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Bad Company History

Being as far a possible an accurate record of the Fuvite Group and its Brothers

Historical Comment

As can be seen from the detailed history below Bad Company has certainly had a lively past. Being one of the earliest groups to form on the island and certainly the first official Fuvite Group Bad Company has always been in the thick of the action not least due to the agressiveness of its leader Titus Groan. While many of Fuvah's followers are happy to explore the island and better themselves Titus has always been keener on climbing to the top over the bodies of others. His single mindedness led to Bad Company quickly building up a large network of Temples in Kunbar and Starth. When Titus grew tired of pulling against an increasingly passive Company he left with two other monsters to single handedly take on the might of Shroud. The fact that he returned not only alive but also with many successful battles under his belt to lead the group once again shows something of his strength, skill and determination. However the group did not suffer by his departure but found a new direction and begun concentrating on self improvement. Through a combined effort the Brothers continued rebuilding Temples and by working together were able to completely destroy several Knolltir and Loggerhead communities - something many of the younger brothers would not have been able to do. When Titus returned to the group it was this period under Wyrmbreath's administration that had consolidated the Brothers into a formidable fighting force. The lucky discovery of Temple ruins in Zargnoth (which must surely have been guided by Fuvah himself) was too good to allow to slip and within a surprisingly short period of time enough Fuvites had been assembled to sanctify the Temple thus making for the time being Bad Company the most powerful Group on the Island. True to character Titus was not going to let this advantage go to waste and so immediately set about his crusade - to destroy Shroudians.

His motivation for this hatred and aggression can again be seen in the history below. the earliest hostile encounters were with followers of Shroud, the Midg incident and the betrayal of a fellow Brother to the Dark (which resulted in death for the Monster involved) and his split from the Company to form Shadowcult which as all monsters should know seems to have been little more than a support group for the Dark groups have all left a bitter taste in Titus' mouth. In actual fact the Fuvites have little choice but to attack and weaken the increasingly powerful Dark groups as the Light siders seem too weak and too few to effectively challenge the darkness. As for his shunning of other Fuvite groups this is harder to explain. Pride is a most likely factor and not completely misplaced when one considers the achievements of Bad Company but it may be foolish to alienate fellow followers when their support and aid may be required against a combined army of Shroud. What the future brings we will have to see.

03.01.92Baddu-Bac is washed ashore.
13.02.92Titus Groan is washed ashore.
01.05.92The Suicide Foundation is unofficially formed by Titus Groan via an advert in Message in a Bottle 5.
01.06.92Captain T Groan unofficially forms Bad Company in MIAB 6. This was the first time the name Bad Company was publicly mentioned.
21.01.93A suspected unofficial Dark Group encounters Warrior Tarrasque 'Tween Turns in Jagged Mor North. He fights 3 Monsters before being forced to flee.
(Note: Tarrasque was then Timothy Young, and the unofficial Darksider Group is now known to be (the extinct) Hulk Hogan's Company)
22.01.93Sergeant Howling Mad Gav II promoted to Captain. He also becomes The Speaker. The search of Kunbar starts for decent Totems.
03.02.93Sergeant Howling Mad Gav II enters Kunbar. Bad Company meets another Darksider Group, The Hand of Shroud (#716). Negotiations begin.
06.03.93Warrior Malachor discovers the first Fuvian Creature, a Tusker (#180), later used as a Totem.
08.03.93Captain Tarrasque is demoted to Sergeant by General T Groan, for incompetence and insubordination.
20.03.93Bad Company declares war on The Hand of Shroud (#716), and become allied to Kabuki's Legion of The North.
22.03.93Prospect Bosworth discovers the existence of Stone Crypts.
26.03.93Sergeant Tarrasque refuses to recognise his rank (but is eventually forced to).
24.05.93General T Groan performs The Ceremony of Strength and Bad Company become Official. Present were General T Groan, Captain Ugolino, Sergeant Howling Mad Gav II, Sergeant Flax, Sergeant Tarrasque, Warrior Shadowborn, Warrior Malachor, Warrior Midg, Warrior Mazter, Warrior Baddu-Bac and Warrior Zivak. Totems are the Tusker, Blood Mummy and Thermadon Rex. Unofficial Brothers not present at the Ceremony are Captain Smegley and Prospects Bosworth, Claws, Montin, Quasimodo and Wingerath.
