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HMG Adventure

Howling Mad Gav's Zargnoth Adventure II

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Well I found the Far Town...

I sold my Emu Darts to the Far forge and got 200 oculars for 10 darts. Well I know have some spending power. I took a walk today around and about the area looking for other intresting things.

A pummel bear was first and last on my hit list today. It provided a TON of food that I really needed. I also came accross a Far Inn called the RED PALM. 9 rooms none occupied. Actually it sounds like they've never seen a RUK monster before! Well a Viper at least. I also noted no Jossman Lore master? They were in starth Inns but not out here??? Hum glad I learn't some skills from them before I crossed.

2 things I noticed for sale here at the Red palm are a parachute (which could of come in usefull sometime ago!!). Also a swinging ball which I tend to buy as I understand from fellow monsters allow access to tainted hollows. I have seen these dark places but always failed to get very far. This may be the answer. There was a Inn stay I've never seen before class1. 51 oculars fresh linen, breakfeast in bed, drawn bath and roast dinner! Cor I splash out yet for a good sleep... hum must check cash flow first... I moved onto the Town square where jossman walked about busy and chatting. There was a Sign saying DILLON Far Town in the square. So I know now where I am.

I filled my waterskins up from the lovely fountain.

I then moved onto Wiltor's Far Post. Again they've never seen my kind before. Hum I the first viper to vist this Town. But I also KNOW I'm the first Ruk Monster here. The Far post didn't meantion anyone esle had been here and no directions to another Far structure either.

So the train and railway the only way to get from Far Town to Far Town, unless you want a long walk and pay for crossing troll bridges or get run over by the dam train a couple of times. And THAT I DON~T recomend!!! I settle down at the far post I'll sell some bits here and vist the Far Exotica which should be intresting next week. I have also chosen to travel to Walton Far Town.

During Camp I had a vision. I saw Shadowstalker enter Shadow Cult's first temple. He was gaining Fuvah's favour. As I recall he is a Member of Shadow Cult. I've had quite a few vision's like this since I placed that wooden Fuvah statue into the Temple and gained Temple Guardian status.

I headed to the Far Exotica called Daltok's Far Exotica, It's a well presented building Nice & neat and remind's me of a department store, but they specailize in exotic goods. I had nothing they wanted to buy. But they'd sell me Firestone's, Luxury food,wine, Designer Tunics, Golden ocular coins, Zoingo coins copper/gold and kwando guilder coins. I headed back to the Red Palm. I checked the list again and bought a Swinging Ball for 79 oculars. I then headed back to the far forge and sold my 2 iron darts.

I then went onto the railway station. I then approached Moss Kistok and purchased a one way ticket to WALTAN. I'm then told to sit on the platform and wait for the porter. I waited for ages and four trains goind north pass by. At last one going south. The Porter Slat Dislar insists on helping me with my stuff. The Carriages are custom-built by Jossman Forgers, they're 60 hands long roughly and functional rather than comfort. Just a bench and a single lantern.

Two Red Kachoos push the train. Normally male & female plus and youngsters. Then the door was shut and blot'ed. I tested the door and it was firmly shut. The Train gets going it seems to speed up. The train then starts to slow down. The door carraige opens at a station. I emerge from the carriage and start to talking the driver a Zoingot. Zoingot's are rather strange race they don't look like a monster race either. There all diffrent never looking the same. Most share of the race show the following features, 2 heads, four eyes,four arms, 24 fingers, 2 legs, 12 toes and mostly a hairless race. they're skilled at making Jewellery and also excellent miners.

Any way back to the train ride as I re-enter the train the door again bolted shut behind me. The train rattle's on and soon comes to a station. I arrive at my destantion Waltan Far Town. I headed to the Town square and then onto Kislor's Far Exotica they deal in wine and designer tunics as the other Far Exotica in Dillon Far Town. It would be possible to make money between here are Dillon but I must take into account the 150 ocular journey by train. After a quick look around I headed to the Far Inn the Slaughtered Plodder. Where I found that a swinging ball would cost some 107 oculars. Glad I bought it at the Red Palm where it cost 79 Oculars... I may be able to sell it for a profit... Parachute is also expensive here. I choose to stay at the inn and greated by Bone Filtak and shown to my room. I will appraise my items next week and explore the area around this Far Town. I did a little practice with my iron knife and then returned to the inn for a nice rest. Oh yea that lovely inn stay is also avaible here but some 10 or so Ocular's cheaper!

