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Electronic Campfire

Electronic Campfire Issue Sixteen

Editor: Greg McDougall

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Well - a truly terrible month for contributions! I can only hope that it was down to the holiday 
season. The BBS is picking up nicely and things are looking good, so get those stories, boasts, 
threats and whatever else MI related to me in time for next month.

Anyway, here's the links list...

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And so, on with the messages...

From:	Greg McDougall []
Sent:	21 August 1997 19:33
To:	'Electronic Campfire Mailbox'
Subject:	Submitted via the MIBBS

To: any Lightsiders 
From: Von Zarak 

KLN have just completed a temple in the central starth so anyone wanting to visit it should drop 
me a line for co-ords. 

Adrian <Email address not supplied>
127 bounds green road, London, N11 2PP - 12:55:11 Wednesday 20 August 1997


And that's it!!! I can't let this go out so I've recycled one of my old stories from way back 
in issue 5. Apologies to the old timers but the only way to stop it is to contribute!!

Thelma enters a Great Cave.

Wow, this place is big! I light a torch and begin my exploration. Bats fly overhead. Suddenly, 
I see a Xanxu Cave Spider approaching - I ready for battle, but it flees (perhaps these 
creatures possess intelligence after all!).

A shiver runs up my spine, and I sense a creature near by. The Sneaky Cave Leaper seems crazed, 
I change weapons and dispatch it with my Spiked Club (16 for, 5 against). So far, so good.

I explore what looks like a side passage in this huge cavern, but it turns out to be a dead end. 
As I turn, a Sqeezy Snake confronts me. Oh well... (6 for, 3 against). I try not to be lulled 
into a false sense of security - I haven't even begun to penetrate the cave's depths.

Suddenly, my torch flickers and dies. The shadows rush into to consume me, I take a moment to 
relish Shroud's embrace but self-preservation hurries me on to light my second torch. I cannot 
help but start as a Cave Pecker rushes out of the expanding pool of light. I swing my Long Sword 
and slice the creature neatly in two (10 for, 3 against).

I venture further into a cave's depths, and come upon a huge pool of crystal clear water. 
Taking a moment, I drink and fill my waterskin. Almost without warning, a Bortolatomus bears 
down on me. This is my first true test and I bring my Long Sword into play to dispatch this 
obese monstrosity (90 for, 58 against). That one got a few good blows to my ribs and belly, 
and I struggle to light another torch and regain my composure. 

As I travel around the edge of the pond I spot an island and shortly after spot stepping 
stones leading on to it. Treasure so far has been none existent so I decide to go for it. 
I haven't gone half a dozen steps when an Xanxu Wart Toad leaps from the depths and attacks! 
Pivoting to avoid being knocked into the pool we clash, it's tongue being no match for my 
Long Sword (60 for, 14 against).

I reach the island, finding it craggy and filled with debris. After taking a look around, I 
begin rummaging. My last torch fails, and I call on Shroud to bring illumination. Something 
glitters under the unnatural light - treasure! A Silver Dragon Statue! I look up and see 
three Shifting Wraiths. I have no way of hurting these creatures so I must flee from the island. 

I cast another Torchlight spell and I make for the exit, but an Xanxu Cave Spider blocks my 
path. I have no time for this... (34 for, 3 against). I rest for a moment, and a Flash Bat 
swoops, but some sort of survival instinct protects it and it veers away. I reach the exit, 
and breathe fresh air as my spell fades.

And so, on to another month...

Greg / Thelma
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These newsletters were taken from Greg McDougall's Monster Island Page.
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