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Fort Ruin

Fort Ruin

Fort Ruins
In front of you lie the scattered ruins of what must have been a small fort. There is no sign of who or what last occupied it. You speculate that some awfully big Creature or unusually powerful Monster ripped the place to pieces. One wall is punctured with a large set of teeth marks. With a lot of effort, the Fort can be rebuilt. It would make a nice place to camp and/or reside, provided whatever wrecked the place didn't come back! To effect repairs, issue the REBUILD order: Z (Action Pts). Each time you do this you will be told the state of repairs. The job consists of repositioning the stones, and cutting and tying bamboo into place. If members of your Group are in the square, and/or you have a Mount (and Rope), you'll make quicker progress on repairs.
Rebuilding Fort Ruins
The Innkeeper would like to see the Forts rebuilt. They are a particularly good place for a Group to operate out of. These Forts once housed up to two dozen people and their Mounts. Nowadays, a Fort would be a very secure place to rest/sleep/ recover from injuries.


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Westlands Gwardon Jagged Mor Kunbar Starth Zargnoth Total
North-5 (1.7)9 (1.8)9 (2.7)7 (1.9)2 (0.4)32
Central-6 (1.6)9 (1.5)6 (1.6)6 (1.7)5 (0.9)32
South-3 (1)11 (2.1)8 (2.3)5 (1.6)4 (0.7)31


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