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Electronic Campfire

Electronic Campfire Issue Eleven

Editor: Greg McDougall

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Somewhat of a milestone this issue - the mailing list splits into two! Also, 
an old favourite returns (the MI Rest Shop is reincarnated) and some new 
links are added. I hope this helps you to keep the pages you run up to date 
and stay on top of the latest info.

Dimitri Dubie (see message below) thinks we should have a 'Hot Topic' each 
month. I willing to give it a go so I'll have a quick witter on about a 
couple of points before the newletter gets off to a start.

First off I think it would be interesting to hear what our US counterparts 
think of ABM's decision to move support and development of the program over 
to the UK. I remeber just before eMonster went quiet there was quite a stink 
over ABM's decision to apparently switch their work to Magic:TG, a card game 
of which I know little more.  As far as the UK game goes, we've seen an 
immense improvement in terms of development since the change.  I suppose as 
long as the work gets done, it matters little who does it.

Finally, a more 'gaming' issue.  I'd like to hear your opinions on future 
directions for MI, now that Zargnoth and presumably beyond is open.  If you 
dig up your rulebook you'll see interesting snippets like the fact that 
Mongers are supposedly better at working with metals than other races 
(IronMonger?).  Could they adapt a Fort and set up business as a Forge. 
Has the prevalence of Repair Spells killed this off? Would they have to 
travel too far West to make a go of it? Could other races do anything 
similar (Fatblob Public Baths?!?).  I'd also like to hear how Forts are 
used - I've heard very little of them in the UK.

Finally (again!) a little about me. I've been playing MI for ages (since 
the game was about 10 turns old!) My original monster Smegley (a Fuvite) 
was murdered about three months ago by a fellow Fuvite - why I don't know. 
It was a great blow, not just because he was my original character but also 
the thought of all that money on turn fees just makes me wince!!! I did 
consider re-incarnation, but he'd lost all his posessions and took quite 
a stat hit.  I've got a Viper Shroudian called Thelma Twofang now, on week 
196 (turn 162 - she was hibernating for a while).  I'll tell more of her 
tales in future months - she's been around...

MI General
Aaron Fuegi's WWW page for MI

ABM - Monster Island

Electronic Campfire Archives

Monster Island - UK

PBM Homepage

PBMNET: The World of Internet Gaming

The Crossroads to Monster Island *BACK!*

The Sunken Hollow


Yahoo! Play by Mail Games

MI Groups
Blood Alliance *NEW*

Island Rangers

Shadow Cult

Shroud's Own

The Shadow Guardians

White Knights of Kabuki

MI Monsters
Cricky main page

HMG's Travels in Zargnoth

Nazgul, member of Blood Alliance *NEW*

Rumata's MI Page

Let me know if you find any other sites 'out there'.

On with the messages...


From: David Sadler (
Date: 12 March 1997

Hi Greg,

EC's looking a bit anorexic at the moment isn't it?  Oh well, here's a 
few lines to pad it out a bit....

Are there any Shroudians out there interested in swapping mapping info?
I'm particularly interested in the locations of Shroudian temples - I 
know of eleven (a couple are a bit dubious) at the moment, if you know of 
any that have been sanctified within the last year or so I'd like to hear from you.

Does anyone know whether there is truly a second type of mount WEST of 
the Crystal Hills?  Plodders are all very well but not exactly the 
height of fashion are they?

Judging by the mailing list, there's enough people reading EC, how come 
so few people ever contribute?  If you've got nothing interesting to 
say just slag off another monster, it's better than nothing.... :-)  BTW, 
if Anthony is reading this Helfar the Dark wants me to say 'Hi!' to 
Linda Barker.....


U. R.


DAVID SADLER                  
Abacus Polar Holdings Ltd               
Abacus House                  
Bone Lane                           Tel: (01635) 36222         
Newbury                             Fax: (01635) 38670       
Berks                            E-Mail:          
RG14 5SF                      


From: Dimitri Dubie (
Date: 14 March 1997

To all,

After a LV order, Nazgul find in an AG:

2 Occulars coins
A wooden Fuvah Statue
A wooden  Dragon Statue

The monster to fight was... a Cemetery Creeper ! Two Temple Treasures in
one turn and without risks :)

In a previous turn, I find a waterskin and also a silver knife.

Nazgul, Disciple of Fuvah and member of the Blood Alliance.

Live slow, think fast and enjoy !


From: Dimitri Dubie (
Date: 18 March 1997

To all,

Here's the Blood Alliance's adress:

Thonon Raphael
Rue du Sart Tilman 326
4031 Angleur

or via the net:

Nazgul, disciple of Fuvah and member of the Blood Alliance


From: Dimitri Dubie (
Date: 20 March 1997


I have a little idea for the E.C.F.:

Why don't you choose for each ECF a subject ?


Looting: the best places...
Inside a graveyard...
How to regain more health...
The groups in the UK / in the US (number of temples / members / fort / age)
What must KJC improve...

So, maybe more players will send you some emails.

You could made a word of the Ed. Says what you think about what you want
(about MI) or talk about the emails from the players.

Is it possible that leaders of some groups talk about their groups or their
objectives ?

I would like to see how are the relations between groups. Are we all
friends ? ;-) 

Or the situation is only war between Light and Dark ?

I have another question. Since two weeks, my results take a lot of time to
come. I would like to know if I am the lone player with this problem. I
send my turns by email.

That's all,

A fanatic player / reader of the E.F.C.


From: Mark O'English (
Date: 4 April 1997

	One of the annoyances we've come across in the Zargnoth is in the 
mapping: using a detect spell you'll get a Creature name but not 
number, requiring those of us using the Monster Mapper program to do a 
lot of extra work when we finally get the Creature number and have to 
redo multiple entries.  So as to avoid that problem for others:

	A list of the more common Zargnoth Creatures by number (note that 
this list is known to be less than complete):

210 White Tiger
212 Chitinous Chaser
213 Shotgun Serpent
214 Chomper
215 Nitrohen
216 Grabber Bush
217 King Emu
218 Mad Stalker
219 Huffinpuffer
220 Wanna Bee
221 Crunchy Frog
223 Chasuck
224 Mangy Beast

				Catch you later,
					Mark O'English
					aka Skizlum Skallaglamm
					Fire Riders (USA game)


Not too bad an issue - the distribution list grows steadily.  Don't forget 
I'm taking stories, boasts, insults, facts, etc. for the Electronic Campfire.

Tread Carefully,

Greg McDougall
a.k.a. Thelma Twofang, lvl. 8 Disciple of Shroud.
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