18.06.93General T Groan announces the Bad Company Battle Cry to be "Swabber & Swoopstake!" This roughly translates as "Clean up and take all."
21.06.93General T Groan completes Holy Mission I to rebuild the first Fuvite Temple at [CLASSIFIED]. The Ceremony of Sanctification is performed by Warrior Mazter.
06.08.93Prospect Montin becomes Bad Company's first Disciple and claims the title of SpellBinder. Entry by Montin. (Note: Montin was the first Fuvite Disciple, period)
13.09.93Prospect Montin becomes a Warrior. He is Initiated by Warrior Rucker.
15.09.93Prospect Wyrmbreath becomes a Warrior. He is Initiated by Warrior Rucker, but is attacked on the same Turn by Osidiradadumpf, a member of Eternal Void.
24.09.93Prospect Wysdumb becomes a Warrior. He is Initiated by Warrior Wyrmbreath.
31.10.93General T Groan is attacked by Osidiradadumpf 'Tween Turns, but wins the fight (just, 19 - 17).
01.11.93Captain Baddu-Bac and Sergeant Montin issue BCG18 which declares that The Senate (President Baddu-Bac and Senators Montin, Midg, Smegley and Ugolino) are taking over Bad Company on the grounds that General T Groan is inactive. This is the first Coup. Colonel Midg also participates along with Darksider forces in what was later to be regarded as the second Coup.
02.11.93General T Groan declares war on Eternal Void (#740).
05.11.93Prospect Konstantin becomes a Warrior. He is Initiated by Warrior Wyrmbreath.
12.12.93General T Groan calls a Vote to see if Brothers want him as leader (dictatorship) or The Senate (democracy).
31.12.93General T Groan wins the vote. The Senate is abolished and all Senators are removed from Posts. Bad Company continues under totalitarian rule.
05.02.94Sergeant Wysdumb becomes acting Speaker.
10.02.94Colonel Midg fails to find a Site for Temple II while Colonel Smegley fails to Sanctify Temple III. General T Groan assumes control of Holy Missions II & III.
22.02.94Temple III is rebuilt at [CLASSIFIED], but insufficient Brothers mean that it can't be Sanctified for some time.
24.02.94Captain Montin discovers a rebuilt yet Unsanctified Temple at [CLASSIFIED]. Who rebuild it or why remains a mystery.
21.03.94Sergeant Bosworth is Initiated by Captain Montin.
28.03.94Prospect Sverilix becomes a Warrior. He is Initiated by Captain Montin.
30.03.94General T Groan completes Holy Mission II at [CLASSIFIED]. The Ceremony of Sanctification is performed by an unknown Brother (Hawkwind, Snaggletooth, Midg?).
06.04.94Prospects Screaming Mad Morris, Bob and Kittusa Claws become Warriors. They are Initiated by General T Groan.
11.04.94Prospect Drak becomes a Warrior. He is Initiated by Captain Montin.
15.04.94Prospect Dark Vipes becomes a Warrior. He is Initiated by General T Groan.
06.05.94General T Groan completes Holy Mission III and Temple III at [CLASSIFIED] is Sanctified by Warrior Scales (Spedtime?). (Yes we'd been sitting about since February for the extra brothers to arrive! - Ed)
30.06.94Captain Wysdumb clears a Hillock and obtains a Wooden Fuvah Statue.
25.08.94Captain Wysdumb enters a Great Cave and obtains the first known Great Fuvah Sword.
26.08.94Colonel Smegley instigates the third Coup. He is later given the boot, and Bad Company continues under despotic rule.
08.09.94Midg is sent the first Black Spot after leaving Bad Company and threatening to Bestow Statues in Bad Company Temples. He takes Howling Mad Gav II (inactive) with him which angers many Brothers.
