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Electronic Campfire

Electronic Campfire Issue Thirteen

Editor: Greg McDougall

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I'm putting out this newsletter in-between finishing my degree (hurrah!) 
and going on holiday. Hopefully the messages aren't too out-of date. 
Everything should be back to normal next issue (due out around 10th July). 
Please could you have a look at the Electronic Campfire archive and have a 
look at the banner I've placed there - any suggestions would be appreciated. 
Some of you may have had difficulty mailing me at - 
this address is dead, use the abb21 address from now on.

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Next the semi-regular temple spell list:

Kabuki Temple 

1: 	identify scroll (x2), seal/open temple door (x3), 
	detect fellow followers (x3), detect rival 
	followers (x4), battle dexterity (x3), blinding 
	light (x2), sleep (x2), hide fellow followers

2: 	read scroll, hide fellow followers, torchlight, sleep, 
	blinding light

3: 	hide fellow followers (x2), sleep, repair small iron 
	item (x2), torchlight, light armor, read scroll, fire 
	shield (x2), repair small silver item, dig, enchant weapon

Shroud Temple

1: 	identify scroll (x2), seal/open temple door (x3), 
	detect fellow followers (x2), detect rival followers (x3) 
	lightning (x3), battle dexterity (x2)

2: 	detect fellow followers, sleep (x2), hide fellow followers (x3), 
	torchlight (x3), light armor (x2), identify scroll (x2), 
	read scroll (x2)

3: 	read scroll, repair small iron item, dig (x2), fire shield (x3), 
	repair small silver item (x2), light armor, enchant weapon, 
	repair large iron item, 

4: 	repair large iron item, battle slowness, fear

5: 	armour, fireball

Fuvah Temple

1: 	identify scroll (x10), read scroll (x6), light armor (x7), 
	fear (x8), seal/open temple door (x7), hide fellow 
	followers (x2), torchlight (x5), detect fellow followers (x4), 
	deep shadows

2: 	torchlight (x6), detect fellow followers (x7), detect rival 
	followers (x10), repair small iron item (x2), repair large 
	iron item (x4), read scroll (x2), light armor (x4), repair small 
	silver item (x5), fear (x3), deep shadows (x2), seal/open temple 
	door (x3), hide fellow followers, dig (x2), battle dexterity (x2), 
	fire shield (x2), battle slowness, enchant weapon, sleep (x2),

3: 	fire shield (x4), battle slowness (x2), fireball, deep 
	shadows, repair small silver item (x2), dig (x5), detect rival 
	followers, enchant weapon (x2), repair small iron item (x2), light 
	armor, repair large iron item (x2), seal/open temple door, 
	hide fellow followers

4: 	repair small silver item (x2), fire shield (x2), 
	enchant weapon (x2), repair small iron item (x2), hide 
	fellow followers, dig, armor (x2), battle slowness (x3), 
	battle dexterity (x2), deep shadows, repair large iron item

5: 	deep shadows, armor, enchant weapon 

Finally, on to the messages:

From: 	mark wingad[]
Sent: 	8 May 1997 13:24
To: 	greg mcdougaul
Subject: 	MI

Hi All
Okay heres a bit of what happened to HMGII in Zargnoth... (Nothing New
from the web page)
Okay He crossed over and after some time traveling east came accross
the railway track... he latter found a river and a railway bridge to cross.
Crossing the bridge he got run over by the train ;-)
He did manage to cross and is still looking for those far structures....
a Piece of advice take at least 500+ OC`s over the crystal Mountains with
you... Also I have yet to find anything worth raiding. the small cave,
varying plants, new creatures...
Oh what fun...


I   Amiga 4000, 18 meg ram,  IDE 960 Meg hd storage  I
I   SCSI Card, SCSI CD-Rom, X2 Parallel Ports,       I
I   X3 Serial Ports, 33.6k Modem Tasmanain Devil     I
I   Retina GFX card 4meg ram... A little Power....   I
I   1 Zorro Slot Left... Whats next...               I

Sent: 	9 May 1997 17:08
Subject: 	The Pigs: First Blood

From the horizon, a red shadow bled across the sky as a bone-deep dread
clawed through all the creatures of the land. As the stain in the heavens
spread closer, most were struck blind by the awesome vision of the mighty
Flying Pigs of Hell coursing through the skies, their mighty wings crackling
with the demon-spawned energies of hell.

The Head Hog, strong in snout-sense, detected among the fear-stricken
creatures far below an enemy! One of Shroud's misbegotten minions, cowering
among the low hills. As one, the Fighting Porcines turned and swept upon
Kan-onf-odder as she desperately sought safety among the worm holes and
wiener warrens common throughout the land.

All too quickly, the joyous squeals of battle and pleasing grunts of pain
turned to feasting. Ah yes, this fatblob has presented a juicy morsel to our
number. An appetizer for the greater feast planned in the north against
Shroud's Own. She is honored to be the first of many, many victims to fall
prey to our mighty tusks, our insatiable death-hunger. The Flying Pigs of
Hell will conquer all!!!!!!!!!!

