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Electronic Campfire

Electronic Campfire Issue Ten

Editor: Greg McDougall

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Greetings once more!!

It's been a bad month for on-line resources. We lose both the Monster Island 
Cafe and Sol Rac's MI Rest Shop.  If they've relocated please let me know.

There was talk of an IRC meet to be arranged regularly, but a few (myself 
included) have had trouble connecting to the server.  Perhaps a more 
accessible 'venue' could be arranged - hopefully more next month.

On with the list of resources:

WWW (Monsters)
Cricky Main Page

Howling Mad Gav's travels in Zargnoth (**Major Spolier**)

Rasmus Jensen's MI Companion

Aaron Fuegi's WWW Page for Monster Island

The MI Homepage

Tony Austin's Homepage

Shark's page

WWW (Groups)
Blood Alliance

Shadow Cult

Shadow Guardians

Shroud's Own

The Island Rangers

The White Knights of Kabuki

WWW (General)
The ABM Monster Island Web Pages (note their order submission 
system - KJC take note)

PBMnet (A site that aims to be a resource to PBM GM's and Gamers)

Greg Lindahl's PBM Resources

'The' On-Line PBM Games Resource (**Currently Down**)

Tightbeam PBM Resources

CompuServe Forum: PBMGAMES
Aol: Use keyword "Monster Island"

On to the messages...

From: Sjaak Zomer (
Date: 7th February 1997

Hi Greg,

Maybe nice to know one of my Monsters (Quuggoolan Santorin) just 
emptied an Hillock. Nothing new indeed, one of my other Monsters have 
done it before. But there was one difference between this Hillock 
clearing and any previous ones. It took me over 60 kills (61 to be 
exact) to get the last one out! So beware Knolltirs killers, there 
are much more of them...

Sjaak Zomer


From: Rasmus R. Jensen (
Date: 7th February 1997

Hello Greg,

Here's a note for the next issue:

To those of you who are going to take an extended M.I. vacation: A word of
warning. I put Rumata up in a nice room at a far inn and stopped playing for
three months. At the time that I stopped, Rumata had about 35% healthiness,
so when I started again I believed that he would be at 100% and ready for
some action. Well, I ended up eight squares away from the inn with about 49%
healthiness - so not only does extended inn stays mean that you are not able
to learn weapons proficiency - it also means that you don't regain health
except for what you normally would. 

Rasmus / Rumata


From: Jim Radford (
Date: 15th February 1997


Due to the decline of the MI board (Whats happening on the web at themo'
pages are dropping left and right?) I will ask this rather simple question

At the mo' I'm killing Knolltir's in a Hillock near me, as a young monster
(20 turns old) I am finding it hard (4 killed in 6 turns). What I want to
know is how do I get an Umber Pipe or Lotus Elxier? Also I know there can
be up to 30 of these suckers in here, but how many hp should they have?

Any tips on Hillock bashing would be most welcome :)

^^ You'll see from Rasmus's earlier post that you could be there for quite 
some time!! - Greg ^^

Keep on killin'


From: Siu Man Yik (
Date: 24th February 1997

Hi everyone, 
            I play a female furrcat called Osiris who is a member of shadowcult
and an acolyte of fuvah,turn 38.
just thought i write to see if my info is of any use to anyone.
I am currently near Falars farpost,last turn i hit a graveyard
twice,encountering a carrion crow,tomb leech and zombie.
Treasure:17 Oculars and a silver amulet.
Then i hit a hillock twice as well,Jamper and Porkbrain didnt stand a chance.
Treasure:35 bit coins,crude spear,3 gaba stones,5 oculars,4 white lotus and 4
purple lotus.
I am going to stay in the area as i plan to empty hillock if i can and recruit
any players who want to join Shadowcult.
I have some questions if someone can answer them please;
1.Do gaba stone work as luck charms?
2.What is the repop rate for a hillock? many creatures do i capture for ts route to discipehood?
P.S If any Shadowcult member reads this,can you please let me know if you need
my help with fort rebuild?


From: David Sadler (
Date: 24th February 1997

Thanks to everyone for the kind offers to join their groups (all two of 
them! communication IS dead) but Umberto is now a proud member of 
Eternal Void.  He is also a Disciple, done on the same turn!  Instant 
street-cred improvement or what?

If anyone is in correspondence with a Fuvite monster called 'Garag' (he 
doesn't have email) tell him I'm ready for that fight now.... :-)

Don't get excited but did you know there's a website?
Unfortunately it has nothing to do with Monster Island (or KJG Games 
for that matter!)  It's a - wait for it - list of UK Police Force 
pages, yip yip yippee.....


U. R.


Well, another issue done and dusted - a quick note to those you maintain 
pages, chances are there are a few links that now need fixing...

Take care - and don't forget back issues are available at

Greg McDougall
a.k.a. Thelma Twofang, lvl. 8 Disciple Of Shroud
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