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Kadar the Black

Kadar the Black

The History of the Dragon Kin
Dragons are the oldest known inhabitants of the Island, existing before the seven races were born. Dragon-kin are ruled by an ancient Wyrm - Kadar the Black. Huge, even for a dragon, Kadar was the father of the three known Dragon Races. These great beasts have always been solitary creatures as the land could scarcely contain creatures of their great size. The seven races provided fellowship that the Great Wyrms (known as the Folk of Flame and sky) craved. As the races grew closer many monsters swore allegience to Kadar and stories are still told of the incredible powers they possessed. Two events are thought to contribute to the disapperance of dragons from the Island - A challenge to Kadar's rule by his eldest daughter and the pact that ended the Demi-God War.
Kadar's Quest For Rebirth
The Demigod wars cost Kadar's children dearly for their defense of the seven Monster races. Many Folk of Flame and Sky were destroyed outright. The war ended with the Pact that exiled Kadar. His last act was a mighty spell to protect his children from the evil of his eldest daughter - Yasmin. With the help of Grraggolos, he was able to place the spirits of his children into magical Dragon Statues (Gold, Silver and Wooden for Fire Drakes) that could not be harmed. Should you wish to prove your willingness to follow Kadar's teachings, give his child life by combining a Statue, Ichor and a Dragonbone in the power of a Geyser square. (Note: Items made of Dragonbone may work except when forged into weapons.)


 299Ethereal Hammer1  BashingClass 6  Graggolos Kadar
 300Ethereal Needle1  MissileClass 6  Graggolos Kadar
 326Dragonbone Sword1Tower

Collapsed VaultKoma DenUnderwater GrottoEdgedClass 5  Kadar Treasure+2 skill levels in Combat
 327Dragonhide Armour0Far Forge

Koma DenBodyClass 8  Kadar
 329Dragonhide Shield1Tower

Underwater GrottoVoodoo WorkshopDefensiveClass 8  Kadar
 380Dragon Ichor7Tower

Fungus ForestGreat CaveLoggerhead CampTomb of MumiUnderwater GrottoVoodoo Workshop   Kadar Treasure
 385Dragon Flagon3Tower

Koma DenMine ShaftUnderwater GrottoVoodoo Workshop Vessel Kadar Treasure
 387Ethereal Scimitar1  EdgedClass 6  Graggolos Kadar
 389Ethereal Lance1  PoleClass 6  Graggolos Kadar
 391Ethereal Blade1  PointedClass 6  Graggolos Kadar
 392Ethereal Scourge1  WhipClass 6  Graggolos Kadar


 261DragonDragon GeyserReptile Kadar 


VerNoSpellFormatSpell PtsAction PtsUsed
 977Dragon Breath 150Kadar

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