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CodeColumn 1Column 2NameAPsBlurbUsed at
ARace#, Monster#, Creature# Track: Attack6/12/24Rule BookTarget within 2 squares
AC  Ancestral Ceremony12First Turns
AP  Appraise0Trading With JossmenFar Inn
ASItem# Automatic Sell0QuestStanding Order
BItem#QtyBuy From Far Post0Far Post TradingFar PostFar Exotica
BItem#QtyBring From Storeroom0Inside a Temple, Fort OrdersTempleFort
B1  Race's Battle Cry0Battle CryStanding Order
B5  Group's Battle Cry0Battle CryStanding Order
B9  God's Battle Cry0Battle CryStanding Order
BP  Bathe In Pond2PondPond
CSpell#[Item# or Spell Pts]Cast SpellvariesSpell CastingAttack & Defence Spells are Standing Orders
CCCreature# Capture0Rule BookStanding Order
CB  Collect Bounty0BountyFar InnTower
CS  Ceremony of Sanctification8Ceremony of SanctificationTemple
DHands Deep DigvariesQuest
DI  Diet0Conserving FoodStanding Order
DOOculars Deposit Oculars20Banking TransactionsFar Bank
EItem# Equip0Rule Book
EF  Enhance Fort16Fort OrdersFort
EH  Enter Hole0Hidey-HolesHidey Hole
F[Friendliness (1-4)][Riskiness (5-9)] Friendliness/Riskiness0Rule Book
FD  Follow Dark0Shroud, the Dark GodShroud Obelisk
FF  Follow Fuvah0Fuvah the OmniscientShrine of Fuvah
FL  Follow Light0Kabuki, God of LightKabuki Prayer Stone
FM  Find Mount0Leaving Mount at High JungleHigh Jungle
FS  Fort Stay0Fort OrdersFort
GItem#QtyGet from Cache0Group CachesCaches
GC  Glean Cache0Group CachesStanding Order
GF  Guard Fort0Fort OrdersFort
GLMonster# or 0 Group Leader0Group LeadershipStanding Order
GT  Guard Temple0/20Temple Guardian StatusTemple
GX  Gather [Items]0First TurnsStanding Order
H[9][Direction#][Direction#] Hunt and Forage30Rule BookPrefix 9 to follow Trail/Path
HJ  High Jungle Entry4High JungleNext Order must be H or T into Hight Jungle
IMonster# Initiation Ceremony6Joining a GroupSame Square as Monster issuing JG
ILg Qty (1-20)Sm Qty (1-40)Item Pickup Limits0Limiting Item Pickups
I1  *** Grade Inn Stay0Far Inn ServicesFar Inn
I3  ** Grade Inn Stay0Far Inn ServicesFar Inn
I5  * Grade Inn Stay0Far Inn ServicesFar Inn
I7  Work at Inn0Far Inn ServicesFar Inn
IZ  Inform Zoingot60Buying Troll VoodooRailway Station
JAction Pts Jazzercize Aerobicsany#Rule Book
KAction Pts Kowtowany#Kabuki Prayerstone, Shroud ObeliskShroud ObeliskKabuki Prayer StoneShrine of FuvahTemple
KA  Reprint Creature Blurb0Quest
KB  Reprint Miscellaneous Blurb0Quest
KC  Kill Capture0Captured Creatures
KI  Reprint Item Blurb0Quest
KK  Kowtow Kowtow0Follower of [God]Auto Kowtow for 4 APs
KS  Reprint Spell Blurb0Quest
LRace#, Monster#, Creature# Track: Locate6/12/24Rule BookTarget within 2 squares
LK  List Knowledge0Quest
LT  List Temples0Quest
MItem# Make ItemvariesRule Book
NRace#, Group#, Monster# No Attack0Rule BookStanding Order
NF  Nasty Fart0Quest
OMonster# Origin on Monster0Group Mapping
OAOculars Open Account35Banking TransactionsJossman Imperial Bank
PItem#QtyPlace in Storeroom0Inside a Temple, Fort OrdersTempleFort
PItem#QtySell to Far Inn or Post0Far Post Trading, Far Inn TradingFar ForgeFar ExoticaFar InnFar Post
P#  Purchase From Inn0Far Inn TradingFar Inn
P#  Purchase From Station50/100/150Zargnoth Railway StationRailway Station
