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Electronic Campfire

Electronic Campfire Issue Seventeen

Editor: Greg McDougall

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Greetings Adventurers!

Apologies for the delay this issue. My other-half and I have moved in to a flat with all it's 
associated hassles.  My new address is Greg McDougall, 2 Gallagher Court, Wake Green Park, 
Moseley, Birmingham, B13 9XX, England. Please don't send paper submissions for the campfire 
(not that I imagine you would) but I welcome MI letters (especially prospective UK Shroudians).

This issue, a new MI WWW based newsletter (US mostly) and some interesting programming related 
gossip. Note that the MI BBS is starting to take off - why not pop by?

But first, the WWW round-up:

MI General
Aaron Fuegi's WWW page for MI
ABM - Monster Island
Electronic Campfire Archives
KJC Games
Message In A Bottle.
Monster Island - UK
PBM Homepage
PBMNET- The World of Internet Gaming
The Crossroads to Monster Island (*NEW*)
The Sunken Hollow
Yahoo! Play by Mail Games

MI Groups
Blood Alliance
Eternal Void
Island Rangers
Shadow Cult
Shroud's Own
The Shadow Guardians
White Knights of Kabuki

MI Monsters
Cricky main page
Field Prime (*NEW*)
HMG's Travels in Zargnoth
Nazgul- member of Blood Alliance
Rumata's MI Page
Skizlum Skallaglamm in Zargnoth
Tony Austin's PBM Page

And now, the messages...

From:	Paul Radford []
Sent:	15 September 1997 12:11
To:	Electronic Campfire
Subject:	Re: Electronic Campfire #16

Web page for Kindred Agents Of Shroud (Dark group 730)

work phone: 0115 924 9924 ext 43494
MI (UK): Lynx, Disciple of Shroud, SSS member
       : Shagpile Karpit, Disciple of Shroud, KAOS founder member
BITS (UK) : Traveller tournament co-author, referee & representative

From:	Greg McDougall []
Sent:	21 September 1997 20:04
To:	'Electronic Campfire'
Subject:	FW: New Mapper

-----Original Message-----
From:	Northrop []
Sent:	Sunday, September 21, 1997 3:39 AM
Subject:	New Mapper

The new mapper has been uploaded to Praise Kahbooooookee!

** It's in /pub/pbm/monster_island - Greg **

William Clinton Kida

From:	Electronic Campfire []
Sent:	22 September 1997 22:19
To:	'Electronic Campfire'
Subject:	Zargnoth News

Subj:  Re:**New KJC NEWS**
Date:  97-07-25 12:51:45 EDT
From:  BOSTREDSOX      

Hiya Loyal Islanders!
I have just spoken with Steve @ KJC and we have exchanged a few
faxes and we have some news for everyone. Please keep in mind,
the change(s) mentioned below have NOT been implemented, they are
only in developmental stage now.

Lack of Temple(s) and Ruins:
Solution: A New Teleport Spell. Steve is programming a Teleport
Spell that will allow you to Teleport back to any of the last 9
Temples you have visited from the other side of the Zargnoth
Crystal Hills.

Lack of Dark Place & Above Ground Places to explore:
Solution: I faxed Steve a copy of our viewmap program which shows
all of our structures and their locations in the Zargnoth Region.
We were missing some structures, but by and large, most of what
should be there is there. Here comes a little boring stats rant.
For those of you stat Mongers, stay with me, the rest of you can
nap through this.
Here is the full list of Structures, etc in the Zargnoth Region:
100 Ponds,150 Waterholes,100 Quicksand,50 Geysers,50 Small
Caves,50 Large Caves,25 Hillocks,10 Fort Ruins,20 Tower Ruins,20
Tombs of Mumi,30 Ancient Graveyards,30 Tar Pits, 50 Koma Dens,20
Stone Crypts,20 Tombs of Mumundus (Not usable yet),20 Great
Caves,20 Sunken Graveyards,20 Tainted Hollows,25 Loggerhead
Camps,3 Temple Ruins.
Ok. This is the complete list. I was also given the Zargnoth
Region Map layout, which made mapping structures a lot easier.
The Zargnoth is basically a 300X60 grid. This translate into
basically 18,000 odd squares of which 1000 have a hazard, or
This means moving a full 8 squares per turn should net you a
couple of harzards per turn. Steve isn't sure why so many players
aren't finding anything. Lousy luck is a possiblilty. We faxed
each other our map data for the Zargnoth Region and they were
identical other than a small Cave and a koma den. In the Xfer of
the update to us, these two Hazards were accidently omitted. But
even with these two missing, there still should be "plenty" to
see and explore. In Steve's own words, "Your players just may be
expecting too much"? I can see that too. Expectations were very
high for this update, it's possible to suffer from a little
letdown. But Steve assures me there is no barren wasteland out
there. Get out there and explore!
I will continue to talk with Steve about this New Teleport
Spell...He hinted that a disk was on the way, if we get lucky,
this Spell will be on it!
That's all for now Everyone!
Have an awesome Weekend!