21.09.94General T Groan obtains a Wooden Fuvah Statue from a Hillock. Prospect Snaggletooth becomes a Warrior. He is Initiated by General T Groan.
28.09.94General T Groan completes Holy Mission IV to rebuild Temple IV at [CLASSIFIED]. The Ceremony of Sanctification is performed by Warrior Hawkwind.
04.10.94Captain Konstantin successfully loots and vandalism a Darksider Temple (Sanctified by Hulk Hogan's Company) at [CLASSIFIED] (but can only raid the Store Room).
07.01.95General T Groan completes Holy Mission V to rebuild Temple V at [CLASSIFIED]. Captain Konstantin performs The Ceremony of Sanctification, and notices his Dragonbone Necklace glowing as he does so.
12.01.95Promotions occur with a new highest rank of Marshal which Titus Groan now holds. A new system of Deeds and Honours is introduced, and all Deeds up to this point are awarded retrospectively. Posts are reintroduced. They are The Soothsayer (Marshal T Groan), The Keeper (General Wysdumb), The Speaker (Colonel Baddu-Bac), The Scribe (Colonel Montin) and The Scout (Captain Konstantin).
(Note: The Post of Champion was never re-introduced as the traditional holder of this Post was always Sergeant Howling Mad Gav II (the first Brother Titus Groan met), who was inactive at this point)
19.01.95Marshal T Groan clears a Loggerhead Camp, alone.
28.01.95Warrior Wyrmbreath Bestows a Golden Dragon Statue in Temple V. It is the first known Talisman of Fuvah (although a Wooden Fuvah Statue is also a Talisman of Fuvah).
06.03.95Marshal T Groan becomes the Guardian of Temple IV.
03.04.95The Holy Crusade I begins. Midg is now known to have been a Spy through contacts with Thrax Ironfist and Harry Hammerfang. Midg sold information on Bad Company to The Dark in order to secure the future of his new group, ShadowCult (#751).
16.04.95Marshal T Groan completes Holy Mission VI to rebuild Temple VI at [CLASSIFIED]. The Ceremony of Sanctification is performed by Warrior Sverilix.
26.04.95Colonel Montin obtains a Wooden Fuvah Statue from an Ancient Graveyard.
04.05.95General T Groan attacks a Darksider Acolyte, Jakob (Hulk Hogan's Company) and wins (100 v 32).
25.05.95Montin becomes the Guardian of Temple VI.
01.06.95Vapnajokull becomes the Guardian of Temple V.
12.06.95Thrax Ironfist boasts that a Spy leaked the latest Company Report. Both Midg and Smegley were known to have links with The Dark, but both are gone. Colonel Montin is suspected.
24.06.95Marshal T Groan gives control of the group to General Wysdumb. Many believe this is because he is unhappy about the lack of aggression the Brothers are showing - Ed.
04.07.95Independence day. Bad Company is now a democracy. Titus Groan is effectively shut out of the group, and operates alone. Wysdumb releases the first group newsletter, Bad News, which replaces the previous Company Reports. Wysdumb declares an unofficial alliance with Kabuki's Legion of The North (#748).
09.07.95Wysdumb becomes the Guardian of Temple III.
01.08.95Wysdumb discovers the location of Midg and coordinates an attack involving Montin, Shadowborn, Drak, Ugolino, Tarrasque and Spedtime. Midg is killed immediately, and the first Black Spot is sealed. Count Ugolino wins the first Shadow Cross.
11.08.95Titus Groan attacks a Lightsider Disciple, Deathwind (Kabuki's Legion of The North) and wins (69 v 40).
01.10.95Baddu-Bac clears a Loggerhead Camp.
01.12.95Aspher Sverilix forms Junior Bad Company in order to encourage younger Monsters to join.
03.01.96Konstantin clears a Loggerhead Camp.
10.01.96Smegley is killed at Temple IV by Rogue Rakshasa, a freelance member of the Fuvah Furrcats. This player was previously caught cheating (running 8 Monsters and killing his own Monsters in order to advance others). He later caused disruption in Bad Company by spying on Brothers at Temple VI with at least one Ghost. Smegley posthumously wins the first Company Colours.
