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Electronic Campfire

Electronic Campfire Issue Fourteen

Editor: Greg McDougall

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Well, I am fully rested and am all set to start a new job next week. A 
couple of points this issue before I get started with the usual stuff.  

i)  I have managed to get Pipex's multiple mailbox feature working under 
Microsoft Exchange so please send ALL FUTURE CONTRIBUTIONS for Electronic 
Campfire to and help me free my day-to-day mailbox up 
a little bit. This should include address changes, additions, and removals. 
Please update any web links to reflect the new email address - thanks!

ii) As I left for sunny Egypt Pipex were still having trouble getting the 
Bulletin Board script to work effectively. I am truly sorry for the 
frustration this must have caused. This is now apparently working - see my 
welcome post. Please keep trying and send any errors to - keep hassling them until they get it right!

Okay, on with the web roundup...

MI General
Aaron Fuegi's WWW page for MI

ABM - Monster Island

Electronic Campfire Archives

Message In A Bottle.

Monster Island Bulletin Board

Monster Island - UK

PBM Homepage

PBMNET (Last Update Oct. 96)

The Crossroads to Monster Island

The Sunken Hollow


Yahoo! Play by Mail Games

MI Groups
Blood Alliance

Eternal Void

Island Rangers

Shadow Cult

Shroud's Own

The Shadow Guardians

White Knights of Kabuki

MI Monsters
Cricky main page

HMG's Travels in Zargnoth

Nazgul, member of Blood Alliance

Rumata's MI Page

Skizlum Skallaglamm in Zargnoth (US)

Tony Austin's PBM Page

Okay, now onto the messages

From: 	Rasmus R. Jensen[]
Sent: 	11 June 1997 23:32
To: 	Greg McDougall
Subject: 	Re: Electronic Campfire #13

>Heya Rasmus. I'm using your mapper (Monster Companion, isn't it?). I think
>it's ok, now after I've gotten used to it, but the ASCII printouts are
>crap. PostScript map printout doesn't seem to work, it's only lots of
>letters and numbers... Does one have to have some special software to be
>able to use PostScript printouts? Also, the version I have is two years
>old, so I wonder if there is a newer one I could get? Is it possible to
>"register" the mapper so that I can do more with it? For example the
>"Blubber" is not included with the package one can download from the
>Monster Companion (MC) page (

Couldn't quite figure out who wrote this one, but anyway:

ASCII printouts: I developed the program when I had an old dot-matrix
printer. The printouts worked fine on that one. After I acquired a laser
printer I've had problems printing the maps. The only solution that I've
found so far is to print the maps to a file, load them into Windows Write
(or WordPad if you're using Windows 95), change the font to MS Linedraw and
then print them out from that program. 

PostScript maps: GhostScript is the answer to your prayers. At least it
works beautifully on my printer. You may find it at among
other places.

Registering: Not possible since it's freeware, but the newest version of the file does include everything but a map (and some blurbs). The
programs have also been updated so it might be a good idea to upgrade. The
address of the file is
Alternatively you could visit my monster web site listed in the resources
section (Rumata's MI page). There's a link to the same file but also some
information about the contents.


                Rasmus R. Jensen (
          'If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you'

From: 	Tony Austin[]
Sent: 	13 June 1997 02:55
Subject: 	Monster Mapper

For the campfire:

>>I don't know what the newest version is, but
last thing I heard was that Jim Wuerch had given up playing MI nad
thereby also the programming of

True, he was surprised that so many people had continued to play after
ABM stopped programming for it!

>>He said he would find a anonymous-access FTP site to upload the
MMapper to, and that everyone could get it for free there... I've not
heard what the address of the FTP site was, if he ever found one, or
bothered to upload it. Does anyone out there know?

He did ask if anyone could put it on an FTP site but nobody did. I am
currently tring to get him to send me a copy so I can put it on the
message in a bottle webpage.
I will let you all know of the outcome.

>>I would very much like to have a copy of it, especially since it's
now free of charge. Could anyone please confirm this info, and please
send me a copy of MMapper if it's true?

