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One Pumped Up Babe

What Comes After...

One Pumped Up Babe's Zargnoth Adventures

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Well, I'm smack-dab in the middle of my northward trek.

Ah, the joys of solitary travel. This Unreadable Scroll I found turns out to be one I don't know, so I learn it just to be rid of it (what with my Crytal Ball and all, I don't see casting Detect Natural Hazards all that often). I kill a few things (Landshark, Wart Frog, Giant Tree Squid), but there's not much else out here.

I step back a small ways to a Mine Shaft I noticed yesterday, and kill some creatures for some very minor treasure. After that, its further north and further up.

Well, the River has finally settled into this long straight ravine, and from what I know of it already I know it'll flow straight from here to the next Bridge. So, I abandon it for a bit. Moving inland, I find myself not far from a previously reported Tower Ruins location, so I aim for it.

Yup, it's here. I nose around under it, and come up with an Emerald Smoke Bottle as treasure. Interesting... Still, not much else in the neighborhood here.

Travel day. Still, I do discover that the long rumored Carbuncle does exist. I must say, the creature is much better company than the monster.

Well, for one short day I'll be crossing someone else's maps, so I'm able to aim myself so that I can stop in and kill five Knolltir out of a Hillock, and try my luck in a Sunken Graveyard. Of course, a silver weapon would really have helped there...

Well, I'm laying there playing with my Tufted Titmouse, when out of nowhere lightning strikes and I find a Spark Sprig there. Bizarre! I pick it up, and stuff it cautiously into my Emerald Smoke Bottle. After a big explosion, my mount is now a Giant Mantis. Um, cool, I think. I make a note to not stand near its mouth, and mount up. After a full days travel I finally set up camp against the coastline of the northern Sea! How peaceful.

I've discovered one of the secrest of the island! Any time you play with a Tufted Titmouse, the gods give you gifts! Again, as I play with one today, there's a big explosion and another piece of equipment lands in my lap. I consider forsaking Yasmin for worship of the Tufted Titmouse, but perhaps I'll give Yasmin more time. Anyway, at last I can test the theory that I walked all the way up here for. Using my Crystal Ball, I locate a Cocopalm right on the coastline not all that far away. I head over, and harvest some Cocopalms. Hmm, not hairy. I sit down and think about it for a long while, just in case I'm missing something obvious, but nothing comes to me. These Coconuts aren't hairy. Sigh.

Well, as long as I'm up in this corner, I go ahead and map out this little corner. I sit for some time on the little spit where the River pours into the Ocean, but finally its time to pack up and go. I head back douth, checking out the riverside just in case...

I read one of my scrolls, mostly to be rid of it (Detect Natural Hazards- I don't see myself using that one a whole lot), and keep moving south. There's a Large Quarry on the way, so I head in twice, and come up with a Troll Token, which'll be nice since I'm very poor. I also make my way to level six with Pointed Weapons. Yay! The only problem is, I have nothing useful with me to start training with now. Sigh.

Ah, here's the Troll Bridge. I really can't afford any knowledges right now, so I flip them a Token and pass by. Not much to do, so I jazzercize a lot, and set up my Automatic Sells for when I hit town.

There's a Large Quarry on this side too, so I hit that as I go. Nothing really amazing, but its all money, so what the heck. Keep on truckin'...

Town! At last! Boy, its been a long time since I was in civilization. Sell, sell, sell. All of a sudden I not only have cash, I have room for more goodies as well! I even turn out to have enough Zoingo coinage to learn about Wizards and Xanxu Constructs from the Railroad Zoingots. Y'know, occasionally I regret never following a god, but only when it comes to my pocketbook. Someday I'll show them god-followers I'm every bit as good as they are. Anyway, I camp at the Train Station, and make plans for leaving this Town behind. Mapping coastlines and rivers was a waste- I need a new goal...

Okay, I've been sandbagging here- I have a goal, and some friends have been quietly working on it while I mapped the coast. Its time to pursue my goal!

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These articles were taken from Skizlum Skallaglamm's Monster Island Page.
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