(Note: No Black Spot was awarded as Titus Groan was not aware of this incident at the time. The incident with Biggs' Monsters caused Richard Vine to become very hostile, and he demanded Biggs stop cheating or he would reveal what Biggs was doing to the rest of The Island. KJC accused Vine of blackmail and told him to apologise to Biggs (which he refused). However, Stephen Biggs is still wanted by Bad Company. If you ever see any Monsters run by this player, let Richard know as killing any of Biggs' Monsters will get you The Company Standard.
25.05.96After long negotiations Wysdumb consolidates alliance between Bad Company and The SSS (#723) (Darksiders).
01.06.96Silvarn Drak becomes the Guardian of Temple I. He takes 118 damage 'Tween Turns from a Ghost haunting the Temple. Biggs is known to be in the area.
19.06.96Silvarn Drak storms the Hulk Hogan's Company Fort at [CLASSIFIED] and liberates it in the name of Bad Company. This becomes BC Fort I and Drak wins the first Iron Star.
01.08.96Wysdumb negotiates alliance between Bad Company and The White Knights of Kabuki (#710).
22.08.96Aspher Sverilix attacks a Darksider Disciple, Killer Kalador (The Black Knights of Shroud #767) and wins (72 v 42).
20.09.96Titus Groan attacks a Darksider Disciple, Kynak Darkfire (The Hand of Shroud) and wins (55 v 43).
(Note: At first sight this looks bad, but Darkfire fled after the first round of combat. The result of the first round of combat was (51 v 3) which puts it into perspective)
30.09.96Titus Groan attacks a Darksider Neophyte, Vima Da Boda (The Hand of Shroud) and wins (139 v 12).
01.10.96Wysdumb completes Holy Mission VII to rebuild Temple VII at [CLASSIFIED]. The Ceremony of Sanctification is performed by an unknown Brother.
04.10.96Titus Groan attacks a Darksider Neophyte, Vima Da Boda (The Hand of Shroud) and wins (23 v 3). Vima Da Boda dies and Titus Groan wins the first Black Cross (this was obviously claimed once Titus had rejoined the Company - Ed).
05.10.96Wyrmbreath becomes the Guardian of Temple VII.
26.10.96Aspher Sverilix completes Holy Mission VIII to rebuild Temple VIII at [CLASSIFIED]. The Ceremony of Sanctification is performed by Silvarn Drak.
01.12.96Tarrasque is the first Brother to enter Zargnoth.
11.03.97Baddu-Bac becomes the Guardian of Temple II.
04.06.97Titus Groan enters Zargnoth.
21.07.97Titus Groan finds Temple Ruins in Zargnoth. This is important as there are only 3 Ruins in Zargnoth, and each religion may rebuild a single Temple. Since it is rumored that any visitor to such a Temple will gain access to the Teleport Spell, Titus Groan begins to organize the rebuilding of Temple X in Zargnoth.
20.09.97Titus Groan demands to lead Bad Company. Wysdumb does not agree to this and negotiations begin.
02.10.97Aspher Sverilix completes Holy Mission IX to rebuild Temple IX at [CLASSIFIED]. The Ceremony of Sanctification is performed by Arix Svensvenazuk.
07.10.97Arix Svensvenazuk becomes the Guardian of Temple IX.
20.10.97Wysdumb calls a Vote to determine who leads Bad Company, Titus Groan or Aspher Sverilix.
24.10.97Aspher Sverilix storms the Hand of Shroud Fort at [CLASSIFIED] and liberates it in the name of Bad Company. This becomes BC Fort II and Sverilix wins the first Black Star.
10.11.97Aspher Sverilix wins the Vote (6 v 4).
12.11.97Titus Groan discovers the result of the Vote but fails to accept it. He threatens to Challenge Sverilix and instigates the fourth Coup. Sverilix steps down and Titus Groan leads the group. This is the first successful Coup in the history of Bad Company.
