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All Spells

All Spells


VerNoSpellFormatSpell PtsAction PtsUsed
 1Summon Creature varies60Summons a random creature to you
 2Ensnare Creature varies0 
 13Polymorph Object(Item#)200100 
 16Heal Self(Spell Pts)any #20Heals at the rate of one Health per Spell Pt
 17Purge Poisons 2010Rids your system of poison
 19Purify Water 1020 
 24Identify Scroll(Unreadable Scroll Item#)58Identifies an Unreadable Scroll
 25Read Scroll(Scroll Item#)185Reads a Scroll
 33Detect Dark Places 816Detects any Dark places within 2 squares of monster.
 34Seal/Open Temple Door(Spell Pts)any #6Seals or Opens a Temple door
 41Detect Fellow Followers 48Detects all fellow Followers within 2 squares of monster
 42Detect Rival Followers 812Detects all rival Followers within 2 squares of monster
 43Hide Fellow Followers 66Hides all fellow Followers from spells 41 and 42
 44Detect Natural Hazards 816Detects any natural hazards within 2 sqaures of Monster
 50Dig(Hands Deep)11Digs hole cost 1 per hand deep
 51Repair Large Silver Item(Large Silver Item#)107Repairs damaged large silver item
 52Repair Small Silver Item(Small Silver Item#)75Repairs damaged small silver item
 53Repair Large Iron Item(Large Iron Item#)128Repairs damaged large iron item
 54Repair Small Iron Item(Small Iron Item#)96Repairs damaged small iron item
 55Detect Plants 612Detects any plants within 2 squares of Monster
 56Float 50Used whenever falling
 57Stone Knuckles 30Used whenever entering Wrestling
 58Magic Spyglass 00Used instead of a Spyglass
 66Detect Item 2432Detects what items are being carried by another Monster in same square
 71Divine Monster(Monster#)8060Gives information on the nearby monster.
 77Detect Creatures 1224Detects any creatures within 2 squares of Monster
 81Detect Caches 1632Detects any caches within 2 squares of Monster
 83Detect Mounts 612Detects any mounts within 2 squares of Monster
 85Detect Sacrosancts 816Detects any Temples or Shrines within 2 sqaures of Monster
 87Ever-lasting Breath 30 
 88Detect Above Ground Places 1224Detects any Above ground places within 2 sqaures of Monster
 89Detect Ghosts 816Detects any ghosts within 2 squares of Monster
 90Produce Food 2520Creates food
 92Produce Water 1315Creates water
 96Fell High Jungle 100100Need 2 other Monster in same Square
 320Teleport Item 5050Sends an item to another Monster
 404Ripen Plant 5050Ripens a plant and harvests it
 666Divine Item 100200 
 701Torchlight 30Cast in place of a torch
 702Magic Small Lockpick 80Used automatically instead of a Small Lockpick
 703Magic Large Lockpick 90Used automatically instead of a Large Lockpick
 704Magic Voodoo Cauldron 90Used automatically instead of a Voodoo Cauldron
 705Magic Knife 30Used automatically instead of a Knife
 707Magic Rope 30 
 708Magic Machete 30 
 757Temple Teleport(Temple#)00Teleport from one Temple to another
 802Ensnare Creature varies0 
 805Light Armour 30+4 Armour Class
 811Battle Dexterity 150 
 822Fire Shield 120 
 828Armour 110+7 Armour Class
 832Flee Fast 400 
 844Battle Slowness 150 
 851Fool's Cry 210 
 852Alarm 1500 
 853Confuse Spell 210 
 856Magic Silver 120Coats weapon in a layer of silver
 862Heavy Armour 150 
 875Anti-Spell 400 
 877Reflect 300Reflects Lightening Spells
 901Fireball 100 
 903Blinding Light 120Kabuki
 905Deep Shadows 120Fuvah
 907Frost Blast 150Mage Spell. More powerful against Fire Shield.
 909Flaming Sphere 180Mage Spell. More powerful Fireball.
 910Ball Lightning 250 
 911Ice Storm 250 
 917Burning Hands 200Conjurer Spell.
 922Enchant Weapon 200 
 924Sleep 90 
 928Fear 70 
 933Lightning 140Shroud
 955Magic Bolts 80Conjurer Spell.
 966Venom Strike 160Yasmin
 977Dragon Breath 150Kadar
 981Hamper Weapons 320 
 987Weakness 5010Drains Muscle.Vlados Xi
 996Mystic Hunting Spear 200Damages opponent's mount

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