The deceased: Kan-onf-odder (#2303), a Shroudian female Fatblob. Equipped
with a Trident, a Hand Catapult, a Heavy Iron Shield, a Suit of Gator Armor,
a Damaged Iron Helm, Iron Gauntlets, Iron Greaves, and a Silver Ring.

Among the booty recovered from the juicy carcass: 
Mantle of the Dark
Long Sword
Blow Pipe
Iron Shovel
Shadow Sword
Damaged Iron Shield
Tuvian Shovel
4 Scrolls
873 Oculars
Misc. Junk

                 Sol-Rac Orim, Rogue Warrior (#1323)
           "Stay out of the path of this marauding swine."
                 -x- No Hidey-Holes, Never, Ever -x-
                       THE FLYING PIGS OF HELL

From: 	bosox[]
Sent: 	13 May 1997 17:34
To: 	Greg McDougall
Subject: 	Re: Monster Island Question

hi Greg...
yes, the Dig spell will work in place of a shovel..:)
at least. sometimes it does.
Adventure's By Mail, Inc.

On 11 May 1997 21:03:17 GMT, in you wrote:

>I was wondering if anyone knows whether the Dig spell can be used in place
>of a Shovel when Looting an Ancient Graveyard? I have an Iron Shovel and am
>wondering whether I can sell it at the next Far Inn now that I have the
>spell. There isn't a Graveyard between me and the Inn and time is money!
>Greg McDougall
>a.k.a. Thelma Twofang, Lvl. 8 Disciple of Shroud & member of UK Group
>'Eternal Void'
>Electronic Campfire - the Monster Island Newsletter

From: 	Tony-ta[]
Sent: 	19 May 1997 10:30
Subject: 	MI

The UK's Message In A Bottle Newsletter is online 
I'd be grateful if you could put a link to it on your webpage. 
Tony Austin

From: 	Martin Rasmussen Lie[]
Sent: 	20 May 1997 21:37
To: 	Greg McDougall
Subject: 	Re: Electronic Campfire #12

Howdy Greg, this should burn well on your campfire.

>From: Rainer Habekost  <>
>Date: Tue, 08 Apr 1997 08:07:07 +0200
>I've got also some questions about MI:
>1. I've got all the itmes to make a swinging ball (for entereing a tainted
>hollow), but i don't get the info to make it. What's the problem ?

Howdy Rainer... In the English-language version of MI, the Tainted Hollow
didn't get implemented very long before the Zargnoth region. And I expect
that the Swinging Ball (whose "ingredients" I've listed before) wasn't
added as an item before the TH got explorable... I don't know if this is
true, but at least it would be reasonable to believe that the item needed
to get into a structure was added at the same time as the structure
itself!?! So, if the TH is not available for exploration in the
German-language version, I would guess you couldn't make the Swinging Ball,
and thus you will not get the Blurb for it neither.

>2. I also use the MMapper, but it's the version 1.0. Perhaps i'm to stupid
>to manage the program, but i've not found the key to enter creatures,
>plants, etc into the mapper. How does it works ? Or exist a newer version ?

I don't know what the newest version is, but last thing I heard was that
Jim Wuerch had given up playing MI nad thereby also the programming of
MMapper. He said he would find a anonymous-access FTP site to upload the
MMapper to, and that everyone could get it for free there... I've not heard
what the address of the FTP site was, if he ever found one, or bothered to
upload it. Does anyone out there know? I would very much like to have a
copy of it, especially since it's now free of charge. Could anyone please
confirm this info, and please send me a copy of MMapper if it's true?

In response to the americans having a discussion about the evilness of
Shroud/goodness of Kabuki...

I realize that "Light" is not the same as "good" and that "Dark" is not the
same as "evil". However I'll still say I agree with the last person's
comment (Snooter, Member of the Dark Souls, and Disiple of the Dark god,
shroud). He quoted from the Blurbs of shroud, and that clearly showed that
Shroud is the god of *both* evil and Dark, even if the two are not the
same. Also, someone claimed Kabuki wasn't good by default, so I'll quote
from the Kabuki Blurb too:

   "Should you be of good heart, kind mind, and driven to protect all that
is good, you should become a follower ...." etc...

If that isn't called encouraging GOOD actions (not just LIGHT), then I
don't know... :)

On another note to you AOL people, if you hear me...
Why don't you hold your meetings on IRC instead of some AOL room? Not all
MI players have access to the AOL even if they have access to the inernet,
but every "cyber-Monster" can access IRC. If you don't know how, please
contact me at <> :) I'd be glad to show you.

So, to remind a rather inactive-except-for-bragging-Monster, namely Thrax
Ironfist. Here's a message that was posted in EC#7.

