelma enters a Great Cave.

Wow, this place is big! I light a torch and begin my exploration. Bats fly overhead. Suddenly, I see a Xanxu Cave Spider approaching - I ready for battle, but it flees (perhaps these creatures possess intelligence after all!).

A shiver runs up my spine, and I sense a creature near by. The Sneaky Cave Leaper seems crazed, I change weapons and dispatch it with my Spiked Club (16 for, 5 against). So far, so good.

I explore what looks like a side passage in this huge cavern, but it turns out to be a dead end. As I turn, a Sqeezy Snake confronts me. Oh well... (6 for, 3 against). I try not to be lulled into a false sense of security - I haven't even begun to penetrate the cave's depths.

Suddenly, my torch flickers and dies. The shadows rush into to consume me, I take a moment to relish Shroud's embrace but self-preservation hurries me on to light my second torch. I cannot help but start as a Cave Pecker rushes out of the expanding pool of light. I swing my Long Sword and slice the creature neatly in two (10 for, 3 against).

I venture further into a cave's depths, and come upon a huge pool of crystal clear water. Taking a moment, I drink and fill my waterskin. Almost without warning, a Bortolatomus bears down on me. This is my first true test and I bring my Long Sword into play to dispatch this obese monstrosity (90 for, 58 against). That one got a few good blows to my ribs and belly, and I struggle to light another torch and regain my composure.

As I travel around the edge of the pond I spot an island and shortly after spot stepping stones leading on to it. Treasure so far has been none existent so I decide to go for it. I haven't gone half a dozen steps when an Xanxu Wart Toad leaps from the depths and attacks! Pivoting to avoid being knocked into the pool we clash, it's tongue being no match for my Long Sword (60 for, 14 against).

I reach the island, finding it craggy and filled with debris. After taking a look around, I begin rummaging. My last torch fails, and I call on Shroud to bring illumination. Something glitters under the unnatural light - treasure! A Silver Dragon Statue! I look up and see three Shifting Wraiths. I have no way of hurting these creatures so I must flee from the island.

I cast another Torchlight spell and I make for the exit, but an Xanxu Cave Spider blocks my path. I have no time for this... (34 for, 3 against). I rest for a moment, and a Flash Bat swoops, but some sort of survival instinct protects it and it veers away. I reach the exit, and breathe fresh air as my spell fades.

From: (Paul Radford)

Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 11:04:23 +0000

Lynx must be one of the most unfortunate monsters on the island. We've

heard of my unlucky cave attempts, well.....

Not so long ago I did a large cave. Guess what I got? Awesome treasure? Weapons? Armour? Nope. This time I got a pile of 14 occulars. I also did a small cave recently for something to do you understand, and what did I get in there? A pile of 12 occulars. So considering the greater difficulty (marginally speaking) of a large cave, why are small caves yielding almost as much? A friend of mine recently did a small cave and netted himself an iron dagger, something I wouldn't mind myself. No no...I am destined to find small piles of occulars. One day I might find and maybe clear a loggerhead camp? My treasure? Bound to be about 15 occulars in a nice stacked pile.

Lynx, SSS Disciple of Shroud.


Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 09:16:15 -0400


Another Web page that might be of interest to your readers is Sol-Rac's Monster Island Rest Stop:


I've tried to make it a general-interest Monster Island page with an international flavor, while being focused on my Fuvite character.

I'm actively working to generate an interactive element to the page, by encouraging players to post their comments and monster stats. I hope you'll visit it and, if you find it suitable, make a mention in next time you sit down at the Electronic Campfire.

Thanks, and best wishes,

Chuck (aka Sol-Rac Orim)

Monster Island (U.S.)

From: Die ERSTE <100023.2111@CompuServe.COM>

Date: 18 Sep 96 09:51:18 EDT

Dear Greg and EC,

I think there is another bug in the MI program. When I entered a great cave and met shifting wraiths (the blurbs says you need a magical or silver weapon, I had a silver jagged dagger) the printout told me that I could not fight them (I only got a silver bauble). I also would like to know why offensive spells in dark places are not used? Does anybody have contact to the KJC programmer so we can ask him about it?

^^ Try (Greg) ^^

I also don't like killing other monsters to become a Priest. But as far as I know nobody has found enough Talismans yet to become one. That's one thing that should be changed. It should be easier to get them or it should not be necessary to find so many. Also in the rulebook it was stated that there are many statistics for each monster we players don't know of. Well, if they are not used or programmed for the following they should start now: how many creatures of the opposing god have you slain, how many temples have you helped to rebuild, in how many ceremonies of sanctification did you participate, how many ceremonies of sanctification did you lead/initiate, how many members have you initiated into your group. It might also be desirable for Gods to know that their followers are battleproven which might be achieved with the "how many monsters battled" stat. Maybe we should divide into subsections Knolltirs and Loggerheads, as these are harder to kill. For example, my monster Gongflashdashlbang has battled 100 monsters. This is a good limit (I think). And it might be important how many voodoo elixirs you know how to make and how many different you actually made. (practice, practice,...) So I don't think we have to use an item or creature in the new region, but if the programmer thinks so, you might have to find a hermit devoted to your god which teaches you more about your Priesthood before you can become one. This should be done in a Ritual where some other monsters have to attest, that you are indeed worthy of this honor.

thanks MIX

From: (mark wingad)

Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 20:06:29

To All

Well not a bad time as of late. Shadow Cult has been sanctified at last. Allowing Midg to get his 9th set of spells:) 208 spell pts... But error on the kowtow, where it says your receive spells.. It said Ensnare creature all I got was heavy armor... I all ready had ensnare creature.... Also why do you get one spell after you've visited 6 or so temples. You'd think when you hit 7-9 you'd get 2-3 spells at least. Nope just one, or I have bad luck. All members will know hit a tomb hard & loggerhead camps while rebuilding a fort.

Also wish Midg had visited Furcats one, then he'd have 10 temples visited... which would be 230ish spell pts...

Gav hit a tomb and has done well enough to get treasure so hell return to the jolly ogre and try for balloon blurb again. He also got one decent bit of armor too.

Shargon got to initiate the new monster in time:) Although too much time in the western regions has not done her toughness any good. even if shadow cult did gain some members up in the north.

Fang Razorclaw did not do well in a tomb but met a monster willing to join Shadow Cult at the twisted tablar.



Well, that's it for another issue. Keep the contributions coming in and let me know of any other MI players who you think would want a copy. Before I do sign off, the distribution list is growing week by week, at the moment I put it in the Bcc field to stop people being bombarded with email addresses at the start of the newsletter, can I have some feedback on whether people want this to stay as it is, or if you'd want to see other email addresses (to aid communication perhaps)?

Stay sharp,

Greg McDougall

aka Thelma Twofang, Level 5 Disciple of Shroud.

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