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Jossman Imperial Bank

Jossman Imperial Bank

Jossman Imperial Bank
Long, long, long ago, the Lavadorian King Munchbik XI decided to establish the Jossmen Imperial Bank. Since that time, it has been the basis of the Jossmen economy in the Civilized Lands. Never long to see a chance at profit. the Powers That Be noticed that Ruks seemed to lose money everywhere, whether placing it accidently in temples or getting taken by unscrupulous Jossmen. The response was to expand the Bank as far west as the Zargnoth. Jossmen may come in many forms but you can usually count on Jossmen Bankers to treat you fairly.
Banking Transactions
Banks can do many things for you. If you do not have a Bank Account, you must first Open an Account (GA #Oculars) where the number of Oculars is the amount you wish to deposit in the Bank. If you already have an account, you can Deposit Oculars (DO #Oculars) where the number of Oculars is the amount you wish to deposit. If you need to Withdraw Oculars (WO #Oculars), just specify the number of Oculars you wish to withdraw. You can only establish a bank account at a branch of the Jossmen Imperial Bank. Once established, you can withdraw Oculars at most Far Structures though there may be a transaction fee. You cannot deposit Oculars anywhere but at the bank.
Insurance Policies
No Ruk should be without one since they can make coming back to life much easier. What are we talking about? Well, Insurance Policies, of course. To buy an Insurance policy, issue the INSURANCE POLICY order: IP (#Oculars) where the number of Oculars is how much you want to spend on the policy. If you should die and be resurrected, you can redeem your policy using the COLLECT INSURANCE order: IC. If you do this, the Jossman Imperial Bank will reimburse you TWICE the amount you paid for the policy. Granted, death is no fun, but with a good Insurance Policy, returning from the dead can be a little easier. You can only buy or redeem Insurance Policies at a Jossman Imperial Bank Branch.


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Westlands Gwardon Jagged Mor Kunbar Starth Zargnoth Total
North-----1 (0.2)1
Central-----2 (0.3)2
South-----1 (0.2)1


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