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One Pumped Up Babe

The Yasmin Quest - yes, still

One Pumped Up Babe's Zargnoth Adventures

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Okay, my earlier attempt failed. Back to town for the next step...

Not much to report, today. I do some damage to a Demon Condor, a Chasuck, and a White Tiger, and actually manage to kill a Jagwere and a Tawni Snake. I also return Reepicheep's Dragonbone Sword, now that I know I won't be needing it. I think my Military Pick should fill the bill nicely, thank you very much.

Travel, travel, travel. Wow, I picked a boring path today. I see no creatures, one dull Kongo-Mongo Tree (which I try to climb but quickly fall right out of), and one patch of Unmber Grass. Still, it's another turn closer to town, and seven more Muscle.

A much better day today. I aim for a couple White Lotus Bushes, but neither are ripe. I run through a Large Cave, and find a Silver-Tipped Spear as treasure. I run through a Small Quarry, but find no treasure there. I meet my first Cave Fisker (cool lookin' beastie), but it dies easy at my hands, and I put up for the night.

Now this White Lotus Bush is ripe! One more Leaf for the collection, and I keep moving. I've come to realize I have a small problem- I have 80 Oculars, and am hauling around a Plodder. There's no way to get rid of him, so I'm going to have to come up with 20 more Oculars (or a way to ditch the Plodder) before I can cross the bridge. Sigh. So, I turn a bit south, and pop in at a Large Quarry I'd seen before. Two trips in gets me eleven Zoingo Silver Coins, two Gold Nuggets and a Black Ball, followed by four Zoingo Gold Coins and a Zoingo Jewelled Flute. Not what I was hoping for.

Okay, let's try this again. First trip into the Large Quarry gets three Zoingo Gold Coins, eight Silver Beads, and a Zoingo Ruby dagger. Trip two gets me five Zoingo Gold Coins and (hurray!) a Troll Token. _That's_ what I was hoping for. That done, I head back for the bridge at full bore, ruunning right past a Tomb of Mumi that I hadn't known about. I set up camp just about one days travel away from the Trolls. I Jazzercize the remaining hours away, and retire having hit the magical four digit number of 1000 Muscle!

North-east, to the Bridge! I run past several creatures, but I'm so excited to be on my way that I forgot I dropped my Riskiness down to 6 late last turn and I skip right past them. I hit the Troll Bridge, toss 'em my Troll Token, and sprint across to the east side of the River. I set up camp just on the other side, starting to realize with a little bit of dread that this may take more time than I thought. I'll find out next turn, I guess.

Okay, I move to a convenient Kongo Mongo Tree, and stash my Kongo Bow. Climbing high into the Tree, I find a limb and attempt to cut it free. You know, this is harder than it looks! I wonder how Skizlum did it? I'll have to ask in town. Anyway, I reclaim my Bow and move on. I jog through the usual trip from Bridge to Town, and stop in at the first Graveyard. Treasure is a Waterskin, some trash, and twelve Oculars. I more on through a Large Quarry, but my health is too low to make it worth exploring, so I skip it.

Keeping east, I kill myself a Log Hog and then pop by a Graveyard. Three trips in nets me a whole 11 Bit Coins! Hmmph. Well, I cruise on towards town, and set up camp in the Far Exotica, wishing I had the energy to make it across Town to the Inn...

I set a couple autmomatic sell orders, and hop across Town to the Inn, and the eo the Forge. Half a day later, I'm 496 Oculars richer, and believe you me, I needed them. Reepicheep's at the Forge, so I hand him my Silver Temple Sword, just to clear a little space. Reepicheep's idly braggin about building "yet another Dragon" just a little north of here, and an evil thought comes into my little brain. I congratulate him, and head back to the Inn. I think I know what I'm doing tomorrow.

Hey, the Masked Marauder is here! He seems to be holding a fire sale, as during the night he piles a Skull Mace, a Troll Knife, and two pieces of King's Spiked Armor in front of my door. Cool! I equip the armors, and transfer my Iron stuff back to him. Then, a quick Jazzercize, and its north to the geyser. I rub myself down with Reptron Salve, dig out my Kongo Bow and Black Arrow, and in I go! Everything seems a little scared of my Arrow, and things scurry away from me frantically. Soon, I find myself sneaking up on a huge Silver Dragon! It turn its huge bulk towards me, and begins nattering on about the evils of Yasmin and the greatness of Kadar. Yawn. Try this for greatness, oh big and bulky. I loose the Arrow into its breast, and very shortly there's one very dead Dragon before me. I take a token of my deed to return to Yasmin, and help myself to a heapin' helpin' o' treasure: 199 Oculars, 36 Slink baubles, and 46 Red Baubles. I'm rich! Anyway, back to town, and I make camp at the Far Forge there, readying myself for a Train trip in the morning...

A quick jazzercize or three, and then I hop a train for Waltan. I decide to switch weapons for a while, so I equip my Skull Mace, and then head out towards a Koma Den. Less than 15 snakes here, always a good sign! I clear out five quickly, my treasure being a Silver-Studded Club, a Black Ball, and eight Silver-Studded Darts. Okay, let's try it again. Five more dead snakes, and I find Dmg. Iron Gauntlets, two Yellow Baubles, and two Unreadable Scrolls. Oh, yes, one more snake: the Four-Clawed Boa. I kill it quickly, and slide into the secret tunnel. No treasure here, someone already took it, but oh well. I soon come upon Yasmin herself, and reveal to her my Dragon Scale. Here eyes go wide, and engulfs me in her arms. Suddenly, I'm bigger, stronger, faster. She tells me about the cruel and vindictive Kadar who so maimed her, and I swear to avenge her. She teaches me of spells and spell casting, something I've long wondered about. Finally, she ushers me out, and I leave the Den. I'm so stunned that I forget the rest of my day's plans, and set up camp on the spot. I'm a follower!

Time to kick back and relax a little bit: after the quest...

For those who wish to follow in One Pumped Up Babe's footsteps here is a guide to becoming a follower of Yasmin.

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These articles were taken from Skizlum Skallaglamm's Monster Island Page.
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