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Electronic Campfire

Electronic Campfire Issue Eighteen

Editor: Greg McDougall

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Another poor month for contributions. Come on, there's quite a few of you on the list by now. 
Send something in...

The MI-BBS is livening up nicely. Drop by.

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And now, the messages...

From: []
Sent:	Friday, November 07, 1997 5:56 PM
Subject:	Electronic Campfire Submission

In the U.S. game, there's an official player-produced newsletter that's
sponsored by Adventures By Mail, called the "Monster Island Herald."

I'm the editor for the paper copy, and I provide Web space and publish the
electronic version. Both are essentially the same, though the Web site
includes additional items that can't appear in the paper version for reasons
of space and other considerations.

I'm interested in receiving for publication in the Web site Monster Island
works of fiction (stories, poems, songs, etc.) and of non-fiction (essays,
informational background items, etc.). I'm not limited by space, so I'd be
happy to receive submissions from players in Europe as well as North America.


Chuck Miro


Keep you eyes open and stay lucky,

Thelma / Greg
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These newsletters were taken from Greg McDougall's Monster Island Page.
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