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One Pumped Up Babe

Making a New Friend

One Pumped Up Babe's Zargnoth Adventures

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Having finished my river and coast mappings, its time to accomplish something!

I pack up and head out of town, heading west. Wouldn't you know it, right off the bat, things go wrong. I stop at the post to buy some Leaves, but manage to request the wrong thing, and buy nothing. Not noticing, I blissfully sail off westwards, only noticing when I stop to make camp. Sigh.

Okay, back to Town. This time, I make sure I ask for the right thing, and once I have it I immediately turn and head back west. Sigh. I'm off to such a miserable start.

Well, I may as well hit the Large Quarry as I go. After all, I'm virtually broke again here. More treasure, which I can sell when next I make it back to Town. It shouldn't be as long this time.

A couple more trips into that Quarry, and the off I go. I wave hello to the Trolls once again, and flip them yet another Troll Token (those Quarries are good for that, at least). Boy, this riverbank looks much too familiar.

Hey, a Giant Tortoise! Those things are much more common in the Z than they ever were west of it. I bathe quickly in the Pond, and move one. Travel day today- not much to report.

And I thought yesterday was comparatively dull. A Grabber Bush and a Huffinpuffer die at my hands, and thats it. Ah, well, another 7 Muscle, anyway.

Okay, finally, I'm back in the neighborhood. There's a couple Koma Dens hereabouts, so I run through and get your average Koma Den treasures- not too shabby, but nothing worth reporting. I also meet up with a few friends. and initiate a couple of them into the Knights. Who says there can be only one? This is probably the biggest convocation of Knights since the initial group ceremony better than ten years ago.

Well, most of these guys are weaker even than me, so I spend some time transferring them equipment and bringing them as up to snuff as I can. I move on over to that Tower Ruins I visited ten or fifteen turns ago, and jog in once. Unfortunately, I get chased right back. Hmm. Y'know, there's a group cache here, so I add about a half dozen things that I bought/collected. I finish up the day doing a little rebuilding, but the Tower is pretty much as rebuilt as it can be without a Xanxu Construct. Too bad we don't have any Xanxu Bear Carcasses.

During the night, two items come in via Tufted Titmouse Express- two Xanxu Bear Carcasses. I know what to do with these! Excitedly, I roust my fellow group members, and we gather together and build ourselves a Construct! Hooray! I also jog into the dungeon once, but get chased out again. Sigh. Anyway, I run the Construct for a bit, and go back to sleep pretty much in the same spot.

Well, my group members seem to have gotten a lot done. I get up, run the Construct a little bit and... we're done! The Tower's done! I excitedly gather everyone back up and we call ourselves a Wizard! Its Xazaku. She introduces herself around, and I agree to guard her Tower for her. I hereby solemnly swear that this Tower is free and open to any follower of Yasmin, to any monster as godless as I, and to any Knight Of Sylvester. Beyond that, well, we'll see.

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These articles were taken from Skizlum Skallaglamm's Monster Island Page.
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