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128 turns old male Fatblob. Member of Bad Company, Chosen of Fuvah

Monsterliness 2713
Toughness 244244
Muscle 366366
Badness 227227
Stealth 129129
Knowledge 485485
Max. Spell Points 269269
Creatures Killed 932932
Monsters Battled 2626
Action Points 255255

Weapon Skills
Missile MissileZero Bashing BashingZero
Pointed PointedZero Edged EdgedZero
Pole PoleZero Whip WhipZero

Wrestling Skills
Wrestling Bouts 176176
Offensive Offensive 3030
Defensive Defensive 2727
Tricks Tricks 1212

Equipped Items
Primary No Item No EquipmentZero
Missile No Item MissileZero
Voodoo No Item Voodoo
Amulet No Item Amulet
Charm No Item Charm
Ring No Item Ring
Defensive No Item DefensiveZero
Body ArmourNo Item BodyZero
Helm No Item HelmetZero
Gauntlets No Item GauntletsZero
Greaves No Item GreavesZero
Skin Toughness SkinSix
Total Armour Class TotalSix

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