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Troll Bridge

Troll Bridge

Road Bridge
This ancient bamboo and rope structure is far older than the road that crosses it. It is 'operated' from an adjoining booth by trolls, who seem to delight in charging desperate travellers an extortionate amount. One mystery is who built the bridge, as your average troll hasn't the necessary brain cells.
Should you wish to cross the river here then you must issue the PT (Pay Troll) order. This takes 10 Action Points and cost 50 Oculars (100 Oculars if you're riding a mount).
N.B. After successfully issuing this order, you'll still be in the bridge square but on the other side of the river.
Trading With Bridge Trolls
So you thought Ruks were dumb, wait till you try to trade with a Bridge Troll. Even though they are the smartest of the Troll races the time it takes for them to make change would give you time to take a loooong nap. Match that with the disposition of, well, a Troll, and you will soon realize that Jossmen aren't too bad. Whatever you do, though, don't tick one off as they care little for repeat customers (hey, just look at the quality of the bridge) and care a lot about a good stew.
Troll Voodoo Secrets
Not really a secret, per se, if you have ever dealt with Trolls, but Trolls of any sort are not the smartest of races. As such, they really don't have the gray matter to remember complicated voodoo formulae. But, given their size and fighting ability, they are more than capable of co-opting a knowlegable member of another race to perform all their voodoo work for them. Remember this the next time a Troll asks you to help him with something. They would not be above using a Ruk for such a purpose.
Buying From Bridge Trolls
To buy Voodoo Knowledge from a Bridge Troll, you must issue the Troll Voodoo Order (TV Item#) where the item number is the number on the list corresponding to the knowledge you wish to purchase. Be sure to watch your manners or you may end up floating in the river. If you don't put up too much of a fuss, it should only take 60 Action Points to learn what the Trolls have to teach.


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Central-----2 (0.3)2
South-----1 (0.2)1


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