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Screaming Mad Morris

Screaming Mad Morris

262 turns old male . Member of Bad Company, Disciple of Fuvah

Monsterliness 2787
Toughness 290290
Muscle 604604
Badness 166166
Stealth 151151
Knowledge 542542
Max. Spell Points 440440
Creatures Killed 552552
Monsters Battled 135135
Action Points 364364

Weapon Skills
Missile MissileFive Bashing BashingSix
Pointed PointedFive Edged EdgedSix
Pole PoleSix Whip WhipFive

Wrestling Skills
Wrestling Bouts 5050
Offensive Offensive 2727
Defensive Defensive 1313
Tricks Tricks 55

Equipped Items
Primary Bastard Sword EdgedSix
Missile Rattler Dart MissileFive
Voodoo No Item Voodoo
Amulet Silver Bone Necklace Amulet
Charm No Item Charm
Ring Glowing Red Ring Ring
Defensive Dragonhide Shield DefensiveEight
Body ArmourField Plate Armour BodyOneEight
Helm Iron Helm HelmetThree
Gauntlets PigIron Gauntlets GauntletsFive
Greaves Iron Greaves GreavesThree
Skin Toughness SkinSix
Total Armour Class TotalFourThree

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