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Railway Station

Railway Station

Zargnoth Railway Station
A Railway Station in Zargnoth consists of three fairly rudimentary facilities:
The Beast and Carriage Stable is where the Muncher Beasts are hosed down and groomed, the Red Kachoos rest and the carriages are repaired.
The Zoingot drivers have their own private living quarters.
Finally there is the public area which consists of a ticket office and passenger waiting area.
The orders P1, P2, P3 and P4 will buy a journy to the listed towm. If you purchase a season ticket using the P9 order then there is no charge for any subsequent P1 - P4 orders done during that turn and the following ten turns.
Zargnoth Trains
The CARRIAGES are custom-built by Jossmen Forgers, they're 60 hands long and functional rather than comfortable. RED KACHOOS push the railway carriages. There is usually a male - female pair plus their offspring, if any. They're loyal, simple creatures with great strength and endurance. The Zoingots have brought them over as locomotion for their railway. Interestingly, they're magic resistant. Strapped to the front is a MUNCHER BEAST. It eats anything in its path. Picture a short, stubby, wide-mouthed snake enlarged to the size of a rhino. It is a docile, friendly creature, but only the Zoingots, who have imported them, seem to have the ability to domesticate them. The Muncher Beast also appears to be magic resistant.
ZR - Zargnoth Railways
Stretching as far north and south as the eye can see is one of the island's greatest technical achievements, the Zargnoth Railway, a joint project between the Jossmen and the Zoingots. Every 20 Action Points or so a train rattles by.
Probably the least spectacular part of the railway is the well worn and not very straight wooden track.
You've never before seen such a weird combination of creatures and items, but it would seem to work. A pair of Red Kachoos push the Jossman-constructed carriage along, a Zoingo Mutant sits up on top giving them directions, and a Muncher Beast is fastened to the front, eating anything in the train's path.


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Westlands Gwardon Jagged Mor Kunbar Starth Zargnoth Total
North-----1 (0.2)1
Central-----2 (0.3)2
South-----1 (0.2)1


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