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One Pumped Up Babe

The Yasmin Quest - yes, still

One Pumped Up Babe's Zargnoth Adventures

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In the interest of seeing more monsters follow Yasmin, all will be revealed herein. In the interest of keeping the game fun for those who like to learn things on their own, I'll talk about it generally at first, and then more specifically later...

Before I even start, followers of Kabuki can _not_ follow Yasmin. If you are a Kabukian and you're desperate to follow Yasmin, you'll have to go get your God upgraded to Shroud (or downgraded to Fuvah).

If you're interested in following Yasmin, go clear out a Koma Den. That's step one, pure and simple. Other things that will be of use later on in the process (that you can get before clearing the Den), would be a Dragon Flagon and the ingredients for making multiple Reptron Salves. If you happen to come across Ingots of PigIron, HOLD ON TO THEM! That's the basic hints-only summary, though its a much-longer process, of course...

Those same clever monsters who don't want details should probably leave this page now, as from here on out it gets very specific for the rest of us...

Clearing out a Koma Den is a moderately time consuming process. Every trip in you have the opportunity to kill five snakes, and the counter when you enter each time is only accurate plus or minus about fifteen snakes. You'll know you're down to no more than your last couple dozen when you start being told that there are "around fifteen snakes here." When you finally clear them all, your last trip will have you meet the five regular snakes (other people have mentioned meetin less than five on the last trip), then you'll find a couple nice pieces of treasure (generally a weapon and a drinking vessel), and then you'll meet the Four-Clawed Boa. Based on my experiences with five of them, the Boa will have between 65 and 72 Health. If you fail to kill the Boa, you can go back and try again. There'll still be five snakes to fight first, and the treasure will be gone, but the Boa will still be there. Once you kill the Boa, the Den restocks fully.

Once you're past the Boa, you'll meet Yasmin. She'll give you her Quest to become a follower, which consists of a set of three blurbs about various items. Basically, you need to make a Kongo Bow, a Black Arrow, go find and kill a Dragon, and then come back to Yasmin with proof of the deed. Easy, huh? We'll walk you through it...

There are a lot of steps here, but the nice thing is that most of them don't need to be done in order. You can be working on the Bow and the stuff to get in to see a Dragon at the same time you're working on the Arrow. Unfortunately, they're all mostly long processes.

The Black Arrow Shaft: The shaft of the Arrow is pretty easy. First, go find a Demon Condor. The major hitch here is that if you don't have a mount when you fight a Demon Condor, you won't manage to grab its tail feathers (note: I have second hand reports of people getting Tail Feathers without a mount. I failed twice without one, and succeeded once I got one. Maybe there were other factors involved, though.). So, get a mount and go fight a Demon Condor. Easy enough. Then, take the Tail Feathers to a _ripe_ Black Lotus Bush, and issue the Make Black Arrow Shaft order. Easy.

The Black Arrowhead: You need to find an Ingot of PigIron to do this. IGNORE what the blurb says about where to find them- Ingots of PigIron are found only in Large Quarries, _not_ in Mine Shafts. They're also rare. Good luck. Once you have it, take it back to any Forge, and they'll turn it into an Arrowhead (charging you 150 oculars for the work).

The Black Arrow: Once you have both the Arrowhead and the Shaft, take them to a Bridge and do what the blurb tells you. We know it works at Troll Bridges, and I'd assume it works at Railway Bridges as well. If you do try it at a Railway Bridge, please drop me a line and let me know what happens.

The Kongo Bow: This looks easier than it is. Go to a Phylo Vine and make yourself 10 Bowstrings. Then, go to a Kongo Mongo tree and try to make one. You'll fail. Go to any Inn, stay there, and during the evening an Innkeeper will tell you what to do. He'll tell you about the Great Silver Axe, and send you to Haggis Kutok, who is the Forger at the Silver Hook Far Forge (note again: I have second hand reports that people have been elsewhere, perhaps to the nearest non-Z Forge to wherever you are?). In any case, if you go there, you can get an Axe made and it'll cost you 350 oculars. You can then take the Axe to the nearest Kongo Mongo tree and make your Bow. You'll also need, according to the Axe blurb, a Silver Knife.

Okay, now you have both the Bow and the Arrow. Now where's that Drgon? If you have a Dragon Flagon and have taken it to an Inn, you've got a blurb full of hints about wind and flame. The correct answer would be a geyser. The problem is, you need to be able to get in. Fortunately, its not that difficult. All you need is a Dragon Flagon and three Reptron Salves (Oh, by the by, having a Dragon Flagon when you do a Make Reptron Salve order lets you make five to nine at once. Also, there are _no_ Reptron Birds in the Zargnoth, so you may have to teleport out of the Z to get this done. You can get Salves out of Tower Ruin Cellars, but its a slow and random process. Take these to a geyser and issue the Use Kongo Bow order. Only those geysers in which a Kadar follower has previously resurrected a Dragon will have geysers in them, however. To find such a geyser, I'd suggest asking around, and if no one knows of one, well, start with the geysers near the Inns, Forges, and Towns. Good hunting. Killing a Dragon is, oddly enough, a risk-free proposition. You'll take no damage in the attempt. Also, carry a Silver Knife with you when you do it. Its not necessary, but it will _greatly_ increase the treasure you get out of it. A nice, but unrelated to the quest, second effect of the Dragon Flagon is that when you Use a Reptron Salve (assuming you've not previously used one) you'll gain two Skin Toughness instead of the one you'd normally gain.

Having killed a Dragon, you should have gotten a piece of it as treasure. Take the piece to your nearest Koma Den, and clear it yet again. Once you kill the Four-Clawed Boa and meet Yasmin again, she'll make you her follower, assuming you are wearing a Jade Snake Ring, of course.

So what do you get out of it? More toughness, more badness, more muscle, more spell points, new and interesting blurbs. Funnest of all, a new spell, the effects of which seem to be pretty impressive. Also, your stat boosts are _much_ better than those the followers of Kadar get. After all, you had a much more difficult quest!

Something which should be pointed out: Yasmin is watching you and she'll know if you cheat on parts of your quest. For instance, you must know the Great Silver Axe blurb to finish the Quest, though you don't have to actually go to the Silver Hook and have one made yourself. For that matter, you don't even have to make your own staff, one made by someon else and transferred to you will work fine. I'm not exactly sure which shortcuts are legal and which aren't. If you find some which work, or some which don't, please let me know.

There you have it. How to follow Yasmin del Boa in several easy steps. Hope this helps you out in your efforts, and please, if you don't mind, drop me a line with your results as you go. Some of this is certainly subject to change as the programmers fix a bug or two, and I'd like to keep it up to date.

Best of luck...

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These articles were taken from Skizlum Skallaglamm's Monster Island Page.
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