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364 turns old male Furrcat. Member of Bad Company, Disciple of Fuvah

Monsterliness 3709
Toughness 291291
Muscle 888888
Badness 218218
Stealth 167167
Knowledge 526526
Max. Spell Points 449449
Creatures Killed 10571057
Monsters Battled 206206
Action Points 441441

Weapon Skills
Missile MissileFive Bashing BashingFive
Pointed PointedFive Edged EdgedSix
Pole PoleSix Whip WhipFive

Wrestling Skills
Wrestling Bouts 116116
Offensive Offensive 2929
Defensive Defensive 2222
Tricks Tricks 1111

Equipped Items
Primary Military Pick PoleSix
Missile Rattler Dart MissileFive
Voodoo Black Lotus Tar Voodoo
Ring Gold Ring (Health) Ring
Defensive PigIron Shield DefensiveNine
Body ArmourFull Plate Armour BodyTwoOne
Helm King's Spiked Helmet HelmetFour
Gauntlets PigIron Gauntlets GauntletsFive
Greaves PigIron Greaves GreavesFive
Amulet Amulet of Protection AmuletFour
Charm Scarab of Protection CharmFour
Skin Toughness SkinNine
Total Armour Class TotalSixOne

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