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Reepicheep Zargnoth Adventures

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I'm tired of being broke. I need to get a bit more powerful.

It has been 62 days since I arrived to rest at this Inn. Time to move on. But first, let's sell some stuff: Damaged Iron Gauntlets. Silver Gauntlets. Barkbrute Armor. Silver-Studded Club. Iron Shield. Four Kwando Guilder Coins. Two Tomk Necklaces. Much, much better. Looking, and planning, far ahead into the future, I do purchase a Bird Trap. Having done all this, I'm through with the Towns! I wave goodbye, and move off south-west. I do meet some interesting creatures- a Snatcherbird and a Congorilla, but with my low Health it seems wise to let them pass. It feels good to be awake again.

I kowtow at a Prayer Stone. "Remove the Followers of the Dark from the land." I think I've heard that somewhere before. Don't you have anything new to say? It's a repetitive god, methinks. Not much else to report. I kill a Huffinpuffer, so I guess I can make AirSacs now, and cast a Detect Creature spell, which turns up nothing I haven't seen. Quest for Knowledge? I learn how to Reprint a Creature Blurb. I guess I had been sleeping a while.

Sixteen days later. A couple of friends have moved into the area, and we're rearranging some stuff. I pass my Gold Gargoyle Goblet and my Dragon Flagon to OPUB, and move on. A Kabamongoose goes down easily, as does a Grabber Bush and two new-to-me creatures: a Vine Snake and a Spladder Moth. Meeting up with Skizlum, I transfer over one Oil and a Golden Lion Tankard. Having ridded myself of all my drinking vessels, I set up camp nearby, stopping only to learn about Reprinting an Item Blurb. This one might be a loooong night...

Hey! I'm awake again! A mere 33 days later, not nearly as long as I expected to sleep. My dreams have prompted me to wake up and chase the Kadar Quest. So, I guess I'm going to, though slowly. I do receive a Silver Dragon Statue from Skizlum between turns, which may help. However, I need to track her and OPUB back down first. A couple trips into the Graveyard before I go, and I find an Iron Knife and a Red Bauble. Moving on, I kill a Log Hog, a Vine Snake, and a Spladder Moth. I pop in at a Large Quarry, but my health is a trifle low. Sigh. And, though I'm carrying the stuff for them, I don't know how to make either Puffer Wings or a Swinging Ball, so those plans fail. I do learn how to reprint a Spell Blurb, however.

I seem to be big on Ancient Graveyards these days. Three trips in gets, respectively, two Zoingo Silver Coins, Damaged Silver Gauntlets, and then twelve Oculars. Not much else to report- I cross the Troll Bridge, and learn how to reprint a Miscellaneous Blurb.

Due to a slight miscalculation, I'm in a big hurry, and I forget to switch this turn back to EMail. So I don't yet know what happened here. I'll let you know when I find out.

Travelling blind due to last turn's mistake, I'm happy to see that I'm at least where I expected to be. However, last turn was apparently a tough one, as I'm surprised to find myself at 6 Riskiness. I run into, and from, a variety of creatures. I go into a Large Quarry, and immediately turn right back around. I quest fruitlessly for knowledge. I go back to bed. Not me best day on the island.

Okay, let's fix that riskiness. I do kill a Shotgun Serpent and a Grizzley Hedgehog, but little else. This is just a travel turn.

While I sleep, I do learn what happened to me that day two or three turns back. Not a great day. I find _three_ White Lotus Shrubs, and not one of them is ripe. Then I kill two Thawks, an Eight-Fanged Leech, a Jagwere, a Double-Pawed Cougar, and a Huffinpuffer. Pretty good, right? yes, except for the bit about having to travel blind immediately after that, not knowing that that Huffinpuffer scared me into minimal riskiness...

Not much in this corner of the island. I wander into a Large Cave, and find six Silver-Tipped Darts. Other than that, not much to be said here. I do get to level 6 with my Great Light Sword! Hooray! I pull up and camp within a square or two of the Shroud Temple, confident in my Gold Ring's ability to keep me safe, and settle down to wait for Skizlum to come back and transfer me some stuff that I need.

Okay, while I nap, I receive a Dragon Flagon and two Bloodmite Eyes from Skizlum, a Banded-Iron Armor and a Dragonbone Necklace from OPUB, and another Dragonbone Necklace from someone called The Masked Marauder. I also hear people constantly yelling "Shroud is the Mightiest", at the annoying rate of about once a day. Time to get up and move on. I equip the new armor, and move south into the Mine Shaft there. I meet my first Rock Troll, and man, are they nasty! My Blinding Light spell fails against it, and he does 96 damage to me, while I do a mere 42 back to him. I think I'll leave the Mine Shafts alone for a while. Not much else to report, and I move south (passing my future geyser project site) and make camp one step closer to the Z Kabuki Temple.

Having _finally_ gotten my Edged weapons skill up to level 6 just a few turns back, it's time to switch to Pole for a while. I kill a Chacuck, a Catamoose. and a Bobbing Axebeak. I also find a King Ock Mushroom Grove, and dig down just far enought to find my first Fungal Forest, but this doen't seem to be the wisest time to enter (besides, I'm on a quest!). Just at the end of my travels, I get out some ropes and swing up high into some High Jungle, and curl up for the night.

I have to zigzag a bit, as I'm not 100% sure how far this High Jungle extends, but I make good time, and set up camp outside the Zargnoth Kabuki Temple without ever seeing another creature, plant, or monster today. C'est tres dull, but I'm here! A quick kowtow tells me that there's really nothing of interest in the Temple, and I settle in for a nap before my big leap...

Time to teleport.

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These articles were taken from Skizlum Skallaglamm's Monster Island Page.
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