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HMG Adventure

Howling Mad Gav's Zargnoth Adventure IV

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Today I set out with a skip and a step and a song. Baddu-Bac visted my Temple again. I headed northwards and into High Jungle I headed and I spotted a Tainted Hollow through my spyglass but I contiuned northwards and came accross a Kadda Vine. I then came accross a Great Cave. After a Bit of Jazzercizeing. I then got ready for my exploration of the Great Cave I checked my armor and weapons and in I go....

It's a bit quite at first the wind howls eerie around the cave enterance and I cast my Tourchlight spell. I hear water dripping I head deeper into the cave. It gets damp and dank and then a Cave-Pecker attacks me. After a very quick battle I get a Cave pecker feather from the carcase. I then contiune inwards... I trip and a Xanxu Cave Snake attacks me! I drop my great Fuvah sword so it dosn't hinder me and and quick move dispatchs the Xanxu Snake. I retrive my sword and cast another Tourchlight spell. A Slither snake comes to attack me but backs off.. Then suddenly another Cave Pecker comes at me. and was quickly dispacted. I then came to a huge pond of fresh water, Eye's alert, I drink some water from the pond. As I fill my waterskin I think I saw something move in the Water.... I have to cast another Tourchlight spell. I start to walk around the pond I begin to make out an island in the middle I then spot some stepping stones crossing the pond. An opportunity to get to the island I start to cross.. About Half way accross a Xanxu Wart Toad attacks me. It was a good little fight... lasted oooo 1 min... I then contiued accross the stepping stones to the island. I reach the island which I find to be very craggy... I begin to search through vast amount of debris/junk As i search I find a loggerhead shoe! yuk. After a bit of searching and finding nothing I hear a clicking noise I look up I see four shifting wraiths commeing at me! I'm out of hear... I head back out of the cave.. I exit disapointed with haveing found no Treasure at all. I do a bit of Jazzercizing and then settled down to camp.

Today I will go back to that Tainted Hollow I passed last time. First off I got rid of my Silver Studded Club and The Xanxu webbed feet. I set off southwards a Vine Stalker attacked and was dispacted quickly.. I got ready for the Tainted Hollow After hearing several storys about these places I didn't expect to get far as I'm not feeling 100%. Well I cast Tourch light spell and in I go. A Killer Koala Bear Attacks and was quickly dispatched. I have to Hack my way in as I do say I bang my head on a low branch but It didn't hurt.. Head probably to thick! As I continue inwards I cast another tourch light spell and a Possessed Palm blocks my Path! Never seen this creature before After a quick battle Although I used Battle Slowness spell on it.

I cast yet another Tourch light spell and a Coconut lands on my head! OUCH! After checking with the swinging ball I headed onwards and a Gargantu Tree-Sloth attacks! I start to wrestle the thing and quickly dispose of it. and suddenly a Possessed Palm came at me I cast Battle Slowness and attack a fight where I created match sticks in the end. As I contuine I scratch my self on some brambles, I cast yet another tourchlight spell and another possessed palm comes at me again... I cast another battle slowness spell and turn this possessed palm in to fire wood. I then head further in and come to a clearing. In the Middle stands a RED PALM... BATTLE I charge into battle casting battle slowness and Enchant weapon I take the inative and bring my sword to bear and take 2 direct swipes at the Red Palm and Cause Major damage to the Red Palm it counter attacks OUCH! that hurt. It clapses in a heap dead... I cast another tourchlight spell, I notice a Large locked box burried underneath a root.. I dig it out.. In a fallen magpie's nest I find 42 oculars and as I search about a bit more through some bones I find A Dragon Bone and 2 oculars As I have one last look around I notice the Red Palm appears to be regenerating!!! I recon this is a good time to leave and exit the hollow Fast...

That wasn't a bad bit of exploring. wounder whats in the locked box.. I'll have a look as I have Lockpicks and the skill required. I end off by doing some Jazzerciceing and then settle down to camp.

I was going to cross a railway bridge to start exploring outside the island the far town appears to be on. But after the tainted hollow experience I've chosen to head west ward and look for another way to cross the river I don't fancy getting run over in this state! I set off southwest ward and did some jazzercing. I got rid of some small useless junk i was carrying and then contineud southwards and I was ready for that High Jungle oh yes I was ready it didn't catch me out! HA sod you high Jungle. I then contiuened westward and did some Jazzerzing and then settled down in a little area i'll call.. Camp.

I set off southwest wards and I found a purple lotus shrud... not in bloom and I'll take that as a blessing. I then set off west ward and camp accross the dam river.. well I don't have a raft so i set off southwards and came to a Crocadower Battle and it was quick and painfull for the Crocadower. Silly thing shouldn't play with Dangerous Monsters. I had no real choice but to head south jazzercing and then contuieing southwards. I settle down and camp.

I head off southwest ward along the route of the river not a lot about bit of swamp terrian. I quickly came accross a road bridge. This Ancient bamboo and rope structure is far older than the road that cross's it. It is operated from an adjoining booth by Trolls who seem to delight in charging desperate travllers an extortionate amount. One mystery is who built the bridge, as you average troll hasn't got the necessary brian cells.

Trolls are colossal beings are an unmovable wall of raw fighting power. Were you to seriously annoy one and get into a fight with one after you'd blunted your weapons on it, It'd simply crush you with it's huge fists. Fortunatly there a friendly race. they spend most of there time fishing off the bridge or sleeping. I also saw Totem Markings of Smite,Great White Stork and Zombie. I choose to remove these Totems and place our own there




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This tale was taken from Howling Mad Gav's Adventure in Zargnoth.
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