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VerNoSpellFormatSpell PtsAction PtsUsed
 1Summon Creature varies60Summons a random creature to you
 2Ensnare Creature varies0 
 13Polymorph Object(Item#)200100 
 16Heal Self(Spell Pts)any #20Heals at the rate of one Health per Spell Pt
 17Purge Poisons 2010Rids your system of poison
 19Purify Water 1020 
 24Identify Scroll(Unreadable Scroll Item#)58Identifies an Unreadable Scroll
 25Read Scroll(Scroll Item#)185Reads a Scroll
 33Detect Dark Places 816Detects any Dark places within 2 squares of monster.
 34Seal/Open Temple Door(Spell Pts)any #6Seals or Opens a Temple door
 41Detect Fellow Followers 48Detects all fellow Followers within 2 squares of monster
 42Detect Rival Followers 812Detects all rival Followers within 2 squares of monster
 43Hide Fellow Followers 66Hides all fellow Followers from spells 41 and 42
 44Detect Natural Hazards 816Detects any natural hazards within 2 sqaures of Monster
 50Dig(Hands Deep)11Digs hole cost 1 per hand deep
 51Repair Large Silver Item(Large Silver Item#)107Repairs damaged large silver item
 52Repair Small Silver Item(Small Silver Item#)75Repairs damaged small silver item
 53Repair Large Iron Item(Large Iron Item#)128Repairs damaged large iron item
 54Repair Small Iron Item(Small Iron Item#)96Repairs damaged small iron item
 55Detect Plants 612Detects any plants within 2 squares of Monster
 56Float 50Used whenever falling
 57Stone Knuckles 30Used whenever entering Wrestling
 58Magic Spyglass 00Used instead of a Spyglass
 66Detect Item 2432Detects what items are being carried by another Monster in same square
 71Divine Monster(Monster#)8060Gives information on the nearby monster.
 77Detect Creatures 1224Detects any creatures within 2 squares of Monster
 81Detect Caches 1632Detects any caches within 2 squares of Monster
 83Detect Mounts 612Detects any mounts within 2 squares of Monster
 85Detect Sacrosancts 816Detects any Temples or Shrines within 2 sqaures of Monster
 87Ever-lasting Breath 30 
 88Detect Above Ground Places 1224Detects any Above ground places within 2 sqaures of Monster
 89Detect Ghosts 816Detects any ghosts within 2 squares of Monster
 90Produce Food 2520Creates food
 92Produce Water 1315Creates water
 96Fell High Jungle 100100Need 2 other Monster in same Square

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