Resting at the Slaughtered Plodder I had another vision. I saw Straton enter and Kowtow but he wasn't gaining Fuvah's Favour... I think he was looking around the Temple for equipment or something.

The rest was good for me. I told Bone Filtak I wish to Appraise Possessions he leads me into the trade room. 2 items I really wanted to know about were the shotgun serpent skin which was worth 11 Ocular's and the swinging ball for 80 oculars. which is 1 more ocular than I payed for it... Well I won't be dealing in swinging balls. I then sold my 4 red baubles and received 36 oculars for them. Which covered my inn stay.

I then headed off to explore north of the town and woundered through sand and palms for a while. I passed sometime jazzercizeing and contiuned westward I then came accross a Sand Thug I had never seen one of these before none the less it was slain very quickly. I then headed south a bit jazzercizeing and Totem marking the area. I then spent sometime weapon practiceing with my iron knife. I then selected a area and made camp.

I will head back towards the Far Town as I wish to vist the far post and sell off some goods and buy some bits before I set off exploring into the wilderness again.

I started out today Jazzercizeing a bit. I then headed south and discovered a thawk which hardly broke the boardem I'm stuck in at the mo I headed off south again discovering a coco palm tree and having 3 coconuts didn't bother with it. I contiuned south and came accross a Shotgun Serpant which I slayed quite happily, I had one serpant skin so I let it keep it... Well I know it's not of any real use to it but you never no... I then headed east back towards the far town when a Dune Ooze got splated all over the place. I then came to Filtons Far Post A Jossman called Lank Filton came to meet me, He Told me he'd never seen my kind before and that I wear a funny looking out fit although pratical. I then went on to sell 5 yellow lotus leaves for 15 oculars, 2 Funnel Snake skins for 6, Dactal hide for 7, 2 swapuss paws for 8 and 8 blood mite eyes for 8 oculars. I then purchased some white lotus leaves. You never know when you'll need these little leaves. I then practiced with my iron knife a bit and then settled down the night.

While resting I had yet another vision. It was Straton gaining Fuvah's Favor this time. I have chosen to head southwest ward to see what lies nearby. So off I set to encounter a Clakk snakker which after quick combat fled... Now that they'll don't normally do... I totem marked the area and contiuned and spotted a king ock mushroom grove. I just wish I'd find something worth raiding even a small cave or hillock would do... I headed off again comming accross a coco palm tree. I did some jazzercizeing and then contiuned onwards to meet a sand Thug which promptly died. I then came accross a Tar Pit. I then headed onwards and came accross a Dune Ooze which got plastered accross the terrain. I choose a nice camping spot and Settled down for a good rest. I cannot belive I have yet to find something worth raiding... This is taking the piss if you ask me... Oh well.

Some bits about Howling Mad GavII on turn 233 but he should be 242.

Toughness 247. Muscle above 700... Knowledge blurbs 362... All weapon skills bar 2 Level 5 and 2 at level 4. Action Pts at 367. You try using that many a turn... He is a Guardian of a Fuvah Temple. bestowed several temple treasures and one Fuvah Talisman. Main weapon Great Fuvah sword , he's had 97 bouts in wrestling and learn't just a few bits.... hehehe. What's his monsterliness you ask oh not very high due to lack of killing creature's and lack of raiding slowed him down some what :( But high enough...

Ah you say not impressive stats BUT rember HMGII quit a Group and lost some 28 toughness and 40 odd muscle and 27 baddness which has been lost for GOOD. so just go add that lot on and be well... amused.... :)

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This tale was taken from Howling Mad Gav's Adventure in Zargnoth.
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