Sent:	26 September 1997 18:34
Subject:	EC: passing along of info

Howdy Greg:
  A new American newsletter is in the works (well, still in the talking about
phase), so I thought I'd pass along the letter from the person responsible in
the vague hopes we could get more people submitting to it.  His EMail address
is included in his letter below...

Subj:  Re:MI Newsletter
Date:  97-09-26 12:48:35 EDT

The last coupla newsletters were called the "Blood Mummy's Tomb." I think I'd
like to call it something different this time.

I've been reading through some of the Zargnothian names and creatures and am
frankly intrigued about the possibilities for newsletter names. The "Troll
Times" sounds a lot more interesting to me than the "Terapin Taco", or

Yet, I'm worried that I may be looking at this through the lens of an older
player who's seen it all west of the Crystal Hills. Some stuff on this side
may still seem new, exciting and exotic to youngsters.

What's everyone think?  I'm open -- and indeed am encouraging -- suggestions
from all of you on the AOL/ABM board.  Whoever comes up with the suggested
name that I end up using may even get a free turn out of it (how about it,
Keith?).  JT, can you pass this on to Steve DuBois, please? I'd like to get
his input too.

For those of you on MI-related email networks, please pass this on too.


From:	Greg McDougall []
Sent:	27 September 1997 15:05
To:	'Electronic Campfire'
Subject:	FW: efire

-----Original Message-----
From:	mark wingad []
Sent:	Friday, September 26, 1997 3:37 PM
To:	greg
Subject:	efire

HI Greg
hope this is the correct email address for e campfire.... 

IRC Chit/Chat
Okay well after last time someone pointing out that irc server carn`t have a
space in a channel name. Well I`d of thought it was apprent to miss out the
dam space then ;)

Okay I hope to start a weekly irc session on the following server:
server name:  Port: 6667
channel #MonsterIsland

I hope it will be Mondays 7-9pm UK Time
everyone welcome. er yup every week or every
other week or something. I`ll log on and be there from 8pm onwards every
monday after efire with this ad has been reasled.

I still fail to use the MI bbs :(
Dam thing....



Amiga 4000 18meg ram, 1.1gig drives, MultiFace3 card,
SCSI cd rom x2 speed, SCSI cd rom x4 speed, 33.6k modem,

From:	Root []
Sent:	2 October 1997 10:36
To:	Electronic Campfire
Subject:	Re: Electronic Campfire #16

Message from Nondad Doon for Electronic campfire.

Does anyone have any map info on the area SE of the Dragon's Tale?
Preferably in the Rasmus Map editor format, but anything in text, MS
word/excel format would be appreciated.

I would also like to swap Shroud temple, great cave and hillock coordinates.

Nondad Doon,
From:	mark wingad []
Sent:	2 October 1997 14:03
To:	greg D
Subject:	efire

HI All
Well Midg just got his 10th set of spells and got produce water and
purge poisons... Now you`d think a 
10th level Disciple would get decent
spells wouldn`t you... well nope
I also think I max spell points is 
231... I also found another temple
rebuilt by fuvites nearby and that`ll make my 11th. then southwards to the MLF
ones will put me into the 15/17 temples visted...



Amiga 4000 18meg ram, 1.1gig drives, MultiFace3 card,
SCSI cd rom x2 speed, SCSI cd rom x4 speed, 33.6k modem,

From:	Greg McDougall []
Sent:	5 October 1997 15:15
To:	'Electronic Campfire'
Subject:	FW: efire

-----Original Message-----
From:	mark wingad []
Sent:	Saturday, October 04, 1997 9:10 AM
To:	greg
Subject:	efire

HI All
well just sent off a turn for a monster i don`t run to often. Dam darkies from
Hand Of Shroud tryed to take him out!  But i had to laugh they couldn`t do
shit to him bar the lightning bolts. Just wish I had Midg near the Dark eagles
nest as he`d have ago at them.. The darkies in question are Kynak/Feral
and should be renamed the whimps. 
but there again they`d of only got a long sword as the monster in question has
naff stuff. The rest was useless.



Amiga 4000 18meg ram, 1.1gig drives, MultiFace3 card,
SCSI cd rom x2 speed, SCSI cd rom x4 speed, 33.6k modem,


Have fun digesting this!!

Greg / Thelma Twofang
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