As I say I am trying to get the latest version for MIAB online.
However, after talking to Jim, he says that if there's demand he'll
write a new version! So I suggest you all send a note to the
Electronic campfire stating that you'd love to see a new version. I'll
pass the findings on to him.

Tony Austin

From: 	Tony Austin[]
Sent: 	13 June 1997 03:03
Subject: 	IRC vs. AOL

For the campfire:

On another note to you AOL people, if you hear
me... Why don't you hold your meetings on IRC instead of some AOL
room? Not all MI players have access to the AOL even if they have
access to the inernet, but every "cyber-Monster" can access IRC. If
you don't know how, please contact me at> :) I'd be glad
to show you.

Sounds nice but not EVRY cyber-monster has access to IRC. I am
connected by college and in theory am only allowed to access the WWW.
Java is disabled. I get access to email by the web and most other
services (ftp etc.) through email. I access the newsgroups through a
bug in the firewall. The firewall will not allow me to use any program
except a web browser through a proxy server. I don't know if there are
other people who access the net like me but I'd suggest a better place
to hold an online chat would be a HTML chat page. such as
this way all webbers can access it.

^^ Although the above named host is currently unavaiable the Bulletin Board 
should provide this service once the reliability improves - getting there! 
- Greg ^^

Tony Austin

Sent: 	13 June 1997 13:22
Subject: 	Electronic Campfire Submission

From: Sol-Rac Orim, The Flying Pigs of Hell (U.S. Game)

It's been one long month since our last kill, and the Mighty Herd hungered.

The Head Hog, strong in Snoutsense, took the lead. The famished faithful
flying close behind. Snorts and grunts filled the air, the skies darkened,
the ground trembled. Death and Hunger had taken wing, and there was cause for
fear throughout the land.

Suddenly, there before us, like a Dibble Dear caught in the headlights of an
onrushing Zargnothian train, stood stunned and trembling, one of the Shabby

Squeals of delight broke out amongst the airborne multitude. A morsel to
masticate! A monster to mangle!

Praise now, all lesser creatures, the Might and Bite of the awful,
demon-spawned Flying Pigs of Hell. As one, the Hellish Herd swooped down upon
Tek'ta the Terrified. The pain! The agony! The ecstasy!

Red in claw and tooth, the Herd from Hell relished the small feast this
little monster provided. Alas, no others of his ilk came to his defense and
to our table, as they were safely hidden in their hidey-holes with the worms
of the earth.

The lower regions of hell spawned the Herd only two months ago. Death tally:
two. Next month, who will be next on our plate...?

                   Sol-Rac Orim, Rogue Warrior (#1323)
              "Stay out of the path of this marauding swine"
                   -x- No Hidey-Holes, Never, Ever -x-    
                          THE FLYING PIGS OF HELL          

Sent: 	16 June 1997 08:54
Subject: 	german game - bad news !!!

Hi Greg !

Thanks for the EC13. Bad news for the german game:
All active players got a message from "The Drachenschmiede" (the company, who 
runs the german MI-game), that the monsters are unable to make a turn result.
No detailed error messages or something special about the monster, players, 
other monsters, etc.
I think, "the Drachenschmiede" makes a break in MI to see, how many players 
want to continue playing MI. Satus today: No turn results in the german 
version, the game is stopped for 1997. We hope that the game continues in 
1998, but i think, the german game is dead.
We'll see it in 1998.
I hope to get the EC also in the future, so i'm up to date with the US and 
GB-Version of MI.
Perhaps, i try to play the GB-Version, if in 1998 the german version is definite dead ??


From: 	Tony Austin[]
Sent: 	16 June 1997 02:46
Subject: 	MI Program Changes

Greg, Here's a little something for the campfire:

There have been a couple of changes to the monster Island program. The
first is to do with the starting of monsters. You no longer have to
wait for three other monsters when you wash ashore. The other change
is that monsters don't lose any stats when they resurrect. For full
details go to the MIAB online web pages at:

Unfortunately this could well be old news by the time it gets mailed
to you. I learnt about it just after the last issue of campfire was

Tony Austin

From: 	mark wingad[]
Sent: 	16 June 1997 17:18
To: 	Greg McDougall; 'Aaron D. Fuegi'; 'Adam Fisher'; 'Andre Just Simonsen'; 'Andreas Mitterlechner'; 'Ari Kemppinen'; 'Carsten Roth'
Subject: 	MI irc

HI All
Well I`m going to set up a IRC channel on the following IRC serevr:

Server name: Port: 6667 channel: #Monster Island

If its not there you can set it up by just going to the channel.
I`m normally online weekends. This also means AOL users can join us Normal
net users to talk online. As they have there own chat rooms???
and we cannot join them!

