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One Pumped Up Babe

The Yasmin Quest - I hope

One Pumped Up Babe's Zargnoth Adventures

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Having met Yasmin, and pursued some trades as well, it's now time to get back to the business at hand- the Quest.

Okay, I'm out in the middle of nowhere, trying to get back on task, in my effort to follow Yasmin. Step one: back to town. The Tower Ruins are on the way, though, so I stop in. Several dead creatures later, I'm better off by one Crimson Chalice, an ancient relic of Vlados Xi, the Vampyre Demigod. Is somebody trying to tell me sonething? Am I on the wrong path? In any case, the rest of my travels are very basic, as I head back to town, and hop a train. Getting back to the southernmost town, I put myself up for the night in the Inn. I'll worry about tomorrow on tomorrow.

There's someone here! A member of the Order of the White Rose, Manitou. Never heard of him, and only a vague memory of the Order from back in the golden days. He's badder than me (who isn't?) but I've got him on all the rest. In any case, I kill a Smite, a Bereaver, a Sand Thug, and a Grizzly Hedgehog, and wound one of those annoynig Clakk Snakkars, all as I travel vaguely southerly. Next turn, its back to that Mine Shaft, with my trusty Pick back in hand...

Okay, to the Mine Shaft. But first, several creatures seem to be in the way. A Thermadon Rex! I kill it, and collect some wings, losing 18 Health in the process. A Chomper! I kill it, losing 71 Health. A Giant Silk Spider! It does 80 to me, and escapes. Well, here I am in front of the Mine Shaft, but somehow, this doesn't seem like such a great idea. I decide not to go in after all.

Let's get going on this. I make myself some White Lotus Elixir, and while I'm at it, I try my first Scatamunga Horn Voodoo. I don't think it'll make any difference, but I do want to get rid of the Elixir. Okay, into the Mine Shaft! In short order, I kill a Roof Rat, a Multipede, a Rock Mole, and a Carrion Crawler. Treasure? Seven Copper Ingots. Hmm, after careful study of the situation, I think I'm on the wrong track. My Pick seems to be of no real use here, and I come to the conclusion that there's nothing here in the way of immediate profit. Long-term profit, perhaps, but not short-term. I may go look for my PigIron elsewhere.

Time to cut cross-country. Angling northwest, I have a moderately boring day, collecting some Limes and killing a Sand Thug and meeting something new to me- a Slathering Wolfdun. This is one big ugly Shroud-favored beast. I come within one hit of killing it, but it successfully flees. Sigh.

Boy, this really is the back country. I encounter no creatures, three differerent plants, and four sets of totem markings, from three different groups. When I come back through, I'll have to put my own in. Anyway, I ride through the Troll Bridge, make a quick note of what they sell (assuming that it won't matter anyway, as I assume that I'll end up buying something randomly), throw 'em 100 Oculars (eep!), and head to the other side. This is going to be an expensive set of Huffinpuffer AirSacs that I'm looking for...

Hey, there's a Great Cave out here! Maybe next turn. I kill a Snapper Snake (another new Creature!), a Stark Sourpuss, nearly kill a Rollypod, and finish off two Huffinpuffers. I make camp on top of one of the two 'Puffers, and discover that I happen to have camped on top of a Sunken Graveyard as well. Something else for the morning. That's the problem with going into territory I don't know- I could have gone into either or both of these this turn, instead of jazzercizing for seven more Muscle.

Something comes creeping by while I sleep, and I follow it and discover the much-storied Collapsed Vault. However, I know I'm not up to it at the moment, so I go back to bed. Up early in the morning, I kill yet another Huffinpuffer, equip my Silver-Tipped Spear, and head into the Sunken Graveyard. I kill a Dart Owl and a Carrion Crow, but, oddly enough, don't meet a Shifting Wraith. A Silver Bone Necklace isn't bad treasure, though. By this point, my health is a little bit low, so I spend the rest of the turn dodging creatures. Back to the Troll Bridge, where I learn about Retching Poison (and some about Zoingots as well). I make camp on the bridge, oddly noting that there's a Grabber Bush somewhere in this square. You'd think the Trolls would prune it back...

A little more Troll Voodoo sounds cool, so I learn about Sourpuss Perfume as well. Then I pay the Troll (another 100 Oculars, sigh), and I head back to the eastern side. I eventually make my way to a Mine Shaft I've been told about, and pop in- a variety of creatures die (four of 'em), but I don't find any treasure. Figures. However, I did notice a nearby Large Quarry, so I'll probably hit that tomorrow. Meanwhile, I start throwing stuff into the air in an attempt to get my load back under control...

Okay, first thing, I make myself a couple of Puffer Wings. Now, I'm ready for that Large Quarry. I push my way past the usual mob, inflate my Wings, and into the Pond! I kill a Flying Ballyhoo mid-water, and more nasty things on shore, and find myself a Zoingo Jewel Box. Yay! Back into the water, towing my treasure, and a Flying Ballyhoo attacks again. Aaack- it's successfully dislodged my hold on the Box! The Jewel Box falls to the bottom of the pond, and I leave treasureless. Sigh. I head vaguely back towards town, and make camp for the night. Not my best day on the island.

This is kind of an in-between day. I spend my afternnon throwing stuff into the depths of the trees, hopefully never to be seen again. I do wander by a Crobbler, and add its skin to my collection. I also see some new-to-me creatures: Sandlings and Shimmers. Unfortunately, I finish up my day meeting a Giant Silk Spider, and it socks my health down to minimal. I only hope I remember to reset my Riskiness in the morning, or this'll be a very dull days travels...

Oh, good, I did. I head for my target, and am waylayed by a new creature en route- a Bobbing Axebeak. I kill it easily, and take its beak, which looks like it'd make a lovely edged weapon. Of course, I really don't need still more edged weapons... In any case, I find the Demon Condor I was hoping to. We battle, and it slips away, but not before I grab some of its tail feathers. After all this time, one element of the quest is down. And the easy one at that. I head back towards town, stopping to unsuccessfully battle a couple of Crobblers (I also kill a White Tiger, a Pummel Bear, and a Sand Thug, but the Crobblers were my goal). I check in at the Red Palm, waving at Raven Nevermore (one of those nice Fire Riders), and retire to my room for the night.

Next up: still on the quest.

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These articles were taken from Skizlum Skallaglamm's Monster Island Page.
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