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Reepicheep Zargnoth Adventures

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Okay, so the Tower is done. Now I find myself with yet _another_ errand to run for someone else.

So, I'm carrying one Lightsider Talisman. Skizlum, who's done a lot for me and continues to funnel me Dragon parts, really wants me to use this Lightsider Talisman for her. I hem and haw, and finally decide to help Skiz. So, immediately I pop to the second DoL Tower, and start trucking north.

These are going to be relatively dull turns, so I'll funnel this all into one short narrative. Screaming north from that DoL Tower, I pop in at a Tainted Hollow, get right to the very end and flee from the Possessed Palm after two rounds of fighting. Not a good day. I find myself having to cast Heal Self spells just to get myself back in shape. I decide to try my luck at a Underwater Grotto as I go, and this goes much better, an I come out of it with, among other things, a Great Light Sword. From there, its a short jog to the Kabuki Temple, where I transfer both Kabuki Talismans to a local Lightsaide who offered to swap them for four Shroud Talismans for Skiz. Sadly, I can only take two at a time, so I take two, head north a days travel, and then back to the Tower where I pick up two more. Those I take, head two days north (stumbling through the weird spatial Star Trek anomaly as I go), and finally hand to Skizlum. Finally, one day south to pick up the first two again, one more day north to hand them off to Skiz, and my reposnsibilities in the matter are done. Nine days travel, and at the end I'm no better off than I was at the start, though Skiz certainly is! She owes me some major Dragon bits now!

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These articles were taken from Skizlum Skallaglamm's Monster Island Page.
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