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A Word from Titus Groan

Who are you and why are you here?

Titus Groan here, leader of the mighty Bad Company. We have this web site which essentially means what we do can now be seen by other Monsters, instead of relying on hearsay and rumour. This Report will dispel the myths behind the most powerful and successful group of all time...

Initially we formed because we were the toughest Fuvites on The Island and we wanted more power. It sounds ridiculous, eh? How can a bunch of Acolytes be the most advanced Fuvites on The Island? Well, seven years ago we were the only Fuvites, period. The other religions were doing well, and both The Light and Dark had Disciples and Temples. But there was no Fuvites before us.

The determination of Brothers soon made a mark. Fuvite Temples followed thick and fast, and we soon became a major force on The Island. Over time The Light dwindled with the departure of key Lightsiders, and The Dark emerged as the most powerful force on The Island. The future for us was now clear - we must destroy The Dark. But first we needed more power. Over many years this was obtained, while keeping The Dark at bay.

We had many victories. We became the first Fuvite Disciples, Sanctified the first Fuvite Temple, Sanctified the most Fuvite Temples (10) and ultimately were the first to discover and obtain the Teleport Spell. We have killed many Monsters along the way (during Holy Crusades), and now own about 8 Forts. Though we've never built one! Over time The Dark were weakened by the constant pressure, and one by one the Darksider groups fell. With BKoS, Void and HoS gone, and The SSS under siege, there is no Darksider force. Brothers Teleport from place to place, picking off the last Darksiders they find. Darksiders are now quite rare!

Having brutally crushed The Dark in The West, and successfully foiling a Darksider plot for a Zargnoth Temple in The East, Bad Company are free to turn our attentions to other religions and groups. We are now making sure The Light once again become a major force on The Island. This done, we will be free to take the struggle to other Fuvite groups that would mimic us, or steal our power. At this point in time there is an uneasy stand-off between Bad Company and other Fuvite groups such as The MLF and ShadowCult. In return for promises to avoid Temple X we have agreed not to butcher these Fuvites. For now...

What do you do?

Contrary to popular belief, and although many Brothers are awesome fighters, fighting is not all we are interested in. In reality fighting (Player Monsters) is the least part of what we do, and usually only happens when we are bored or can't be bothered to negotiate (for whatever reason). Apart from Darksiders who we tend to kill on sight.

I (Titus) am the hub of the wheel (so to speak), and co-ordinate the gathering of information and the distribution of the various Reports. We are very enthusiastic about obtaining more information of any nature, but primarily focus on maps, Blurbs (especially Items), English Monster Numbers (and locations), Dark Places and technique - such as improving Muscle, Yell or Toughness as fast as possible. If you have any information you think we may find useful, then do not hesitate to let us know (at the address below). We are bound to know or have something you need, and an amicable deal can almost always be found.

Some Brothers specialise in exploring and investigation, and there are always Brothers working on the frontiers of our Knowledge. For example, I believe Bad Company were the first to clear a Crypt (Wysdumb - March '98). Things on the current agenda include investigation of the new Dark Place(s) and determining what all the new (and some old) Items are, and can be used for. Other Brothers are working on collecting colossal numbers of Talismans for Priesthood. Yet more are obtaining Spells, Spell Points or the Teleport Spell itself. Some are mapping in order to locate new facilities, such as Temple Ruins (or a Fuvite Temple) next to Fort Ruins, Far Structures and choice Dark Places. Some are watching other Fuvites. Some are hunting other Monsters or lining up Forts for invasion. Others are after treasure. The list is endless.

What are your goals?

Our goals are very simple. In the past we struggled to become the most powerful group. Now we struggle (?) to remain the most powerful force on The Island. I am only interested in one thing - Bad Company, and the Brothers therein. Those that help us will be helped. Those that hinder us will be destroyed. That's all there is to it.

What if I wanted to join Bad Company?

Ah, a smart Monster, eh? You must first be a Fuvite, or in the process of becoming one. Er, I think that just about sums up our entry requirements. All Fuvites are welcome, except those that run Darksiders. And of course you must be playing the English version of Island.

What would you expect of me if I did join?

In a nutshell, loyalty. Apart from that, nothing. We will kill you if you ever stab us in the back. To date no Monster has pulled a fast one on us and lived. In addition to this we will destroy the force you are working for. We only have one rule (the Challenge rule) and all group activity is voluntary. You are free to do more or less whatever you want, but we typically find most Prospects are very enthusiastic about working with the group. Especially when the sheer volume of material becomes apparent, and the information starts to have a direct bearing on the Prospect's future.

What can I expect if I join?

All Brothers are entitled to Reports, maps, protection, equipment (if required) and assistance in just about every way imaginable. The nature of the beast is slowly changing, and in the future the emphasis will shift to older Brothers. But for now, Prospects still get a lot of attention. You can expect to be a part of an extremely effective organisation. We have yet to fail in a Mission in seven years! So you can be certain we know what we're doing.

What now?

Either contact the address below if you are interested in joining, or trading information. Or just have a look around and see what we get up to. There is some information on this site which you may find interesting if you are very young, but generally you'd be better off contacting me personally as I can help with specific questions. If you're young and looking for adventure, then we'll probably help you just for the sake of it. But if you are a power-player, say a group leader, on the scrounge for ways to beat White Lotus Elixir, or beat the Teleport Spell, or after a system of locating where the next Dark Place is going to be, then you'll most likely need something to trade.

As far as trading information goes, we look at each case on its merits, and may even be prepared to trade with The Dark under certain circumstances. Don't be put off if you don't play the English version of Island. Much of the information we have, including the map, is universal. Indeed, we welcome enquiries by European and American players. Some of the most successful trades we've ever made have been with Americans, for example. Since we aren't in the same version of the game, then politics and religion simply aren't a factor. We can both get on with the business at hand, which is information. Having said that, if for any reason you wish to remain anonymous, you can rely on us.

Titus Groan


Ed Webb,
24 Dermody Road,

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