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Skizlum Skallaglamm

Dark things

Skizlum Skallaglamm's Zargnoth Adventures

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Having arrived at the Temple, I'm ready for peaceful contemplation as I wait for my fellow Shroudies...

Well, I'm bored. Shroud is whispering in my ears with news of cool new things all over, and I wanna go see. He's the one telling me, right? He won't get upset for my leaving? Besides, I won't go very far away... Okay, good, great, I'm off. Thanks, Shroud! Look, it's a new creature, the Bereaver! Clad in its traditional orange and black, it still falls quickly beneath my sword (hey, the guy behind the monster is an alumnus, the Oregon State University Be(re)avers, and we have a history of falling quickly in combat :< ). Let's cast some spells and find some stuff- a Tainted Hollow and a Small Quarry. Cool. Okay, wandering on, I dig out my spyglass, and find a Mine Shaft. Nice. Oh, what's this? A Large Quarry! Okay, now you've got my interest. I set up camp for the night, and then look over my shoulder and discover a Tower Ruins. Good lord. I think this is what they call an embarassment of riches. I stand, paralyzed from indecision, not able to figure out which one I want to go explore first. Hey, Shroud, oh groovy dark lord, thanks for waking me up...

What to do, what to do? I sit and think about it for a while (killing a Jagwere who impudently interrupts my train of thought), but my mind wanders and I learn how to Automatically Sell stuff instead. Oh, well, let's just strike out. The Tower Ruin is closest, so I pop in and go down (after making a three-Helm cache for future generations). I kill several things ( a Shotgun Serpent, a Tentaculus, a Spectre), and collect a Thermaway Elixir and a Dragon Ichor. Normally, I'd be excited, by my inventory is so full I just find a pocket to push it into and forget about it. Now, let's go look at those new places. The Large Quarry is next, and it's a little creepy. Lots of Mutates (I kill a Pus Bear and a Demon Daudler) in here, and dead center is a huge Pond, much too huge for me to swim. Sigh. I think I'll go run an errand and come back. Okay, the Small Quarry. Much easier, I kill the Myrrh Dog (I see someones trying to improve on that Kabukian winged pest), and grab a Damaged Silver Helm (starting a new collection, I guess). I think I'll leave the Small Quarries for the new guys. Finally, I pack up and head for the Mine Shaft, but run out of steam. Maybe tomorrow.

This seems to be one of those days. I do find the Mine Shaft, but in a fit of senility, I pass right on by without going in. Sigh. Oh, well, I'll come back later. A quick Quest for Knowledge turns up Puffer Wings (coolish!), and I also collect a Plodder as I hike. Hmm, do I want my third Plodder? I'll have to think about this. Moving on, I head for a nearby Huffinpuffer, planning on collecting some Air Sacs. But first, I need to get rid of some stuff. I try to throw it away, and it comes right back! Aargh! The gods have gone crazy today. So, of course, I kill the Huffinpuffer, and leave the Air Sac lying there. Sigh. I spend the night in humble prayer to those esteemed uber-gods, Ke-ith and Tmp'jr, and am assured that are will be restored when I awake. Tomorrow is another day.

The uber-gods have let me down. The oddities have not been fixed, but enough time has been wasted. Something else has caught my attention. I rid some stuff, and attack the Huffinpuffer, collecting one Air Sac. That's one of the two I need. How to get rid of stuff? I equip my one Nitroegg. I smear myself with Thermaway Elixir. Okay, now to get stuff. I wander by a ripe White Lotus Bush, and then through an Umbergrass patch. Now _this_ is useful stuff. Y'know, it's nice to be tough. I killed that Huffinpuffer. I kill a Kabamongoose. I kill a Double-Pawed Cougar. I kill a King Stag. I kill a Rumble Beast. Net end of turn health change? Plus one. Smile.

