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Electronic Campfire

Electronic Campfire Issue Two

Editor: Greg McDougall

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Greetings Adventurers,

Picture yourselves hunched over your crudely fashioned laptop reading your email in the flickering light of your camp fire...!

Thanks to all those that sent email addresses and other stuff to add to this, the second issue of MI on the Net (we definitely need a catchier title!). The list of electronic resources continues to grow, and I've received a lot of advice on possible formats for the future - I'll try a few out and you can let me know. If by any twisted stretch of the imagination you don't want to receive this on an ongoing basis then by all means let me know!

Right, here's the updated list of resources...

Web Pages

  • Rasmus Jensen's MI Companion at
  • Aaron Fuegi's WWW Page for Monster Island (US but included as a good source)
  • The MI Homepage at
  • The Monster Island Cafe at (again US, but what the hell - global village and all that!!)
  • Just starting, The Island Rangers are trying to set up a WWW page at


  • Usenet: REC.GAMES.PBM
  • CompuServe Forum: PBMGAMES
  • Aol: ???

Gossip this month - Zargnoth. You'll need a lot of Oculars, a new Yell and something else... (I don't want to spoil the surprise, but if the consensus is tell then...).

I'd also welcome comments on any successes with Swinging Balls, Temple Raids or Lockpicking.

Next, onto some of our adventures...

Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 08:07:22 +0100

From: "Sjaak Zomer" []


Osidiradadumpf has just visited his first Tainted Hollow and this was the first time that he is been attacked by TREES!! It was just horrible all kinds of coconuts were falling on me, some of them were really sharp. Unfortunately I was equipped with a Silver weapon (Silver tipped Spear), but next time, I will be sure to use my Long Sword. If you try this structure, make sure that you are on 100% health and have at least some 30 spell points available. You will going to need them (6 Torchlight and 4 Light Armor) Items gained: don't know got beaten by a Red Wood Palm. (Osi made the mistake to LV a Loggerhead Camp several times before he went into the Tainted Hollow).

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 11:38:01 +0200 (MET DST)

From: Joran Wolken []

The Pirate visits a sunken graveyard

Ahh, waking time. I look around and feel good. This is a good day to kill someone I thought, then I looked at my captive plodder and decided to make it my trusty mount. He's a fierce little bastard, and even threw me of his back during the training session. Eventually I got him to ride. Now I am a mounted warrior, ready to kick ass to anyone anytime. The plodder went forward with a subtle click of my tongue. As I rode, I came across a large mighty Shroud Obelisk. When I saw this mighty stone I just had to kneel. "Beware of what thou art going to do" it said, "For thou art weaker than thou thinkst". "But mighty Shroud", I said, "I am a follower of the dark. Nothing is greater than darkness, which is what always remains". "I have warned thee", and that's the last thing I heard from the mighty Shroud. Next thing I knew I came upon a King Stag, "this is to represent Fuvah?", I thought. Well Shroud was right, I didn't slew the beast because it ran away after the first round. I only managed to do it 60 damage with my smite pike and it did 13 damage to me. If this is to represent Fuvah, I want to meet one of his followers again. (That's another story called "The Pirate VS Omen Shadowson and Tholeda") Now I was at the sunken graveyard. The first thing to do was some jazzercizing to get in the right mood. When I was done with my workout, I decided to make a gator armor once again, my last one was destroyed when I battled a gator. Once made and equipped, the gator armor was a nice suit which fitted well. Ready to do some serious digging and killing I approached the sunken graveyard. For some reason my plodder was very nervous and if I hadn't pushed him he would have turned back. "Stange", I thought, "There are probably as much bones outside the graves as in the graves". While hacking my way through with my two curved machetes I saw a nice grave. I decided this would be a good one to dig in, so I dismounted and was instantaneously attacked by a Dart Owl. "Hmm", I thought, for I had never seen such a creature in my live. It was an owl allright, but what could an owl do to such a mighty monster like me? I decided not to use my lightning and just kick his ass to kingdom come. By the time I had my smite pike ready the owl was right in front of me. I attacked fiercely and did 35 damage the first round, he also did some damage, but I took only 17. Now is it when I became reckless. With a burst of energy I struck the dart owl hard to do him 37 damage. This maneuver however left my right side open for his attack. He was smart enough to attack me at my right side and did 54 damage. This was too much for me and I mounted my plodder and rode away as fast as I could. Panic was upon me, and I didn't know if I was going to make it back alive. When I was out of the graveyard I slowed my mount and looked back. "Never ever am I going to loot another of those with only 110 health", I thought. After some evaluation I also concluded that my long sword would be a better weapon against this creature. The last thing I did was train my mount a little and try to get some food. I smoked some umber grass and let sleep come over me. In my sleep Shroud came to me. "The darkness is very powerful", he said, "But nothing is more dangerous than a young disciple of 62 turns overestimating himself". I almost wanted to say:"Yeah, yeah, I've heard this crap before", but I managed to control myself. The great Shroud is not someone you want to have against you. "The next time death will come upon those who attack me", was my last thought before I drifted into a dreamless sleep.

The Pirate, disciple of Shroud and member of Eternal Void.

Date: 19th June 1996, 11:36 am

From: Andreas Mitterlechner (MIX) []


There are two things I want to see in your mails and I'm willing to update them. They are a list of what spells were gained at which temple (e.g. 3rd Shroud Temple) and which treasures are talismans of which god.


Also, maybe you could include in your next mail that my snail mail address has been Speckbacherg. 44/6, 1160 Wien, Austria for over 6 months now. I wrote to the editor of MIAB but he seems to have forgotten it somewhere.


Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 17:16:34 +0200

From: Dimitri Dubie []

Some facts for Emonster:

Shark, male Viper, find a short sword in a small cave after a hard fight against a bad roof rat ;-)

At turn 6, Thanatos find 13 oc in a small cave without finish it !

The small cave are nice when they are full !



Send your updates for the 'Spells from Temples' list to MIX, and I'll publish the updated list each month.

As I said, I've been looking at various formats (Quest Digest, E-Monster) and I guess it's the level of feedback I'll get that will determine the quality of this.

Well, this looks like the end...

May your god go with you,


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These newsletters were taken from Greg McDougall's Monster Island Page.
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