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Electronic Campfire

Electronic Campfire Issue Four

Editor: Greg McDougall

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I'm aware that some of you have had problems with strange attachments tacked on to the end of last month's issue - if you have drop me a line, it appears that when Microsoft Exchange adds a name to it's address book it also turns on the option to send the email using MS Rich Text Format!


Anyway, on the with the issue, and a round up of the latest electronic resources around at the moment...

Web Pages

Rasmus Jensen's MI Companion

Aaron Fuegi's WWW Page for Monster Island

The MI Homepage

The Monster Island Cafe


The Island Rangers

Anthony Austin's Homepage

Shark's page

The WKK have set up a homepage


CompuServe Forum: PBMGAMES
Aol: ???

From: Rasmus R. Jensen <>

Date: 17 August 1996

> ...
> From: Paul Radford
> Sent: 4 July 1996 12:22 pm
> To: 100644,123
> Subject: Re: Monster Island on the Net Issue#2
> Lynx, Acolyte of Shroud, SSS member, and all round nice Monster to be
> around entered a large cave recently. Having killed 2 roof rats, if
> happened upon a pile of 16ocs. Then a nasty Hawk Buzzard threw itself to
> death. On a previous turn i did the same in a small cave. Killed 3 roof
> rats and got 13ocs. I was under the impression that large caves were
> tougher and thus yielding greater treasure. Why oh why is there never
> anything really useful? Oh for a damage class 3 weapon! :(
> Lynx (

Rumata got a Silver tipped spear from a Large Cave on his turn 6.

Rasmus R. Jensen (

'If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you'


Date: 19 August 1996

Reply to the letter from Lynx:

Try Hillocks, they are much better! I got a short sword and a long sword from two attempts.

Nondad Doon the Nasty Norman.


From: Brian Ash <>

Date: 19 August 1996

Hail lynx

Fellow member of the SSS

Now thats a strange story you have to tell I recently entered a large cave and WOW! i found a DC 3 weapon and was attacked by several nasty monsters.

Didnt find any coins though... ;)

Krag Mayhem

From: Brian Ash <>

Date: 19 August 1996

These caves and stuff.

How long before they get colinised by new interesting and treasure bearing creatures?

Question about mudwalker's mud-pie

What DC is it?

(Note from Jack Everett - Mudpies can be equipped. They are listed as Damage Class 1 but they are actually about equal to your Missile Skill Level.)

From: Erik Schafflechner <>

Date: 21 August 1996

Hi, Greg!!

Now, an article for Electronic Campfire#4:

After Scott Whisky made a "Swinging Ball" he entered a Tainted Hollow. He hacked his way in and casts one of the six Torchlight spells needed. First he met a Jungle Rattler and killed it (20 - 3). - Second Torchlight - Next he killed a Possessd Palm (34 - 14). - Third Torchlight - Right after looking on his Swinging Ball to adjust his direction he was attacked by a Gargantu Tree-Sloth (72 - 5, Scott is a good wrestler). Now he needed 2 meals and the forth Torchlight. Again a Possessd Palm tried to kill Scott Whisky. (40 - 31, it was only a try). - Fifth Torchlight -Consulting his Swinging Ball, he altered his course. Aaargh, not again! Of course he was attacked by the third Possessd Palm (35 - 27). - Sixth Torchlight - Lightly hungry and weakened he got to a clearing. His last opponent was a very hungry for blood Red Wood Palm. After the first melee round (52 - 46) Scott Whisky had enough and escaped. Leaving the Tainted Hollow as fast as he could he saw his haversuit ripped to shreds. He drank two batches of White Lotus Elixir to renew his health.


From: Dimitri Dubie <>

Date: 2 September 1996

To all fanatics,

Here's the description of my favorite turn: My monster, Nazgul (female Monger) enter two times in a hillock. After, she meet a mad porqubeast. How a creature can be so stupid ? She find a tomb and enter one time. She was a little tired so she try to come back in the Far Post but it was too far. So, she decides to rest in the square nearby but a stupid Shroudian attack her. That's a little mistake ;)

Results: she find 1 Jagged Bodkin, 2 Squzskin helmets, 1 red bauble, 49 bit coins, 4 gaba stones, 6 yellow lotus leaves, 1 dust of entombed and 3 Porquills.