Hey, a Koma Den! It's on my way, so let's go in! I kill a quick ten snakes, and collect a Damaged Iron Knife, a Damaged Iron Helm, two Zoingo Gold Coins, Fifteen Oculars, two Yellow Baubles, and five Rattler Darts as my net treasure. Too much stuff!!! But, I'm glad I went it, because I don't see any other creatures the whole turn. Here's something interesting- I realize how to list all the Temples I've visited. This might actually be useful, since the first few I visited were long before the gods created the idea of numbering the Temples. Oh, yes, net health change this turn? Plus two.

Landshark? Dust. Dragonette? Ditto. Leather-Bellied Toad? More of the same. That pretty much sums up this turn...

Better luck today? I find another Umber Grass patch, and replenish my supply. I also run across a couple White Lotus Shrobs, neither of which are anywhere near ripe. Finally, I make my way to the bridge. Hey, that much-rumored Troll Shoppe is really here! I head on over, and discuss the finer points of salesmanship with Kilmugrumbug. Most of it goes right over his head, and I slip him some money (three different times) and learn all the Voodoo Knowledge his captive Zoingot seems to know- Armor Wax, Skin So Slick, and Black Lotus Tar. As planned, I also meet Reepicheep here, and I toss him some items over the Trolls' heads, neither of us quite crossing the bridge to actually trade hand to hand. Mission accomplished.

I quest for knowledge while camped on the bridge, and learn how to remember all the blurbs I know. I think Reepicheep has a pretty desperate need for this one, actually. Moving off, I wound a Clakk Snakkar, then kill a Huffinpuffer, a Thawk, and a Billabob. It's sad, there are so many new creatures to be learned, that its no longer exciting to meet a new one. I guess when something is scarce, you appreciate it a lot more. Sigh. In any case, given another fifty turns, I imagine that we'll all be back to that point. I set up camp, make myself a pair of Puffer Wings (Yay!), and start listing things I want to get rid of. I actually get slightly confused, and manage to lists Logbats on the list. I can't carry one, but if I ever figure out how to, I'm gonna be throwing it out right away.

Hey, a Chitinous Chaser! I kill it, and claim its Plates. Chaser-Plate Armor? Naaah, I have better things in mind for about three turns from now (I hope). Anyway, I wound another Clakk Snakkar, kill another Huffinpuffer, and a Shotgun Serpent to boot. I also detect some new things near camp: a Slathering Wolfdun, Snatcherbirds, Needle Worms, Gorging Suckers, Faux Mausses. Unfortunately, I won't be able to visit most of them.

Ah, plans are afoot. I unequip my Gold Ring, the better that another monster might find me (quick, now's the time to hunt me down and kill me!). Then, onwards. I kill a Shotgun Serpent, then forget how to enter a Small Quarry, and so pass it by. I wander into a Large Cave, and use 60 APs to kill several small creatures and net myself one Zoingo Copper Coin. Woowee. Hey, look though- ripe White Lotus! I'll take two. Moving on, I off a Gorging Succker (yucch) and a Nitrohen, and stop in at the Koma Den. There, I discover that me health really is quite low. How'd that happen? I wander in once, and decide that it might not be a good idea. In any case, I transfer some Oil over to a friend whose got even lower health than me (as I'm two turns away from a Cocopalm anyway), and hand him the Wooden Fuvah Statue I've been carrying and not exactly wanting. Yay, one more empty spot in my inventory.

Okay, back into that Koma Den. Five snakes later, I now own a Damaged Iron Shield, a Kwando Guilder Coin and an Unreadable Scroll. Lots o' stuff, but I've got no room! Lots of creatures out there all of a sudden- a Nitrohen, two Rollypods, a Walraphant, and a Grizzly Hedgehog. Not a great day, though- two of them escape. I do replenish my Umber Grass stash again, though. Anyway, I'm back at the Temple again. Still completely rebuilt, still nobody here. I yell a token "Shroud is the Mightiest" yell, but my heart isn't in it. Where are you all?

Next up: Sanctification(?).

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