My irc handle is Discw

I hope to see you all there...

Sorry greg for HI-Jacking your mailinglist for MI players!!!
best way for me to spread the word...

have fun



Amiga 4000 User. 18 meg ram, 960 meg hd storage, scsi card with
CD-Rom, 4 meg gfx card, 3x Serial ports, 2x parrell ports,
33.6k modem, colour inkjet, digi & sampler and dreaming of
winning the lottery and NOT buying a IBM/PC.

From: 	Steven Lindemann[]
Sent: 	16 June 1997 14:22
Subject: 	Campfire article

Jim Wuerch's Monster Mapper was the best.  Not all of us are on Win '95
yet, so that Windows 3.x version is still great!  Come on, Jim, get that
mapper going again!!!

From: 	Paul Radford[]
Sent: 	18 June 1997 11:56
To: 	Greg McDougall
Subject: 	Re: 

Hello Greg,

here is the e-mail address of another MI player who does not appear to be
on your list:

Christophe Jamoye (

Additionally, could you please put this in the next issue of Electronic

From: Shagpile Karpit
To : All

KAOS is coming..........

Cheers Greg,


Paul "Lynx" Radford          |
Department Of Immunology     | CCG: Galactic Empires, Mythos.
Queens Medical Centre        | MI (UK): Lynx, Disciple of Shroud & SSS member
Nottingham, England          |        : Shagpile Karpit, <it's a secret>
(+44) 0115 9249924 ext 43494 | BITS (UK): Tournament Referee & Representative
BITS Referee's : "We are never outgunned"

Sent: 	29 June 1997 04:55
Subject: 	Electronic Campfire Entry - Temple request & Digging

Hello All,

I run Fearless Fred (6076) in the UK game. He is a member of Kabukis Legion
of the North and we have a newly rebuilt Temple to sanctify but not enough
members to do it. The Temple is NE of Blazing Arrowhead. Are there any nearby
Kabukites out there who want to help out? If so, please email me. 

I have been working out how many action points it takes to dig a hole from my
digging exploits (when I was low on spell points) and here are my

Terrain / Digging Implement / AP's per hand dug

High or Low Hills / Iron Shovel / 2.25
Sticks or Sand & Palms / Iron Shovel / 1.5
Jungle / Iron Shovel / 3


Philip Sykes, proud owner of Fearless Fred the Mudwalker

From: 	KJC Games[]
Sent: 	2 July 1997 07:44
Subject: 	German MI


The contract the Germans have for Monster Island is with ABM, as you
probably know. We have never had any contact with them. KJC now does all the
program updates for ABM and we also help them with their day to day running
with any problems or bugs they find in the game. I don't know what they have
planned for the German end of things.

We would willingly take any German players who would like to come across to
our game. I doubt it would be possible for them to take their current
monsters althoughh if there are enough players willing to transfer, we may
consider doing this. We would also honour the credit they have in their
Monster Island positions. 

The draw back from their point of view is that it is only in English and
most of the players are English although there are a number of Germans
playing. On the positive side, they will get a game which is completely up
to date with all updates, more so even than the Americans. Our game also,
with Kim Hansen, now has a regular game newsletter.

On a different front, we have plans for a number of changes to Monster
Island in an effort to make the game much more popular. Some of these have
been detailed in the new Newsletter which has just gone out. More will be in
the new KJC news which should be out in a couple of weeks time. In all, it
should be an exciting time for Monster Island players. Enough said!

Kevin Cropper

Finally, just the one bounce last month - does anyone have a new address for:

Well, that's it for another month! Keep the contributions coming in - and 
please use the new address as I'll be able to just log on and produce the 
newsletter in a single sitting!

Greg McDougall
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