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Since the demise of Monster Island Central which had an excellent selection of Links I thought it worthwhile to begin listing Monster Island sites here.

If you know of any site I've missed then please let me know.


RatingNameLast Update
UKKJC Games (Monster Island)
Company who runs the UK Island. KJC also runs Quest, It's A Crime, Beyond the Stellar Empire and Extra Time
UKFiveMessage in a Bottle16-Oct-2003
UK Newsletter edited by Tony Austin.
USAdventure Guild (Monster Island)
Company who runs the US Island. They also run It's A Crime
USMonster Island Transition
Message board to keep us all up to date on the Adventure Guild's Monster Island developments.
USAdventures By Mail (Monster Island)
Company who used to run the US Island. ABM also ran Quest, It's A Crime, Smuggler's Run and Isle of Crowns


RatingNameLast Update
UKFuvah5Bad Company (Bad News)5-Apr-2004
Bad Company strongest group in Monster Island, blah blah blah. Huge repository of information about every aspect of the game and very nicely presented. Has an online map.
UKFuvah3Monster Liberation FrontUnknown
Short Journal of a Monster travels, lots of information about raids the group have carried out on various locations and other monsters they have fought
UKShroudEternal Void31-Oct-2003
Contact details and short history of the premier Dark group of Monster Island.
ThreeIsland Rangers6-May-2002
Nice list of members and who they are. News and a hall of fame. Also links to Gladsheim's page below
USShroud1Lords Of Chaos16-Jan-2001
Just a list of members and a couple of links
USFuvah2Shadow Guardians8-Nov-1999
Nice piece on Fort enhancements, list of members and goals
US5Fire Riders of Kafu Zush Ma26-Mar-2002
Home of the Monster Island Trail Atlas, Temple teleport charts and a whole host of information
UKShroud1Kindred Agents of Shroud (KAOS)Unknown
List of members.
Not much here
UKKabukiWhite Knights of Kabuki8-Oct-1996
USShroud3Shroud's Fury13-Sep-2002
Blurbs, maps (one from the old Bad Company site), information and a list of members. Nice layout & uncluttered interface


RatingNameLast Update
US4Aaron Fuegi's Monster Island Page
Lots of old newsletters and links to now dated information. Most links are dead.
US3Gladsheim's Monster Island Info Page2-Jun-2002
Repository of information about Monster Island.
US5Skizlum Skallaglam's Monster Island Page16-Mar-2002
Compulsive reading, or was, of the travels of Skizlum, One Pumped Up Babe and Reepicheep. This is where I always used to look to find out what was new on the Island.


RatingNameLast Update
USFiveABM Monster Island Message BoardAlways
Moderately active message board. Useful for picking up hints and asking questions.
FiveThe Headhunter Font (Install this to view my site as it should look)
This font is like the one made of bones on your Results sheet.
FiveIcon Collection
These are all the icons I've used on this site, zipped up into one handy zip file. Feel free to use them in whatever project you like. They are all 25x25 pixel Portable Network Graphic files (*.png)

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