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Bizzare Creatures

Bizzare Creatures


 211TentaculusVoodoo WorkshopOther24-158 (718)(1-5)Edged0-6 Tentaculus Tentacle(#211) 0-4 Food (#99) 
 218Mad StalkerJungleSticksOther90-196 (35)(3-6)Pole Capture No
 248Creeping OozeMine ShaftOther48-103 (82)(2-3)   
 249Carrion CrawlerAncient GraveyardFungus ForestMine ShaftOther45-98 (96)(2-3)   
 308Rollypod Other66-124 (14)(1-2)Bashing0-4 Rollypod Plate(#222)  
 318Water Imp Other40-70 (11)(1-3) 1-2 Food (#99) 
 345Baugwink Other48-106 (38)(2-2)   
 351Water GremlinFungus ForestOther48-100 (23)(1-2)   
 353Green SlimeFungus ForestOther71-422 (29)(1-2)   
 117BolotamusJungleSand and PalmsSticksOther20-30 (5)(1-1)Bashing0-1 Bolotamus Muscle(#117) Capture No
 133Flesh Eater Other14-33 (52)(1-2)Shroud Capture No
 135Marsh DwellerSwampOther8-11 (7)(2-2)Pole Capture Deep Pit
 143Dune OozeSand and PalmsOther16-47 (58)(1-2) 0-1 Oozelet(#143) 0-6 Food (#99)Capture No
 144Ripple BeastSand and PalmsOther5-11 (29)(1-1) 0-3 Guano Plasm(#144) Capture No

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