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Kabuki Kabuki Fuvah Fuvah Shroud Shroud


Yasmin Yasmin El Boa Kadar Kadar Black Graggolos Graggolos Vlados Xi Vlados Xi

Creature Listing

106Killer Koala BearLow HillsSand and PalmsTainted HollowAnimal8-14 (11)(2-3) 0-10 Koala Tooth(#106) 1 Food (#99)CaptureSwarth Net
The Creature number
The name of the Creature
The terrains mentioned in the Blurb and all the locations where the Creature has been encountered
The type this Creature is
Displays the minimum and maximum Health the Creature has been encountered with followed in brackets by the number of recorded kills
Currently in brackets the minimum and maximum number of hits the Creature makes per round of combat.
The most effective weapon to use against this Creature
The Item that can be harvested from the carcass of the Creature and the Minimum and Maximum quantity harvested.
The item needed to capture the creature or "No" if the Creature cannot be captured by any known means. This also lists whether the Creature can be a Mount and how to produce a Mountable Creature.

Creature Types

Animal Animal Bird Bird Fish Fish Insect Insect Mutate Mutate Bizarre Bizarre Plant Plant Reptile Reptile Snake Snake Undead Undead


Sticks Sticks Swamp Swamp Sand and Palms Sand and Palms Jungle Jungle High Jungle High Jungle Sea Sea/River Low Hills Low Hills High Hills High Hills Crystal Hills Crystal Hills

Item Listing

6Gator Armour1Far Inn

Makable ItemsJute Vine, Knife (42) 4 Gator Hide (#11)Mine ShaftBodyClass 4 Makeable ItemsChaser Plate Armour (#216) 
The Item number
The name of the Item
The number of this item you can carry (* means any number)
The locations you can buy and sell this item. The icon is followed by Selling To (in green), buying from (in Red), bounty (in Blue) and repair (in Yellow). Far Forges and Far Exoticas list the Minimum - Maximum price range. Far Inns list the Poor, OK, Fair, Good, High prices. Towers list the Awful, Poor, OK, Fair, Good, High, Excellent prices. Far Posts list the regular price. Items that cannot be bought or sold at any known location have a no sell icon here.
Where the item can be collected from or instruction on how to make the item. Plant parts will have a plant icon followed by the plant name, creature parts a creature icon followed by the creature name and Makeable items will have a hand icon followed by a list of items and requirements. This is divided into three parts: Firstly a list of required items or conditions that must be met such as a Knife in Swamp terrain. Items in this section are not used up in the making process. Secondly is a number in brackets which is the number of action points required to make the item. Lastly is the list of items that will go into the made item.
Lists all the locations where this item has been found as treasure.
The type of item it is and its Level if applicable.
The class of the item, such as Knife or Digging Implement.
The items that this item can be used to make.
Miscellaneous notes about the use or properties of the Item. Also shows the Religious status of Item

Equipment Types

Missile Missile Bashing Bashing Pointed Pointed Edged Edged Pole Pole Whip Whip Wrestling Wrestling Helmet Helmet Gauntlets Gauntlets Greaves Greaves Body Body Defensive Defensive Amulet Amulet Ring Ring Charm Charm

Item Classes

Digging Digging Light Light Tool Tool Coin Coin Voodoo Voodoo Statue Statue Vessel Vessel Bauble Bauble Dagger Dagger Knife Knife Scroll Scroll Machete Machete Mining Mining

Weapon/Armour Classes

Zero Zero One One Two Two Three Three Four Four Five Five Six Six Seven Seven Eight Eight Nine Nine

Spell Listing

NoSpellFormatSpell PtsAction PtsUsed
34Seal/Open Temple Door(Spell Pts)any #6Seals or Opens a Temple door
The Spell number
The name of the Spell
The order format for the Spell
Spell Pts
The number of spell points used to cast the spell, varies if the spell uses a variable number of points or Any # if you can use any number of points
Action Pts
The number of action points used to cast the spell or varies if the spell uses a variable number of points
Brief description of the use and effect of the spell

Plant Listing

jutJute VineGator Armour (#6), Jute Rope (#28), Spare Rope (#41)Always
The Id of the plant. This code is used on the map pages
The Name of the plant
The items that can be harvested from the plant
A guide to the blooming cycle of the plant
Any special notes regarding the plant

Location Listing

IconOrderAPsEquipmentTreasure (Ocs)
Voodoo WorkshopU 33854 Light, 1 Large Lockpick1 - 277 (56)
The Icon used to identify the Location in this web site and on the online map
The order used to enter this location
The number of action points used to explore this location
The equipment required to completely explore this location
Treasure (Ocs)
The minimum and maximum amount of treasure (in oculars at a fair price) recovered from this location. The average amount is shown in brackets

Each location then lists the creatures encountered, the treasure found and the explorations made. If it is a trading location such as a Far Inn it will list the items you can buy and sell and the known structures of this type.

Trading Listing

The Dark Anvil The Dark AnvilP539
Spigot's Red Spigot's RedP645
Borsthead's Borsthead'sP545
The Silver Hook The Silver HookP639

The Trading chart shows the traders who sell the item, spell or service

The type and name of the trading location
The order to issue to purchase the item, service or spell
The price the item, service or spell is offered for at the location

Exploring Listing

Location% ChanceFound
Small Cave Small Cave31 in 31
Mine Shaft Mine Shaft01 in 134
Loggerhead Camp Loggerhead Camp33 in 86
Hillock Hillock01 in 166

The exploring chart shows the explorable locations where this item or creature can be found

The type and name of the location
The percentage chance of finding the item or creature at the location
The number of times the item or creature has been found at the location in the total number of visits

Distribution Listing

Westlands Gwardon Jagged Mor Kunbar Starth Zargnoth Total
North2 (0.8)2 (0.7)4 (0.8)4 (1.2)5 (1.4)-17
Central6 (1.6)7 (1.9)20 (3.3)1 (0.3)2 (0.6)-36
South2 (0.7)-5 (1)9 (2.5)2 (0.7)-18

The distribution chart shows the numbers of the plant, creature or location in each area of Monster Island.

First Number
This is the actual number of sightings of the plant, creature or location in the area
(Second Number)
This is the number of sightings of the plant, creature or location per 1000 squares in the area.

So for example looking at the South Kunbar you can see 9 squares contain this creature at a density of 2.5 creatures per 1000 squares.

Habitat Listing

Unknown Sticks Sand and Palms Swamp Jungle Low Hills High Jungle Crystal Hills High Hills Sea Total

The habitat chart shows the numbers of the plant, creature or location in each terrain type.

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