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One Pumped Up Babe

One Pumped-Up Babe's Zargnoth Adventures

About One Pumped Up Babe...

One Pumped-Up Babe first landed on the island back on November 6th, 1990. She was originally a little foolish, trying experiments such as: "what happens if you attack the biggest creature you can find repeatedly?" or "how many times can you actually yell in a turn before you become yelled out?". (The answers, by the by, were, respectively, nothing really, and sixteen yells in her first five turns).

In any case, her adversity somehow made her adventures more enjoyable, and she has continued and prospered. She's a member of the Knights of Sylvester, a group chosen for the simple fact that by joining it, she became it's only active member. She follows no god, and has no intention of doing so, despite the prospect of being trapped for eternity in the Zargnoth. Demi-Gods, however, are another matter entirely: she is now a follower of Yasmin, the Snake Demi-God. What to do next is another question, though. I'm also now Tower Guardian for Xazaku's Tower.

  1. OPUB's early run to civilization.
  2. On the eradication of Loggerheads.
  3. A futile look for Ruins.
  4. Yasmin, OPUB. OPUB, Yasmin.
  5. Hunting for Pigiron.
  6. Putting the pieces together.
  7. Strike One.
  8. Success!
  9. Northward explorations.
  10. Current explorations: to the sea.
  11. Welcome Xazaku!
These articles were taken from Skizlum Skallaglamm's Monster Island Page.
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