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This map took the combined mapping efforts of many Monsters and Groups, all of whom now have access to the largest planning resource on the web for Monster Island.

Access to the map is restricted by password. However it's easy to gain the right to view it. How? Join in the collaboration and send me your current map. I get a bit more information and you get to share tens of thousands of squares of useful information.

NOTE: If you are having trouble accessing the map with your username and password please drop me a line. I think I may need to reset everyone's passwords as they are being stored in a different format than previously!

Those clever people who have already joined the project can view the map here:

Map Interactive Map

or dive right into the detail here:

Top: Left:   Width: Height: Version:

You can download a .KLN version of the map that can be loaded into the MIMAP program here

Map Where's My Nearest?

A new feature recently added now allows you to find out how close to a particular Location, Plant or Creature you are. Use the Where's My Nearest? page to find the answer. Click on the co-ordinates to see a close up map of the location's surrouning area. NB If in Zargnoth or near the Starth border please note that reaching your nearest may involve crossing a river or the Crystal Hills. No liability for damages to Monster or Posessions will be accepted by Bad Company from any incident that may result from the use of this service.

Map Where's that Place?
This is the latest addition to the mapping project. This page lists all the Far Posts, Inns, Forges, Exoticas, Squares, Railway Stations, Banks, Troll Bridges, Temples and Towers along with their co-ordinates and a link to the interactive map.

A by-product of the mapping project is the distribution analysis I have carried out below. If you need to find a particular creature, plant or location where is the best area or terrain to look in? Well glance through the pages listed below and hopefully your questions will be answered. Of course you could see exactly where to go if you join the mapping project...

Region Regions Sector Sectors Terrain Terrain
Sightings By Region
Westlands Westlands Gwardon Gwardon Jagged Mor Jagged Mor
Kunbar Kunbar Starth Starth Zargnoth Zargnoth
Sightings By Sector
North North Central Central South South

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