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Lupus Groan

Lupus Groan

139 turns old male Norman. Member of Bad Company, Disciple of Fuvah

Monsterliness 1802
Toughness 207207
Muscle 289289
Badness 101101
Stealth 134134
Knowledge 350350
Max. Spell Points 406406
Creatures Killed 321321
Monsters Battled 5656
Action Points 267267

Weapon Skills
Missile MissileFour Bashing BashingFour
Pointed PointedFour Edged EdgedFive
Pole PoleFour Whip WhipOne

Wrestling Skills
Wrestling Bouts 3636
Offensive Offensive 1919
Defensive Defensive 1212
Tricks Tricks 44

Equipped Items
Primary Great Sword EdgedFive
Missile Hand Catapult MissileTwo
Voodoo No Item Voodoo
Amulet Silver Bone Necklace Amulet
Charm Silver Charm Charm
Ring No Item Ring
Defensive King's Spiked Shield DefensiveSeven
Body ArmourGator Armour BodyOneTwo
Helm No Item HelmetZero
Gauntlets Iron Gauntlets GauntletsThree
Greaves Iron Greaves GreavesThree
Skin Toughness SkinFour
Total Armour Class TotalTwoNine

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