10.01.98Darksider intelligence reveals that Eternal Void (#740) have regrouped at The Jolly Ogre under the leadership of Thelma Twofang, and are rebuilding a Fort at [CLASSIFIED]. Bad Company begin to plan an assault on this Fort after rebuilding a Zargnoth Temple, as a strategic first step in Holy Crusade II.
29.01.98Titus Groan completes Holy Mission X to rebuild Temple X at a secret location in Zargnoth. The Ceremony of Sanctification is performed by Baddu-Bac. Titus, Baddu-Bac, Count Ugolino, Tarrasque, Bosworth and Hafnor all receive the Temple Teleport Spell which gives Bad Company a radical advantage over every other group. The only downside to this is that ShadowCult (Howling Mad Gav & Pretzel) were used in the rebuilding and hence also know the location of the Temple.
03.02.98Titus Groan successfully uses the Teleport Spell to get back into Starth.
12.02.98Aspher Sverilix attacks Uggh, a member of UGLI ( #704) and wins (119 v 31).
19.02.98Darksider intelligence reveals that Eternal Void (#740) have discovered the existence of Temple X, but not its location (due to ShadowCult releasing the information over the internet). They are now crossing into Zargnoth from The Jolly Ogre in order to use Divine Monster on known Fuvites and hence determine the location of Temple X. They believe they will find Temple Ruins near Temple X that they can rebuild themselves. ShadowCult are considered hostile.
20.02.98Holy Crusade II begins, led by Titus Groan. The intention is to destroy Darksiders on The Island once and for all.
27.02.98Titus Groan attacks a Darksider Disciple, Finn Po Noet (The SSS) at Shroud Temple #623 and wins (123 v 30). Finn Po Noet dies and Titus Groan wins a Black Cross.
06.03.98Tarrasque becomes the Guardian of Temple X.
14.04.98Titus Groan Teleports to Fuvite Temple #533 at [CLASSIFIED] in order to attack the Void/HoS Fort at [CLASSIFIED]. Count Ugolino, Tarrasque and Sverilix are providing backup, but with three Darksider Temples and a Darksider Fort nearby, anything can happen. Thelma Twofang may be in or near the Fort as The Hand of Shroud (716) are rumoured to have taken the Fort for themselves. Eternal Void (740) want it back. The plan is to assault the Fort catching HoS and Void on the hop.
??.??.??Aspher Sverilix storms the Fort but finds it empty. This becomes BC Fort III and Sverilix wins another Black Star.
06.05.98Titus Groan storms the SSS Fort at [CLASSIFIED] but finds it empty. This becomes BC Fort IV and Titus Groan wins a Black Star.
22.05.98Titus Groan Teleports to Fuvite Temple at [CLASSIFIED] in order to attack the ShadowCult Fort at [CLASSIFIED], but accidentally attacks Guido, a ShadowCult Disciple and wins [CLASSIFIED]. Guido dies and Titus Groan wins a Shadow Cross. Bad Company are warned not to attack the Fort (or else) by Howling Mad Gav II (Midg - Mark Wingad).
26.05.98Titus Groan storms the Fort but finds it empty. This becomes BC Fort IV and Titus wins a Black Star. Upon leaving the Fort Titus spots Howling Mad Gav II.
02.06.98Titus Groan tracks and attacks Howling Mad Gav II, a ShadowCult Disciple (with the Teleport Spell) and wins (183 v 101). Howling Mad Gav II flees.
05.06.98Titus Groan tracks and attacks Howling Mad Gav II and loses (0 v 5) as Howling Mad Gav II flees before combat.
09.06.98Titus Groan is still on the trail of Howling Mad Gav II and wins (76 v 7) yet Mad Gav still lives!
20.07.98Titus Groan obtains all possible Spells. There are currently [CLASSIFIED] Spells in all.

NB Much of the earlier history was compiled by Montin (then the Scribe of the company). After his departure the history was allowed to lapse and only recently have the deeds of Brothers been pieced together by Titus Groan who has now taken on the responsibility of maintaining an accurate record of the company's achievements. If any Brothers have any item to add to this list please e-mail it to me. Also if any Monsters of other Groups wish to add their past glories to the list (not necessarily concerning Bad Company) then please get in touch too.

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