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Tower Ruin

Tower Ruin

Tower Ruins
Before you is a large pile of large gray stones. The stones are strewn around a circular foundation roughly 30 hands in diameter. This place gives you the creeps. What would be the purpose of such a tower? When you find that out you may want to rebuild this tower. You can do so by issuing the REBUILD order: Z (Action Pts). Each time you issue this order you'll be told the new state of repair. It will be challenging to rebuild the upper portion - you'll have to be very muscular!
Rebuilding Tower Ruins
The Innkeeper tells you that such ruins were once a Wizard's Tower. Long ago, a Wizard would live in such a place so that he could conduct his experiments in a secure stone building. The Innkeeper thinks it's pointless to rebuild a Tower now - who could use it? There are no Wizards around. And, it'll take someone or something with extraordinary might to rebuild the upper portion.


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Westlands Gwardon Jagged Mor Kunbar Starth Zargnoth Total
North-3 (1)6 (1.2)3 (0.9)9 (2.5)1 (0.2)22
Central-2 (0.5)10 (1.6)5 (1.4)8 (2.3)4 (0.7)29
South2 (0.7)3 (1)10 (1.9)5 (1.4)4 (1.3)1 (0.2)25


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