Monsterliness: + 27

The names of the Knolltirs (RIP) were Eterbox and Gilbish. The name of the Shroudian is Clint Spatula (23 damage inflicted and 10 received).

Don't forget, we are Fuvite Fanatics; we are Temple Destroyers; we are the Blood Alliance.

Dimitri (Nazgul, Shark and Thanatos)

From: Jim Radford <>

Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996


I've just started MI and want people to know if they want to chat or offer advice for new monsters they can mail to

I started about 9 weeks ago, then I started my 2nd monster about 2 weeks ago. I have a Monger and a Viper.

BTW, Whats happened to the MI Cafe????

Another BTW, How about 'Netting the Monster' for a title?

c Ya

Jim Radford Demon Internet (Technical Support)

My home page

The views above are my own, not an official statement from Demon Internet

From: (mark wingad)

Date: Wed, 04 Sep 1996 18:02:49

Submision For around the Camp fire

Well its going crapy.. First off KJC have been really bad at getting my turns done. I know bank holiday & postal strikes but its just taking the piss at the moment. I suspect therell return to normall in a week or so:)

HMG II failed to get blurb so he can cross the crystal mountians:( not sure what went wrong. ill try again and hope! For some reason Shadow Cult 2 is taking for ever to sanctify. All we need is 1 monster. Typical or What. Midg still waits for his 9th set of spells:/

Shargon is doing well even though shes to far west i recon. Not doing her any good. Upside several new monsters have join shadow cult:)

Fang is about to arrive at the Twisted tablar. Should give a few monsters a shock:) hell then go on and vist some temples. He could vist 4 i know of. Any one got a list of Fuvah temples in the south. (for UK game).

I wounder if theres any Darkies worth beating up?

I have also become Ed of Message in a Bottle:)

Should prove intresting? Any one on the net in the UK game email your messages. easyer to place in MIAB:)



Once Bitten Twice Shy

I Amiga 500. 2 meg Ram. 540 meg Hard Drive. OS 2.04 I
I Old but not Dead yet:) I
I Message in a bottle Ed play by mail game newsletter I

And finally, the latest Temple Spell list...

From: Die ERSTE <100023.2111@CompuServe.COM>

Date: 11 Sep 96 10:17:44 EDT

Kabuki Temple 1: identify scroll, seal/open temple door (x3), detect fellow followers (x2), detect rival followers (x3), battle dexterity (x2), blinding light (x2), sleep, hide fellow followers

2: read scroll, hide fellow followers, torchlight, sleep, blinding light

3: hide fellow followers (x2), sleep, repair small iron item (x2), torchlight, light armor, read scroll, fire shield (x2), repair small silver item, dig, enchant weapon

Shroud Temple 1: identify scroll (x2), seal/open temple door (x2), detect fellow followers, detect rival followers (x2) lightning (x2), battle dexterity

2: detect fellow followers, sleep, hide fellow followers (x2), torchlight (x2), light armor (x2), identify scroll, read scroll

3: read scroll, repair small iron item, dig, fire shield

4: repair large iron item, battle slowness, fear

5: armour, fireball

Fuvah Temple 1: identify scroll (x9), read scroll (x6), light armor (x6), fear (x8), seal/open temple door (x6), hide fellow followers (x2), torchlight (x5), detect fellow followers (x3)

2: torchlight (x5), detect fellow followers (x7), detect rival followers (x9), repair small iron item (x2), repair large iron item (x4), read scroll, light armor (x4), repair small silver item (x4), fear (x2), deep shadows (x2), seal/open temple door (x3), hide fellow followers, dig (x2), battle dexterity (x2), fire shield (x2), battle slowness, enchant weapon, sleep (x2)

3: fire shield (x3), battle slowness (x2), fireball, deep shadows, repair small silver item (x2), dig (x4), detect rival followers, enchant weapon, repair small iron item (x2), light armor, repair large iron item (x2), seal/open temple door

4: repair small silver item (x2), fire shield (x2), enchant weapon (x2), repair small iron item (x2), hide fellow followers, dig, armor, battle slowness (x2), battle dexterity, deep shadows, repair large iron item

5: deep shadows, armor, enchant weapon

have fun


Well, that's all - there cannot be only one person over the Crystal Hills...


Greg McDougall

a.k.a. Thelma Twofang
Shroud Disciple
Eternal Void

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