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One Pumped Up Babe

The Yasmin Quest - still

One Pumped Up Babe's Zargnoth Adventures

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Okay, so I've put together all the pieces. Now what?

Okay, I've got all the pieces. Now I have to find myself a Dragon to kill. I guess I need to go meet up with Skizlum again. So south I go. Not much to report as I travel- I want to conserve health, so I go ahead and aim for unmapped territory. I kill a Flesh Eater, a Huffinpuffer, and a King Stag, and Jazzercize my way into nine more muscle. 'Bout time I caught up on my work-outs.

Well, there are a few things I didn't know were out here. I skate past a Loggerhead camp and a Large Quarry, but don't stop in. I kill a Huffinpuffer, a Red-Eyed Jungle cat, a Rogue swine, and a King Stag. And exercise for nine more muscle.

Zoom go I. Dull turn- I kill a King Stag, and gain nine more muscle. But my health is back up where it belongs now, and my travel turns are just about over.

Still zoomin'. I kill a Smite, pass two not-yet-ripe White Lotus Bushes, and pull in at an Ancient Graveyard. Two trips in nets a White Bauble and a Silver Gauntlets. I also read some disturbing news off a tombstone about an old friend. Sigh. I make camp outside a well known Mine Shaft (running into one of those omnipresent Fire Riders yet again) and settle in here for Skizlum to return from the west with some stuff she owes me.

Y'know all those dull days I just had trying to gain health for my future geyser trip? Well, all goes for naught as a noisy Shroudie named Hemos interrupts my nights sleep, and I have to teach him a lesson. Despite his Fireball (ouch!), I do a total of 108 damage to him, and he does 106 total damage to me. I narrowly win the fight, and he retires from the field. I suppose that in the end I really lost, though, as my Health is substantially lower now, but it's a moral victory. How'd he find me through my Gold Ring anyway? In any case, I have some errands to run, and so I wake. To Skizlum, I hand my Great Dark Sword and my Skull Mace. To Reepicheep, I hand my Banded Iron Armor (I just got a suit of Field Plate from a friend while I slept) and my Dragonbone Necklace. And while I'm up, I stick my nose in the Mine Shaft, and meet my first Rock Troll. I eke out a win in that fight too, edging him in damage 81 to 78. It wouldn't be at all bad if not for those darned Shroudies...

How do they keep finding me? While I nap, I receive a King's Spiked Shield, a Silver Temple Sword, nine Reptron Salves, a Jade Snake Ring, and finally five White Lotus Elixirs from passers by. I also hear "Shroud is the Mightiest" five times, and am attacked by two different monsters, Snot Locker Lou and Beltok. In the first fight, I whap him with a rock for a whole 2 Health, he casts a spell, and I go ahead and flee. In the second, we trade rocks (me doing 3, he doing 6) before I once again decide to flee. Okay, I'm going to go find a quieter place to sleep. Gold Rings, ha! I do make one major mistake though- since I handed Reepicheep my old armor, I forgot to put on the new one. Sigh. I go ahead and kill about four pretty tough creatures, but I take a wallopping to my Healthiness. Next turn, put on the armor...

Ah, that was a nice refreshing 30 day nap. Still more monsters find me while I sleep- a pair of Black Deathers. What's up with this Gold Ring? I think I'll change to my Jade Snake Ring for a day or two, then change back and see if it works again. First, though- I put on my Field Plate Armor! Whoohoo! Height of style, that's me! I jog along a bit, purposefully picking a path to avoid creatures, but still end up sucked into a fight with a Grabber Bush. It's the only thing I fight this turn, but it still causes enough damage that I only gain 16 Health on the day.

Skizlum jogs through, and I find myself in possession of six more White Lotus Elixir. I needed those! I reduce my Riskiness to minimal, and head out. Boom, immediately I'm sucked into a fight. Three fights, even- a Sand Thug, a Bortolotamus, and a Chasuck. The first is insignificant, but the second and third tag me pretty well, and I end up only gaining 10 Health on the turn. Swell. Here I am _trying_ to run from everything in sight, and for some reason I keep picking fights. I set up camp next to a Geyser that I know has a Dragon in it, restore my Riskiness to the maximum, and get my things together to go in tomorrow. Right now I just have 159 health, I should gain about 30 while I sleep, and then I try to kill a Dragon. Hmm. I'm not getting my hopes up over this one.

While I nap, Reepicheep loans me his Dragonbone Sword, and hands me a Small Lockpick. I equip the Sword, treat it with Shingle Poison, and head into the Geyser. This isn't as hard as I thought! A Grabber Bush dies easily, followed by two Feeder Crabs, a Roof Spider, and a Lost Soul. I made it this far with only 62 lost health. I find treasure too- a Mining Pick, which I'm sure I kind find a use for. Finally, I face down the ViperKahn! We stare at each other for moments, and he tells me that I don't understand gods and their struggles. Sensing 'death is certain', I flee the room without looking back.

Nothing is certain, in my opinion. I need Health before I try this again. I zip around past a Pond, and discover, to my wonder and amazement, a Giant Tortoise! I thought these things were mythical! Ten years on the island, and I've _finally_ seen my first Giant Tortoise. I kill it dead, and leave the shell, which would have made a nice, if archaic, shield. In any case, I see something tall in the distance, and note that the Fire Riders have finished the Tower that they were working on. They're nice enough to let me stay, so I get myself a room for the night, and learn a little about Wizard Magic. They promise that their spells aren't god dependant, but I soon discover that they do require spell points to use, and in my opinion that makes 'em god dependant. Hmmph.

I check out all the Fire Riders hereabouts, and do note that I'm more Muscular than everybody in the room. As it should be. I sell off a few single items, learn something about Rune Deciphering (I'm sure it'll come in handy somewhere along the line), and head out again at full Health (and almost empty wallet). It's a quick jog back the the geyser, and in I go! What's this? It's a vision of my beautiful Yasmin, scolding and berating me for "cheating" on my quest! But, but- it's the only way I could do it! I can't teleport! I, I, no, she's right. I lower my head and turn around and start trudging back towards the east. I'm going to have to go back to town and learn something Skizlum told me about Kongo Bows for myself. I'll be back, Yasmin. Don't give up on me!

Okay, time to go back to town and finish this thing ( I hope)...

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These articles were taken from Skizlum Skallaglamm's Monster Island Page.
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