PRItem#QtyPermanently Rid0Quest
PT  Pay Troll10Road BridgeTroll Shoppe
QAction Pts Quest for Knowledgeany#Rule Book
RItem# Rid0Rule BookNot Far Forge
RItem# Repair8Far ForgeFar Forge
RC  Release Control0Captured Creatures
SRace#, Monster# Track: Snatch6/12/24Rule BookMonster within 2 squares
T[9] Direction# [Direction#] Travel10/20Rule BookPrefix 9 to follow Trail/Path
TI1 *** Grade Tower Stay0TowerTower
TI3 ** Grade Tower Stay0TowerTower
TI5 ** Grade Tower Stay0TowerTower
TI7 Work at Tower0TowerTower
TK[1-7] Tower Skill Training0TowerTower
TM  Totem Markings20/30Totem Markings
TP  Trap Pit2Deep PitDeep Pit
TS  Temple Sacrifice8Sacrificing to [God]Temple
TTTower# Tower Teleport100TowerTower
TV1-3 Troll Voodoo60Troll VoodooTroll Shoppe
TW  Train/Work Mount24/8Mounts
TX[7-9] Tower Spell Training0TowerTower
UItem# Use/ConsumevariesRule BookSee Below
V#  Voodoo Instruction0Far Inn TradingFar Inn
VM  Voodoo Master60Issuing IZ OrderRailway Station
WItem#Action PtsWeapon Practiceany#Quest
W#  Inn Weapon Training0Far Inn ServicesFar Inn
WOOculars Withdraw Oculars20Banking TransactionsJosman Imperial BankFar ExoticaFar ForgeFar InnFar Post
WRItem# Weekly Rid0QuestStanding Order
XItem#Monster#Transfer Item0Group OrdersOrder stands for 24 days if in a group
XItem#QtyPlace in Treasure Room0Inside a TempleTemple Qty must be less than 1000
X7-9  Inn Knowledge0Far Inn TradingFar Inn
X6  Inn Riding Lesson30Riding Lessons at a Far InnFar Inn
X1-3  Inn Lore Master Knowledge80Jossman Lore MasterFar Inn
XC  Xanxu Construct210Learn the Xanxu ConstructRailway Station
XR  Cross Railway Bridge20Railway BridgeRailway Bridge
YYell# Yell Loudly0Rule Book
ZAction Pts Rebuild RuinsFort Ruins, Temple Ruins, Tower RuinsFort RuinTemple RuinTower Ruin
Special Orders
D8 Discover Fungus ForestvariesFar InnKing Ock Mushroom Grove
U19 Increase Health0Far Inn Voodoo
U20 Cure Poison0Far Inn Voodoo
U33 Enter Small Cave20Small Cave
U33 Enter Large Cave60Large Cave
U33 Enter Great Cave160Great Cave
U33 Enter Collapsed Vault145Making Camp near Sunken GraveyardSunken Graveyard
U33 Enter Tainted Hollow120Tainted Hollow
U33 Enter Hillock18Hillock
U33 Enter Tomb of Mumi14Tomb of Mumi
U33 Enter Stone Crypt80Stone Crypt
U33 Enter Voodoo Workshop85Rebuilding Tower RuinsTower Ruin
U33 Enter Mine Shaft60Mine Shaft
U35 Cure Yelled Out0Far Inn Voodoo
U28 Enter Fungus Forest150Issuing D 8 order at King Ock Mushroom GroveKing Ock Mushroom Grove
U38 Set Bird Trap0Far Inn Purchase
U39 Cause Nasty Fart0Item Blurb
U54 Scatamunga Horn Voodoo0Far Inn Voodoo
U56 Increase Skin Toughness?Far Inn VoodooGeyser
U64 Quench Thirst0Far Inn Voodoo
U66 Increase Muscle0Far Inn Voodoo
U67 Raise Zombie4Far Inn VoodooAncient Graveyard
U98 Lose Gnitgnat Swarm0Far Inn Voodoo
U136 Set Tar Trap2Item BlurbTrail, Tar Pouch, Spark Sprig, Spider Spring, Jute Rope
U141 Poison Waterhole0Item BlurbWaterhole
U162 Enter Underwater Grotto80Hinted at in encounter with RockadilePond
U167 Make Jagwere Haversuit0Item BlurbFar Inn
U242 Gain Health0Item Blurb
U461 Use Oil of Ugli0Troll Shoppe Voodoo
U460 Use Black Lotus Tar0Troll Shoppe Voodoo
Y3 Summon Balloon200Far Inn8 squares East of Starth Far Inn

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