>>From: (Howard Kent)
>>Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 17:49:10 GMT
>>Is there anything specific you'd like me to talk about? Considering who I
>>am and all that (Excuse me while my head swells). What I mean is I've done
>>everything possible west of the Crystal Hills. Loggerheads, Bodden,
>>Knolltir: All killed and cleared. Stone Crypts, just last month. Tainted
>>Hollow, first and only Monster in UK to clear it (As far as I know). Or
>>perhaps you'd like me to talk about my Group?
>>^^Howard, you should have no trouble sending a contribution!!!...Greg^^

I'm wondering, was that *just* for bragging purposes or do you Black
Knights keep to your words too? In EC#8 I told you a bit about what we
might like to hear about, but I've heard nothing from you since (except
from at IRC, that is).

>From: "Rasmus R. Jensen" <>
>Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 16:29:41 +0200
>Hello Greg, here is something else to throw on the Electronic Campfire ;)
>I know they exist, I know people use them - I wrote one and I use it :) -
>and I'm curious. What mapping programs are you using out there to keep track
>of your monster's travels? Why? What's good (and what's not)?
>Monsterly regards,
>Rasmus / Rumata

Heya Rasmus. I'm using your mapper (Monster Companion, isn't it?). I think
it's ok, now after I've gotten used to it, but the ASCII printouts are
crap. PostScript map printout doesn't seem to work, it's only lots of
letters and numbers... Does one have to have some special software to be
able to use PostScript printouts? Also, the version I have is two years
old, so I wonder if there is a newer one I could get? Is it possible to
"register" the mapper so that I can do more with it? For example the
"Blubber" is not included with the package one can download from the
Monster Companion (MC) page (

I've also tried Monster Island Map Editor v1.4 (MIME) by Mikl?s Tihor, but
v1.4 is rather old too (from 1992). I don't know if there are newer
versions than 1.4, but I prefer MC in front of this MIME version. I have,
however heard others that think MIME is better... I guess it's a matter of

I've not been able to try out Shadow Mapper, as I've not got Win95, and
I've not been able to try out Monster Mapper, as I've not got the program.
I hope I'll get to try out the last one some time, though.

>From: <>
>Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 09:04:06 +0200
>Hi Greg !
>I would like to write more info to the EC, but in the german version,
>there're only things you already know, because the german version isn't
>up to date. And where not playing MI for such a long time. My oldest
>monster is in turn 130 since the start of MI in germany in 1993.
>So, the things you're writing are interesting for the german players,
>but not vice versa.
>^^ Can someone clear up the licensing issues here - on what terms did the
German GM license Monster Island. Isn't he entitled to free upgrades? -
Greg ^^

Greg. I would think they are licensed to free updates whenever they are
released, but what (I believe) is creating the problems is that the game
actually is in German language, not just moderated by a company in Germany.
So, it probably takes some time before they have translated the updates to
German... Just a guess :)

Else... Thanx to you Rainer, for interesting info from the German game.
Please continue digging up news/secrets for us :). Especially news like the
Iron Warhammer (I'd not heard about it, at least). The Warhammer might
still be a joke or something that is *tested* in the German version of the
game. It should not be impossible, though, as the rules imply that there
will be weapons of up to Damage Class 9.

As for new Priesthood requirement, I've not heard anything yet, but it's
got something to do with Zargnoth, I've gathered. If the Zargnoth region is
still not implemented in the Geman game, I'd expect you to find out much
about it yet, anyways.

That's it for this issue. Talk to ya some other time, ppl!

xxx Pureblade   A K A   Martin Rasmussen Lie <>

From: 	James Marshall[]
Sent: 	30 May 1997 13:44
To: 	Greg McDougall
Subject: 	E.C. bit

The Hand of Shroud is now running effectively once more. So if anyone wants
to contact us - whether it be inquiries, info, hate mail, ideas, etc, send
mail to me.

Strathal Wurgess

From: 	mark wingad[]
Sent: 	7 June 1997 08:38
To: 	greg mcdougaul; greg
Subject: 	Camp fire

Greg for the camp fire:

HI All
the Zargnoth web page has been updated. it can be found at

Note I have at last found the Far sturtures which makes me very happy.

not a lot esle to say really.

have fun



Amiga 4000 User. 18 meg ram, 960 meg hd storage, scsi card with
CD-Rom, 4 meg gfx card, 3x Serial ports, 2x parrell ports,
33.6k modem, colour inkjet, digi & sampler and dreaming of
winning the lottery.  

Sent: 	7 June 1997 19:05


for the campfire.

Zargnoth Web page over haule...

have fun world.

HMGII has found Far Structures in zargnoth...
vist the web site for more info



Amiga 4000 User. 18 meg ram, 960 meg hd storage, scsi card with
CD-Rom, 4 meg gfx card, 3x Serial ports, 2x parrell ports,
33.6k modem, colour inkjet, digi & sampler and dreaming of
winning the lottery.  


Well that's it for a rather rushed issue (sorry!). Major life changes are 
underway but I'm coping!!!

Greg McDougall
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