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Arix Svensvenazuk

Arix Svensvenazuk

430 turns old male Viper. Member of Bad Company, Disciple of Fuvah, Guardian of Fuvah Temple Bad Company IX (#414)

Monsterliness 4833
Toughness 337337
Muscle 11001100
Badness 237237
Stealth 177177
Knowledge 600600
Max. Spell Points 450450
Creatures Killed 18211821
Monsters Battled 208208
Action Points 500500

Weapon Skills
Missile MissileFive Bashing BashingSix
Pointed PointedSix Edged EdgedSeven
Pole PoleSix Whip WhipSix

Wrestling Skills
Wrestling Bouts 221221
Offensive Offensive 3030
Defensive Defensive 2929
Tricks Tricks 2121

Equipped Items
Primary Bastard Sword EdgedSix
Missile No Item MissileZero
Voodoo Shingle Poison Voodoo
Charm Silver Charm Charm
Ring No Item Ring
Defensive PigIron Shield DefensiveNine
Body ArmourBanded Iron Armour BodyOneFive
Helm King's Spiked Helmet HelmetFour
Gauntlets King's Spiked Gloves GauntletsFour
Greaves King's Spiked Leggings GreavesFour
Amulet Amulet of Protection AmuletFour
Skin Toughness SkinNine
Total Armour Class TotalFourNine

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