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Electronic Campfire

Electronic Campfire Issue Three

Editor: Greg McDougall

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Note the new title - not the best, but definitely not the worst either.

Please also note my new address. You should have had it by now, but I'll mention it this one more time just in case - ''.

Straw poll time. I'd like to find out a little bit more about you, the readers. When you drop me a line, let me know how you're reading this. Do the bullets on the resource list work, can I use bold and italics, etc.?

Ok, then - on with the updated list.

Web Pages

  • Rasmus Jensen's MI Companion at
  • Aaron Fuegi's WWW Page for Monster Island (US)
  • The MI Homepage at
  • The Monster Island Cafe at (US)
  • The Island Rangers have set up a WWW page at
  • Anthony Austin's Homepage at
  • Shark's page at
  • The WKK have set up a homepage at


  • Usenet: REC.GAMES.PBM
  • CompuServe Forum: PBMGAMES
  • Aol: ???

Before we move on to this issue's messages, Andreas Mittlechner ( is compiling a list of what spells are obtained from each temple visited - here's the latest list:

Kabuki Temple 1: identify scroll, seal/open temple door (x3), detect fellow followers (x2), detect rival followers (x3), battle dexterity (x2), blinding light (x2), sleep, hide fellow followers

2: read scroll, hide fellow followers, torchlight, sleep, blinding light

Shroud Temple 1: identify scroll (x2), seal/open temple door (x2), detect fellow followers, detect rival followers (x2) lightning (x2), battle dexterity

2: detect fellow followers, sleep, hide fellow followers, torchlight, light armor

3: read scroll, repair small iron item, dig, fire shield

Fuvah Temple 1: identify scroll (x2), read scroll, light armor, fear (x2), seal/open temple door (x2), hide fellow followers, torchlight

2: torchlight, detect fellow followers (x3), detect rival followers (x2), repair small iron item, repair large iron item, read scroll, light armor, repair small silver item (x2), fear, deep shadows

3: fire shield (x2), battle slowness (x2), fireball, deep shadows, repair small silver item, dig (x2)

4: repair small silver item (x2), fire shield (x2), enchant weapon (x2), repair small iron item (x2), hide fellow followers, dig, armor, battle slowness (x2), battle dexterity, deep shadows, repair large iron item

5: deep shadows, armor, enchant weapon

Sent him your details.

Right, on to the messages...

From: Paul Radford

Sent: 4 July 1996 12:22 pm

To: 100644,123

Subject: Re: Monster Island on the Net Issue#2

Lynx, Acolyte of Shroud, SSS member, and all round nice Monster to be around entered a large cave recently. Having killed 2 roof rats, if happened upon a pile of 16ocs. Then a nasty Hawk Buzzard threw itself to death. On a previous turn i did the same in a small cave. Killed 3 roof rats and got 13ocs. I was under the impression that large caves were tougher and thus yielding greater treasure. Why oh why is there never anything really useful? Oh for a damage class 3 weapon! :(

Lynx (


Sent: 4 July 1996 11:49 am

To: 100644,123

Subject: MI (oh my) on the Net

Hi Greg,

Good showing! Very enjoyable and I really appreciate your effort. and the time you spend (waste?) on it.

A small point: could you please tell people to shorten their line lengths a wee bit as the stuff gets wrapped with one word on the next line. Perhaps we could all settle on a standard seventy-odd chars? (eg. 72)

Gotta get back to work,


"Amerin the Hammerin', DoS, KCMc, LoSSS"

Date: 17-Jul-96 10:38 EDT

From: Dave Sadler

Subj: MI on't Net

Nah, 'MI on the net' isn't very catchy is it? Can't think of anything better off the top of my head though.....

Following on from Dimitri's mail about small caves, so far they've netted me :- Iron Knife, Silver Greaves, Dmg Silver Gauntlets, Red Bauble and last but by no means least a Dmg Large Iron Shield.

Unfortunately I don't have enough Muscle to use the shield, but I'm working on it! :)

At the moment I'm getting fed up with being beaten up by mediocre creatures, I'm about to head east so at least I can hold my head high and say I was beaten up by HARD creatures....


Umberto Roissy

From: mark wingad[]

Sent: 11 August 1996 10:45 pm

To: greg mcdougaul; greg

Subject: submision

Greg a Submission for mi on the net

To All

im on the net and can be reached at I run the following monsters in the UK Game: Midg,Howling Mad GavII,Blug Rucker,Shargon,Fang Razorclaw.

I hope to have midg pick up his 9th set of spells shortly:) HMGII will hopefully be joining Pretzel in Zargnoth:) Also HMGII has 349 act pts! Has anyone esle got an Outragous ammount like this....

Mark Wingad

Once Bitten Twice Shy:)

From: Dave Sadler[]

Sent: 12 August 1996 11:16 am


Subject: MI

Hi Dougal,

Not sure if my previous post got through or not, one was bounced back but I think you probably got the other one. Just in case - probably too late for MI on the Net #3, but what the heck.

P'raps I'm just stooopid but I found Far Inn trading a tad confusing, anybody in similar straits might like to know that you don't HAVE to appraise something before you can sell it. So if you, a)don't care what you get or, b)have a far inn prices list, you may as well save yourself the ocular that an appraisal costs.

That's all for now, next time I'll be able to tell you "What happens to not very tough monsters who try to LV an ancient graveyard".... :-) (ie as soon as I've tried it!)

David (AKA Umberto Roissy, soon to have a brother Sammael Roissy)

Well, that's is for another dramatic month. Apologies for the email confusion. Keep the gossip coming in...

Happy Hunting,

Greg McDougall

(Thelma Twofang)

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