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Venus Groan

Venus Groan

120 turns old female Norman. Member of Bad Company, Disciple of Fuvah

Monsterliness 1961
Toughness 196196
Muscle 333333
Badness 105105
Stealth 126126
Knowledge 330330
Max. Spell Points 282282
Creatures Killed 489489
Monsters Battled 4141
Action Points 251251

Weapon Skills
Missile MissileFour Bashing BashingFour
Pointed PointedFour Edged EdgedFive
Pole PoleThree Whip WhipThree

Wrestling Skills
Wrestling Bouts 8383
Offensive Offensive 2929
Defensive Defensive 2020
Tricks Tricks 66

Equipped Items
Primary Great Fuvah Sword EdgedFive
Missile Hand Catapult MissileTwo
Voodoo No Item Voodoo
Amulet Loadstone Amulet Amulet
Charm No Item Charm
Ring Silver Ring Ring
Defensive King's Spiked Shield DefensiveSeven
Body ArmourGator Armour BodyOneTwo
Helm Iron Helm HelmetThree
Gauntlets Iron Gauntlets GauntletsThree
Greaves Iron Greaves GreavesThree
Skin Toughness SkinFour
Total Armour Class TotalThreeTwo

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